Recap Chinese Drama "Love Behind the Melody" Episode 9

Jun 23, 2022

Yu Shijie took Xin'er out to eat, and the two hit it off on delicious food and became close friends. Xin'er got drunk after eating a whole plate of mutton roasted in wine. After being drunk, she cried and went crazy, and unknowingly regarded Yu Shijie as mutton, but Yu Shijie was obviously thinking wrong. Lu Jingnian rushed in at this time, and asked about the Le Ren whom Yu Shijie had rescued a few days ago. Su Zongchen and Lu Jingnian had known each other since childhood, and they became lifelong enemies. This time, he wanted to kill Lu Jingnian. Su Zongchen wrote to Lu Jingnian to invite him to shake hands and talk.

Li Sasa said that we don't need to train any more today. Today, everyone will play a game together, which is a game exclusive to Leren. Miss Song thought the game was easy, but Li Sasa made it more difficult. Tanxi was absent-minded because he overheard the news that Lu Jingnian and Su Zongchen met. Tanxi defeated Miss Song, and Miss Song also admitted that her skills were inferior to others, and did not say anything else. Seeing Li Sasa doing this, Lu Jingnian smiled knowingly. Li Sasa asked Miss Song to chat, and understood that she was a person who really liked music, but she was too maverick. Li Sasa hopes that Miss Song will stay in Youjiaofang and fight together in Shangyuan. Miss Song really admires Li Sasa, she is highly skilled and candid, and she is willing to stay in Youjiaofang. In fact, Miss Song's father was just an ordinary official. He deliberately made a big noise because he was afraid that others would look down on him, and he would not do it in the future. Li Sasa couldn't help but smile, what kind of comedians are you Jiaofang. Li Sasa saw Lu Jingnian go out in a hurry, and Tanxi quietly followed behind and hurried forward.

Su Zongchen and Li Xin invited Lu Jingnian to have tea, asked about Miss Song, and then called out Yuanxiang and asked her to sit next to Lu Jingnian for him to take care of. Li Sasa followed Tanxi here. Seeing Lu Jingnian chatting with a few people with ease, Tanxi's expression was indescribable, and he felt that there might be some hidden feelings in it. Su Zongchen and Li Xin deliberately bullied Yuanxiang in the face of Lu Jingnian, wanting to see if he had anything to do with Yuanxiang, but Lu Jingnian didn't recognize it. When the scene was embarrassing, Li Sasa hurriedly called someone and asked Tanxi to cooperate with him to rescue Yuanxiang in a low voice. Li Sasa stepped forward and accused Lu Jingnian of seducing him to join the Youjiaofang with her beauty. As a result, he was merciful and came to such a place to play tricks. Lu Jingnian understood that he would act with him, and he was about to leave with Yuanxiang, but Su Zongchen and Li Xin did not. Retiring took out the letter found on Yuanxiang, who wanted to investigate the matter of Youjiaofang accepting civilian music people.

Wei Zhe came suddenly. He had always been at odds with Lu Jingnian. If he knew about this, he would definitely not let Lu Jing pass this test easily. Su Zongchen secretly secretly rejoiced in his heart, Wei Zhe wanted to investigate thoroughly and brought Yuanxiang's music book, but he didn't expect that he was an official. It turned out that the musicians of this band were all kidnapped, and Lu Jingnian planned them in advance to put Su Zongchen together.

Yuanxiang was rescued, and Tanxi kept her name incognito here. Li Sasa was very curious about Lu Jingnian's secret, so Lu Jingnian told Li Sasa what happened before. The common people could not enter the government-run school, so Lu Jingnian took them in. As for those music books, they were all fake, so he was worried about Su Zongchen. Search for music. If it is revealed, it will be doomed.

Lu Jingnian hopes to prove that there is no difference between civilian musicians and government-run musicians on the New Year's Day, and fight for their due rights. I just wanted to help them, and deliberately pretended to attract bees and butterflies to lower their defenses. Li Sasa's impression of him was getting better and better, so he decided to get to know Lu Jingnian again. The two encountered a dog that rushed up and ran away quickly. The two who were hiding in the alley were getting closer and closer, and the atmosphere was ambiguous.