Kim Sejeong Enters The Workforce With A Winning Smile In Upcoming Drama “Today’s Webtoon”

Jul 6, 2022

“Today’s Webtoon” is a Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese drama “Sleepeeer Hit!” The drama will tell the story of On Ma Eum (Kim Sejeong), a former judo athlete w

Watch: Lee Jong Suk’s Chaotic Life Takes An Unpredictable Turn In Teaser For Upcoming Noir Drama With YoonA

Jul 6, 2022

The newly released teaser shows two very different sides of Park Chang Ho. At first, he seems like a clumsy lawyer who gets nagged by his wife Go Mi Ho (Girls’ Generation’s YoonA). He gets

Tiffany, Sooyoung, YoonA, And Seohyun Share Reasons To Tune In To Girls’ Generation’s New Reality Show

Jul 3, 2022

As announced with their comeback news, Girls’ Generation will be starring in their own reality show for their 15th anniversary ahead of their August comeback. JTBC’s “So Shi Tam Tam&

Watch: “Running Man” Cast Feels Generation Gap With Apink’s CHOBOM And Mirani In Fun Preview

Jul 3, 2022

On July 3, the SBS variety show aired a fun sneak peek of its upcoming episode, which will feature the three singers as guests.

Watch: Kim Hee Sun Is Hell-Bent On Getting Revenge Against The One Who Ruined Her Life In “Remarriage & Desires” Teasers

Jul 2, 2022

The newly released poster features all five characters who steal attention with their stunning attire. Each of them are wearing something black, but Seo Hye Seung takes the cake with her sparkling whi

Watch: Lee Jong Suk And YoonA Are Forced Into Dangerous Situations In Teaser For Upcoming Drama

Jul 2, 2022

The teaser begins with an unidentified man looking out the window. The subsequent scenes hint that violence has broken out. Park Chang Ho’s voiceover calmly vows, “I always pay back ten ti

Watch: Ji Sung Transforms Into Twin Brothers Who Seek To Clear The Murder Charges Of Their Father In “Adamas” Teaser

Jun 30, 2022

The newly released stills give an exciting glimpse of Ji Sung depicting both Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun!

Watch: Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi, And Kim Sang Kyung Are Reminded Of Their Dreadful Pasts In Optimistic “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist” Teasers

Jun 30, 2022

The newly released individual teasers showcase the secret and unpredictable pasts of each character and how they work to overcome all hurt in their hearts.

Watch: NCT’s Doyoung Strongly Disapproves Of Han Ji Hyo’s Superficial Relationships In “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” Teaser

Jun 30, 2022

The newly released teaser shows Seo Hee Soo winding up with a new boyfriend every month. Park Se Jin (Kwon Ah Reum) is curious about how she suddenly became so popular among the guys. Jung Shi Ho wond

Watch: NCT’s Doyoung Isn’t Thrilled To See Han Ji Hyo’s Love Life Taking A Positive Twist In New Romance Drama

Jun 25, 2022

The teaser shares a glimpse of the quarrelsome chemistry between Seo Hee Soo and her close guy friend Jung Shi Ho. He seems impatient and cold around her, but he’s concerned enough about her to

Watch: Park Eun Bin Slowly But Surely Adjusts To Her New Job In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Teaser

Jun 23, 2022

The newly released teaser begins with Woo Young Woo introducing herself to her new co-workers at the law firm Hanbada. With bold courage, she says, “Whether you read it forwards or backwards, my

JTBC Unveils New Idol Survival Program Featuring Male Idol Groups That Have Debuted

Jun 20, 2022

On June 20, JTBC revealed a pair of teasers inviting any boy group to apply for a spot on the show. “PEAK TIME” hopes to provide opportunities to groups that have been hit hard by the pand


Watch: Kim Min Jae, Kim Hyang Gi, And Kim Sang Kyung Are Eager To Heal Hearts In Teaser For Upcoming Historical-Medical Drama

Jun 19, 2022

The teaser begins with the three characters struggling to open a door. Gye Ji Han asks, “Why isn’t this opening?” Yoo Se Poong replies, “I think it’ll open with a little