Recap Chinese Drama "Meet Yourself (2023)" Episode 21 with Crystal Liu and Li Xian

Jan 16, 2023

The owner of the homestay who was in arrears with the construction team before returned to Yunmiao Village. Because of insufficient funds, he could not maintain the project until completion, so he had to ask Xie Zhiyao to help resell the homestay to raise wages for everyone. When Hu Youyu learned about it, he scolded this person for being unreliable, thinking that Xie Zhiyao was led into a trap by the other party, but when he learned that the wife of the owner of the hotel had bone cancer, he fell silent for a moment.

Back then, the homestay owner and his wife quit their jobs in Shenzhen and considered opening a homestay in Yunmiao Village, taking their parents along. However, in the second half of the year, his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the owner of the homestay was helpless in the face of this situation. As his savings ran out, his condition worsened and he was at the end of his rope.

During this period of time, Damai has obviously improved a lot. Although she occasionally gets stuck in inspiration, she can maintain a good attitude. In fact, Damai has seen that Lin Na and Xu Hongdou registered multiple trumpets to protect themselves, and often scolded black fans. It is because of their support that Damai has more confidence and is no longer as self-pitying as before.

Now Xu Hongdou bought a lot of plums from Aunt Feng's orchard and mailed them to her parents and elder sister. Xu's mother was very happy and sent them to relatives and friends one by one. As for Xu Hongmi, she cared about her younger sister's current situation. After finishing the call, Xu Hongdou continued to help Xiao Hulu with her homework. However, Xiao Hulu was very bad at math. She promised to help her with it once, but Xie Xiaochun didn't expect to find out.

Although Xie Zhiyao is willing to help the homestay owner raise wages, it is difficult to transfer the unfinished homestay, and things are more difficult. Seeing Xie Zhiyao's way of drowning his worries with wine, the champion didn't know how to comfort him. He happened to receive a takeaway order from Xu Hongdou. Xie Zhiyao's eyes lit up when he heard the words, and he was very attentive to deliver food to Xu Hongdou.

Seeing Xie Zhiyao's drunken appearance, Xu Hongdou personally warmed up the milk for him, so as not to worry Grandma Xie with his appearance. Xie Zhiyao felt sad about what happened to the owner of the homestay. He had also met the owner's wife, who was kind-hearted and filial to his parents. It's a pity that good people don't live long, Xie Zhiyao suddenly became a little afraid of death, worried that if this happened to him, he would leave a mess and hurt his family.

Xu Hongdou comforted Xie Zhiyao, saying that her mother often said a word to herself, that is, there are no old and young on the road to Huangquan, because you never know when and how a person leaves this world. Because of this, Xu Hongdou brought Xie Zhiyao into the room, showed him his elaborate photo wall, and told the story of himself and his best friend.

Therefore, regarding the fear and confusion of death, Xu Hongdou feels the same way. When the people closest to him encounter great misfortune, their hearts will tremble accordingly, and they will miss each other every time they are alone. Xie Zhiyao looked at Xu Hongdou crying, and wanted to raise his hand to pat her on the shoulder to comfort her, but there was nowhere to put his hand. When leaving that night, Xie Zhiyao received a thank you message from Xu Hongdou, but he was annoyed that he lost the chain at a critical moment.

Lin Na made new dishes for Xie Xiaoxia to taste. Xie Xiaoxia gave her own opinions and Lin Na recorded them in the notebook, but because of his help, Lin Na asked him to continue tasting tomorrow. Xie Zhiyao showed everyone the promotional video that Xie Zhiyao had made with bamboo shoots. When everyone saw Xu Hongdou and Xie Zhiyao walking by the seaside holding hands, they couldn't help booing and getting married immediately.

Xie Zhiyao is going to have another team building, which is different from picking plums in the orchard before, but a real camping dinner, and then invites Xie Xiaoxia, Hu Youyu, Huang Xinxin, Xu Hongdou and others. Hu Youyu looked at the picture of Xu Hongdou and Xie Zhiyao collecting firewood beside him, and felt more and more like a couple in the period of passionate love.

Everyone ate barbecue around the bonfire and discussed their future plans. Damai would soon go home, so Xu Hongdou and Lin Na were inevitably a little sad. In order to eliminate this depressed atmosphere, everyone suggested that Hu Youyu sing a song. Hu Youyu sang a new song written by himself, catering to Xiaoxi Xinghe, and the picture was extremely warm and beautiful.