Recap Chinese Drama "Meet Yourself (2023)" Episode 22 with Crystal Liu and Li Xian

Jan 16, 2023

Everyone has rested one after another, only Xu Hongdou and Xie Zhiyao are sitting by the river watching the starry sky. Xu Hongdou recalled lying in the yard when she was a child, listening to her grandma telling fairy tales. It was said that the deceased relatives would turn into stars, and she believed that grandpa was the star that could blink.

Xie Zhiyao agrees with this statement, because he also feels that everything on the earth is energy, but energy will never disappear, and the dead will exist in another way. It was also inspired by Xie Zhiyao that Xu Hongdou gradually fell into missing Chen Nanxing, and mentioned the origin of her best friend's name.

In fact, in this world, encounters are inevitable for everyone, and so are the people they meet. Although Xu Hongdou's time in Yunmiao Village is very short, her memories are eternal. No matter what day in the future, Xu Hongdou would miss every detail of Yunmiao Village, and then she leaned on Xie Zhiyao's shoulder, feeling a moment of tranquility.

Half a month passed in a flash, and Damai was about to leave the Windy Inn. Everyone personally performed for her and packed her luggage. Damai felt a little bit reluctant, and hugged Xu Hongdou to say goodbye before leaving. Hu Youyu couldn't stand it anymore, saying that he had eaten several farewell meals, so there was no need to be so sad.

However, when Damai returned home and sent a video to Lin Na and Xu Hongdou, it turned out that her father had given her a mysterious gift, which was a cute big white dog. The problem is that Damai has to walk the dog four times a week. Whenever she thinks that this will happen when she goes home, she feels wronged and wants to cry. Seeing this, Lin Na and Xu Hongdou can't help laughing. , unexpectedly thought of such an interesting way.

Lin Na noticed that Xu Hongdou had reduced the number of meetings with Xie Zhiyao, so she couldn't help being curious. Xu Hongdou said that she would return to Beijing soon, and if she got too close to Xie Zhiyao, she might be sad when they parted. But Lin Na saw the scene of the two cuddling up and watching the starry sky at the camping, and felt that Xu Hongdou should face up to her inner feelings, even if the time together was short, she should cherish it.

Grandma Xie had already seen that her grandson liked Xu Hongdou, and wanted to match the two, so she asked Xie Zhiyao to invite Xu Hongdou to eat at home. Although Xie Zhiyao agreed, but after Xu Hongdou came to the house, he found various reasons to avoid it, and finally became Xu Hongdou to accompany Grandma Xie for dinner.

It is precisely because Xu Hongdou will leave Yunmiao Village next month, and the coffee shop needs to recruit people as soon as possible. Thinking of this, Xie Zhiyao feels depressed, nervous and anxious. Xiaoqin falls in love with Yang Zhinan, a hotel clerk, but is opposed by her father, so she stays in the racecourse angrily and complains to Xie Zhiyao. Regarding the matter of Xie Zhiyao and Xu Hongdou, Xiaoqin suggested that he should take the initiative to pursue, otherwise he would always keep silent and miss each other sooner or later.

Xiao Hulu revealed to Xie Xiaochun the secret that Xie Zhiyao likes Xu Hongdou, but in Xie Xiaochun's view, this is not a secret at all. As someone who has experienced it, she can sense that they have a mutual affection for each other. Just as Xie Xiaochun was sharing his first love with his daughter, Aunt Bao Ping's voice sounded outside the door, urging the mother and daughter to go to bed early.

Auntie Xie asked Xie Zhiyao how he felt about Xu Hongdou, Xie Zhiyao couldn't stand it anymore, and went out alone and sat on the barbecue stall and sighed, the champion said a few words of comfort when he saw this. That night after Xie Zhiyao fed the horse, he looked up and saw Xu Hongdou sitting on the steps in a daze, and took the initiative to interact with her on WeChat, looking at each other from time to time, and agreed to have breakfast the next day, Xu Hongdou smiled like a flower.