Recap Chinese Drama "The Lord of Losers" Episode 9

Jun 23, 2022

Jin Ruoyu taught Sha Lele how to write an email to the leader. If he is not careful, he may get out. Tang Haixing is also learning how to write an email. It's not worth it, but Tang Haixing has to stick to the last minute due to his due diligence. He is about to get off work, so he must not leave early like this.

When Pang Xiaobai got off work, he deliberately dumped the snacks on the table. Su Kejie was angry when he saw it. Pang Xiaobai had left a lot of food scraps in the house they shared before. Pang Xiaobai also generously rewarded Su Kejie. He claimed that the place he moved to is high-end and high-end, and he didn't need to clean himself. All the cleaning was done by a robot. Before Su Kejie was angry, he cleaned by himself. Now that Pang Xiaobai has a robot, he forgot his roommate. Jin Ruoyu reminded Su Kejie that he should take the opportunity to catch up and see where Pang Xiaobai lives. Su Kejie said that it was not uncommon, but then he followed, and found that Pang Xiaobai just lived in an abandoned bus, and transformed the tires of the car as a simple sofa, and the high-end atmosphere was nothing more than that. Ouyang Mo Fei was also in it, and he also studied the dynamic car with music. As long as the music played, the whole car felt like bumping cars.

The email written by Shalele was complained again. Su Kejie thought that there was something wrong with her name, but she called her probiotics. Sha Lele is also curious about what happened to Su Kejie following Pang Xiaobai yesterday. Su Kejie lied that Pang Xiaobai was secretly dating a girl and played C shock in the car. Sample.

Lisa severely reprimanded Hu Qiang, blaming him for writing a report that was unsatisfactory. Just as Hu Qiang was about to complain, Lisa asked him to write a resignation report, which frightened Hu Qiang to promise to write a report that would satisfy Lisa as soon as possible.

When Tang Haixing went back, he showed that he had been reused by the company. He repaired equipment in three places in one afternoon. The most important thing was that the food machine of Wan Beast was empty. The machine was damaged, and the machine had to be repaired. Later, I went to replace the light bulb. Unfortunately, the current ran through the whole body. Tang Haixing proudly took the replaced light bulb and said that writing this matter into the report will make the leader's eyes shine.

Pang Xiaobai went back to his bus, full of chasing cockroaches, Su Kejie also came to Pang Xiaobai, the two sang different fireworks together, and the car released smoke in coordination. The two were very happy at first, thinking that the car was very user-friendly and could cooperate with their singing, but they suddenly realized that there was a problem with the car and it was about to spontaneously ignite. A burst of spray into the car instantly extinguished the fireworks, and Tang Haixing showed off proudly.

Hu Qiang really couldn't write a good report, so he simply asked Ranifu for advice. Ranifu thought that he should praise Mesa as hard as he could, and the praise should be more specific. The praise made people feel good and sincere. Hu Qiang thought it was flattering, but In order to solve the problem, also had to search about all the "great achievements" Lisa has done.

Pang Xiaobai didn't dare to tell the truth for the sake of face, and lied that he also had a girlfriend, but he didn't expect Xiao Nimei's arrival to debunk his lie, because the car was smoked in the underground garage yesterday, and the leader thought it was safe Because of the hidden danger, he asked him to move the car quickly. Pang Xiaobai had no choice but to tell the truth and felt that he was very shameless. Instead of mocking him, Sha Lele and Jin Ruoyu went to help move together.

Xiao Nimei knew that there were monitors in the underground garage. In order to let the leaders praise her for her ability to do things, she specially asked Pang Xiaobai, Sha Lele and Su Kejie to perform a forced eviction scene. Next, seeing the victories, Xiao Nimei was extremely happy.

Because Pang Xiaobai and Xiao Nimei's performance of forcibly driving away the scene quickly let the big boss know, and at the same time he learned that the employees worked overtime actively to live in the car to go to work. The boss was very happy and even allowed him to live in the car. The people from the office also rushed to celebrate, and this time Lisa was rewarded for this incident and sat more firmly.