Recap Chinese Drama "In Spite of the Strong Wind" Episode 14

Jan 16, 2023

Huang Yirou heard that Tang Chen only offered a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, and that the company hadn't accepted the order yet, so she left proudly. Sha Zhou didn't understand why Tang Chen told Huang Yirou about the old man. Tang Chen said with confidence that Huang Yirou was a person with a strong desire to control. When he knew that their company was struggling, he would be at ease. Zhu Rong was here. After listening to Tang Chen's analysis, Sha Zhou felt lost. All of this is under Tang Chen's control.

Then Shazhou suddenly remembered that Zhu Rong was in the nightclub. Tang Chen tipped off the news. Tang Chen smiled. He really wanted Zhu Rong to join the company. In Tang Chen's opinion, those who can betray their relatives will definitely betray their colleagues and the company without hesitation, but Zhu Rong passed the test smoothly, so he became one of them.

The next day, when Tang Chen went to work in the company, he saw the words "Even if there is a strong wind, never give up in life" written on the wall next to the company. In addition to human affairs, it depends on God's will. When Tang Chen walked into the company, Zhu Rong introduced to Tang Chen the positions they had recently conceived. Sha Zhou, Director of the Planning Department, Hou Zhi, Director of the Marketing Department, and Zhu Rong, Director of the Legal Affairs Department, Tang Chen smiled helplessly. Busy thinking about official positions, or just cleaning or moving flowers and grass, there is no substantial progress at all.

Everyone heard Tang Chen's plausible words and asked him if he had made any progress. Tang Chen was forced to go to Liangshan, so he had to say that he went to eight companies in the morning and did find a job. When he finally accepted the job, everyone was very excited , Hearing that Tang Chen asked for a meeting ten minutes later, they were all very energetic.

Tang Chen went upstairs and began to think about how to smooth things over for himself. He turned on his mobile phone and found that the recent lawsuits related to Koufuji were overwhelming, so he came up with an idea. He told everyone during the meeting that Koufuji is currently looking for a public relations team. If you can do the job well, the list is guaranteed.

Tang Chen began to formulate a plan for this lawsuit. Everyone had a lot of opinions on Tang Chen's division of labor. Sha Zhou said that he always wrote manuscripts before and was not good at dealing with customers at all, and wanted to stay in the company safely; It’s easy to escape from my wife’s Wuzhishan, and I don’t want to go back to my hot face and cold ass. Hou Zhi also said that although he has been a paparazzi, he followed Tang Chen just to do things in an upright way, and he didn’t want to do market research anymore. He went to the market and went to the supermarket Investigate the situation.

Seeing that they couldn't bear their temper one by one, Tang Chen called each of them outside to analyze in detail. He told everyone the importance of their respective division of labor. Right now, their company needs all-round talents. I hope everyone can make a breakthrough. The company received the order early, and everyone has a day of elation.

Zhu Rong listened to Tang Chen's opinion, and humbly went to his wife to learn from him. Now he has followed Tang Chen's ears and eyes and learned to save the country with curves. Huang Yirou was very happy to see that Zhu Rong still couldn't do without him, and directly gave Zhu Rong a lot of contract experience. .

Tang Chen took Xiaobai to meet the person in charge of Xianshangxian. The other party regretted that he had signed a contract with Yixun. Tang Chen had no choice but to be cheeky and asked your company to send them a thank you letter. Boost morale.