Recap Chinese Drama "In Spite of the Strong Wind" Episode 13

Jan 16, 2023

Tang Chen tried his best to persuade Zhu Ran to work in their company, and proposed three advantages. Zhu Ran heard that Tang Chen could offer him a high salary, work freely, and even be directly promoted to a senior figure after joining the company. He couldn't help it. My heart was moved, and the sales lady on the side was quickly attracted by the advantages Tang Chen said, and she immediately recommended herself to Tang Chen, hoping that your company would also consider her to join.

The little girl Bingxue is smart and has a high degree of education. She said that because her family was in poverty, she could only be reduced to the current situation of selling wine. Shazhou saw that she was a promising talent, so he suggested that she could be recruited into the company for a try. A group of people were drinking at the bar. Tang Chen accidentally bumped into a gangster, and a group of people came here to see that the situation was not right. Zhu Ran immediately used his advantage as a lawyer, and immediately sent business cards to the people present, and asked them to come to find him after the gang fight. After his aftermath, a group of people were stunned. Zhu Ran analyzed the pros and cons of fighting in bars for them. If they were injured, they would lose money and go to prison. If they were disabled, they would be sentenced to life imprisonment. Don't worry, this matter will not be resolved.

Huang Yirou soon found her. As a long-term strict wife, Zhu Ran trembled with fright. Tang Chen gave him a trick and asked him to lie down in the busiest place. Sure enough, Huang Yirou didn't notice. Tang Chen not only helped Zhu Ran hide After starting Huang Yirou's investigation, in the following rhythm, Tang Chen taught him how to get rid of his wife's control—repay him in his own way.

Tang Chen first beat Zhu Ran severely, trying to win Huang Yirou's sympathy. In fact, Huang Yirou waited for him on the sofa all night. The next day, he had already packed Zhu Ran's clothes and was about to drive him out of the house. When he opened the door When I was there, I saw Zhu Ran poured into the room with a bruised nose and a swollen face. Huang Yirou immediately felt distressed, and quickly dragged him to the bed, comforting him and applying medicine. Zhu Ran showed Huang Yirou the video prepared by Tang Chen in advance. Huang Yirou saw him standing alone among a group of gangsters, and immediately treated Zhu Ran differently, and the matter of going to the clubhouse last night was over.

In order for Zhu Ran to be completely free, Tang Chen gave him a series of routines. Zhu Ran followed suit one by one. I am completely bored with my husband who is like a dog skin plaster, and my frequent mantra is "stay away from me". In this way, Zhu Ran was finally free. He admired Tang Chen so much that he immediately befriended Sha Zhou and Hou Zhi.

Now that Xiaobai and Zhu Ran have joined, the company finally has some vitality. Tang Chen and everyone discussed what to name the company. They all think that "Gray Whale" is better, and they will get up from wherever they fall.

Shuo Bing has not received a call from Tang Chen for several days. Her younger brother's condition is under control. She went to Xu Kun and asked Xu Kun to help him give Tang Chen the bank card. that feeling. Now that Tang Chen has blocked her, Xu Kun enthusiastically invited her to see Tang Chen's circle of friends, and saw Tang Chen happily taking a group photo with a group of people. There was a young and beautiful girl in it, and Shuo Bing felt very uncomfortable. What a great relationship, Tang Chen found a new love so soon.

Zhu Ran's wife, Huang Yirou, would be curious about what company her husband worked for when she was free, so she came to Tang Chen's company to investigate. The company had just started. Surprised by this number.