Recap Chinese Drama "In Spite of the Strong Wind" Episode 15

Jan 16, 2023

After Tang Chen was rejected by Xian Shangxian, he went back with Xiaobai, and looked embarrassed along the way. Xiaobai knew that Tang Chen wanted to train soldiers, she didn't mind at all, and comforted Tang Chen not to be discouraged. The first order of the new company, everyone After practicing, you will know what to do in the following business.

After seeing Tang Chen's public relations plan, Xian Shangxian was very pleasantly surprised, so he called Shuo Bing directly, and told Shuo Bing that a company as big as Yi Xun couldn't handle the newly established small workshop of five people. Tang Chen and the others sent Shuo Bing their plan, asking them to implement it immediately.

Shuo Bing heard that Tang Chen also made a plan for Xian Shangxian, knowing that Tang Chen must have no business, and wanted to practice for everyone, so he immediately asked Xu Kun to recommend the small company that he had rejected a few days ago to Tang Chen. Kun smiled and said that they wanted to get together. They had introduced Kangli to Tang Chen the day before yesterday.

Conley did go to Tang Chen. At that time, Sha Zhou received him. Knowing that this person was unreliable, Sha Zhou still gave Tang Chen his business card. Tang Chen had been thinking about it. In the evening, Sha Zhou brought Tang Chen a cup of tea. He knew that Tang Chen was still hesitating. Now that the company can accept every order, it doesn't matter if he is cheated or not, the most important thing is to accumulate experience. With Sha Zhou's support, Tang Chen went to find Kang Li himself. At that time, Conley was shooting commercials in the studio. Seeing that Conley had become a director, Tang Chen explained his intentions. Conley took out a USB flash drive and asked Tang Chen to actively promote it. Once he became popular, he would directly give 500,000 yuan. remuneration.

Tang Chen took the song that Conley wanted to promote back to the company. Hou Zhi and the others shook their heads when they heard the melody. With embarrassment on everyone's face, Shazhou downloaded this song to everyone's mobile phone, so that everyone can listen to it more when they have nothing to do, which can enhance inspiration. It was the first official order, and everyone cooperated actively. After listening to the melody over and over again at home, many people couldn't help but shake their heads following the melody. Even Tang Chen's cat got tired of listening to it.

Tang Chen heard that his mother had diabetes and was now in the emergency department of the hospital. Thinking that his mother always reported good news but not bad news, Tang Chen immediately ran to Shuo Bing for help, hoping that Shuo Bing would make a video call with him to the elder. Shuo Bing firmly disagreed at first, so Tang Chen stayed in the car until Shuo Bing agreed before leaving. Hearing that Tang Chen's mother was hospitalized, she seemed to be in a serious condition, so he immediately asked Tang Chen to go home together, put on home clothes and started video calling his parents.

During the video call, Shuo Bing tried his best to be very enthusiastic. Although the whole process looked different from usual, after the video call was hung up, Tang Chen's parents still noticed that Tang Chen and Shuo Bing had broken up. Shuo Bing gave Tang Chen an order to evict guests. In fact, Tang Chen bought the house. Tang Chen angrily said that Shuo Bing would go if he wanted to leave. Seeing Shuo Bing pour a glass of wine, Tang Chen took it up and drank it down. Play Truth or Dare together.

Tang Chen asked Shuo Bing if she had always disliked cats and jazz music at all. Shuo Bing agreed very much. Indeed, she bought pets to make Tang Chen think that she had a heart. What she liked was Internet pop music. Jazz wasn't interested, and their first meeting was well planned, otherwise they wouldn't be wearing skirts on such a cold day.

Tang Chen was stung by these words, and drank three or four glasses of wine in succession. It was Shuo Bing's turn to ask. She asked Tang Chen if he had ever truly loved her. Tang Chen confessed without hesitation that he would not propose to her if he didn't love her . The two of you talked to each other, and fell asleep when they were drunk. When Tang Chen woke up, he found himself lying on the bed. The clothes he changed yesterday were also washed by Shuo Bing. Seeing the clean clothes on the balcony, Tang Chen felt warm in his heart.