Recap Chinese Drama "Meet Yourself (2023)" Episode 24 with Crystal Liu and Li Xian

Jan 16, 2023

Sister Hongdou moved to live with Hongdou. She is very satisfied with the environment of Rufeng Inn. The surroundings are quiet and the folk customs are simple. After washing in the morning, she saw her neighbor Xie Zhiyao leading a horse out to graze. She is used to living in big cities. It's been a long time since I saw a white horse with a high-spirited look.

Sister Hongdou wants to persuade her younger sister to go back to Shanghai with her, so that someone will take care of her. Both her sister and brother-in-law are in Shanghai, and they have connections and resources. Hongdou doesn’t want to go to Shanghai. She still thinks it’s better to go back to Beijing, and just now a senior brother wants to invite her She went to the hotel for personnel training. No matter what you say, Hongdou has her own plans, and she is not a child, so she can plan her own life.

Sister Hongdou told her parents about her younger sister's life in Dali. They heard that Hongdou's holiday life was not bad, and her parents were relieved. But then she heard that her daughter seemed to be very interested in the village grass of Yunmiao, and she couldn't sit still. Yes, Hongdou has reached the age of marriage, and I still hope to make friends not too far away.

When he got up in the morning, Xie Zhiyao went to the restaurant and heard that there were not enough fruits, so he immediately suggested to accompany Hongdou to buy fruit together. On the way, he heard Hongdou complaining about his sister Hongmi, Xie Zhiyao whispered to remind Hongdou to look at the essence through the phenomenon, although My sister is always nagging, but she still comes to her at the risk of lack of oxygen in the plateau, and it seems that her sister has not slept well recently. The owner of the homestay told her that Hongmi always suffers from altitude sickness, nosebleeds at night, and blood stains on the pillow towel spotted. Hearing that her elder sister was also a fanatic, Hong Dou felt inexplicably sad. She always said some things that irritated her elder sister in anger before, but now she thinks about it and regrets it.

Red Dou immediately found herbal tea to relieve altitude sickness, found a lot of saffron for her sister to drink, and bought a thermos for her sister. In the evening, Hongdou brought rose wine for my sister to taste. The rose wine here tastes mellow, and even the smell is very mellow. Remember to remind them not to get too close, so as not to be sad in the future.

Hu Xiaoyu returned from participating in the singing competition. Although he didn't win the ranking, he still didn't kill his desire to create. Back at the inn, he still called Xie Zhiyao to play mahjong with Hongdou. Playing mahjong in Yunmiao, Hu Xiaoyu was always very lucky.

It was raining, and Huang Xinxin's roof began to leak, and she had nowhere to go for the time being, so Xie Zhiyao placed her in the Rufeng Inn for a temporary stay. When Hu Xiaoyu heard that a new tenant was coming, she immediately looked forward to having some good luck, so she began to repackage and arrange the songs she had created for a long time, but when she saw that the person holding the luggage and smiling heartily was Huang Xinxin, Hu Xiaoyu The little fish immediately looked like a deflated ball. Xie Zhiyao knew the pain of a single dog, so he comforted Hu Xiaoyu that a new tenant would move in in two days.

Grandma saw that Xie Zhiyao was still busy with the restaurant, so she specially made bowfish soup and brought it to him, advising him to pay attention to his body and not to work too hard, and accidentally saw that Xie Zhiyao's laptop screen saver was posted with red beans In the photo, Xie Zhiyao's thoughts were fully exposed, and Grandma promised not to say anything.

Hongdou's lease is approaching, and there is no renewal fee. It seems that he will return to Beijing soon. As long as the ladies in the restaurant are free, they can't help but worry about Xie Zhiyao and Hongdou. The couple who met did not want them to be separated. Hongdou no longer does volunteer work, and accepts Xie Zhiyao's invitation to eat rice noodles together in his spare time. Every time he goes to eat, Xie Zhiyao will deliberately clean himself up, use shower gel, sprinkle some toilet water, etc., the two of them Being together can always feel a tacit understanding and indescribable comfort.