Behind the Scene

Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop, Bae In Hyuk, And More Show Off Their Dazzling Smiles On Set Of “Why Her?”

Jun 29, 2022

In the released photos, the actors warm hearts with their sincere smiles. First off, Seo Hyun Jin is spotted with a dazzling smile that her character Oh Soo Jae rarely shows. In the drama, Oh Soo Jae

Watch: Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Hwang Minhyun, And More Diligently Film “Alchemy Of Souls” Action Scenes, Share Tips To Surviving The Cold, And More

Jun 27, 2022

Penned by the famous screenwriting duo known as the Hong Sisters, “Alchemy of Souls” is a new fantasy romance drama set in the fictional nation of Daeho, a country that does not exist in h

Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Na In Woo, And More Laugh Non-Stop On Set Of “Jinxed At First”

Jun 27, 2022

The video begins with scenes from the past featuring Ki Do Hoon and Choi Yu Hwa. Right after, the clip jumps to modern day where Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is packing her bags in an attem

Watch: Seo Hyun Jin And Hwang In Yeop Find Unique Ways To Pass Time Behind The Scenes Of “Why Her?”

Jun 26, 2022

Later on, Hwang In Yeop practices covering Seo Hyun Jin with a blanket, but he unknowingly covers her face with it. He then asks, “Is she all covered up?” to which the staff confusedly rep

Watch: Lee Sang Yeob And Park Byung Eun Grow Adorably Flustered Behind The Scenes Of “Eve”

Jun 25, 2022

In the new making-of video, Lee Sang Yeob is spotted comfortably chatting with his co-star Yoo Sun. Although Yoo Sun plays an antagonist in the drama, she’s all smiles as she talks happily with

Watch: Jinyoung Teaches Kim Go Eun GOT7’s “Just Right” Dance + Practices Their 1st Kiss Behind The Scenes Of “Yumi’s Cells 2”

Jun 19, 2022

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Yumi’s Cells” tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi—from the point of view of the many brain cells in her head

Watch: Na In Woo And Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Can’t Stop Teasing Each Other Behind The Scenes Of “Jinxed At First”

Jun 19, 2022

In the beginning of the video, Na In Woo stealthily slides over to tap Seohyun on the shoulder before moving away to feign ignorance, but Seohyun immediately turns to him and gives him a light smack o

Watch: Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi, And Kim Sang Kyung Discuss Their Characters And Why They Chose To Star In tvN’s Upcoming Historical-Medical Drama

Jun 16, 2022

The new making clip gives a look into the first script reading of “Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se Poong” and begins with the cast and crew members nervously introducing themselves.

Watch: “Sh**ting Stars” Cast Says Farewell With Warm Hugs And Touching Words Behind The Scenes

Jun 16, 2022

The making-of video for the final two episodes of “Sh**ting Stars” reveals the cast sharing tearful farewells after filming the wedding scene for Yoon Jae Hyun (Shin Hyun Seung) and Jin Yo

“Sweet Home” Confirms Returning Cast For Seasons 2 And 3 + Jung Jinyoung, Oh Jung Se, And More To Join

Jun 15, 2022

For Season 2, Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Si Young, Park Gyu Young, and Go Min Si are confirmed to return. After barely escaping the Green Home, Hyun Soo (Song Kang) was captured by the military, whi

Watch: Yeo Jin Goo And Moon Ga Young Have Perfect Chemistry While Filming Their 1st Scene Together For “Link”

Jun 12, 2022

The making-of video begins as Kim Won Hae and Yeo Jin Goo enjoy their time in the kitchen. They listen intently when the food staff reveals that they actually do take home leftover food at the end of

Watch: “All Of Us Are Dead” Stars Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hu, Cho Yi Hyun, And Lomon Confirm Drama’s Return With Season 2

Jun 6, 2022

On June 7 KST, Netflix Korea officially shared that the hit series “All of Us Are Dead” was coming back for Season 2 with a spooky poster. They also released a “Season 2 Announcement

Watch: Seo Ye Ji And Park Byung Eun Find Their Rhythm Behind The Scenes Of “Eve”

Jun 5, 2022

The behind-the-scenes video begins with Seo Ye Ji’s appearance at a party as her character sets out on her quest for revenge. She then meets up with Park Byung Eun, where he rehearses his lines

Watch: Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Son Suk Ku, Lee El, And More Share Messages To Their “My Liberation Notes” Characters

May 30, 2022

“My Liberation Notes” is about three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider comes to their town. Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and