Recap Chinese Drama "Love Behind the Melody" Episode 8

Jun 23, 2022

Li Sasa said that the host needs to agree to the bowing method, help everyone compare the pronunciation and mark the ventilation points, but Miss Song knows nothing, and she is half-dead with anger. Seeing this, Lu Jingnian was very relieved. He ran to the kitchen to cook but burned his own smoke. Yu Shijie helped him to cook. After all, he specialized in art. But Yu Shijie just demonstrated it to him, what he did was to give it to Xiner.

After Li Sasa took off her makeup, Lu Jingnian suddenly invited her to meet him. Li Sasa hurriedly created a fake makeup to meet him. Lu Jingnian made the beer and fried chicken he said last time, but what he made was what he imagined. Contrastingly, Li Sasa frowned, but still endured drinking the wine he made. Lu Jingnian wanted to take this opportunity to thank Li Sasa, and hoped that she would help him rectify the team and go to Shangyuan together. Seeing the scar on his hand for cooking, Li Sasa relented and agreed, on the condition that he accompany him to eat, and then he would eat with her every meal. Seeing that Lu Jingnian was very nervous, Li Sasa reassured that eating was the most important thing in life and should not be sloppy. Sheng Jin came in with something, and saw that Li Sa Sa also had a strange look in his eyes. It turned out that this was Lu Jingnian's favorite bunny cake, Lu Jingnian silently supported his forehead, and lost his face.

Yu Shijie invited Xin’er to eat at a newly opened pastry shop. By chance, he met a girl who was chased and killed. Yu Shijie and Xin’er rushed to stop them but were punched. A man beat and cried bitterly and rescued the woman. Xiner carefully helped Yuanxiang with medicine. Yuanxiang came from Jizhou. She wanted to try her luck in the capital, but she was abducted into the Hongyue Jiaofang. There are many people like her in the Hongyue Jiaofang. The helpless has also become a plaything for those powerful and powerful, and will be beaten if they fail to obey.

Li Sasa came to find Lu Jingnian, but was told that he went out early in the morning. Tanxi and Lu Jinglai picked up that friend, but she didn't know that this friend was Yuanxiang who Xin'er had just rescued today, but she was afraid of being found out that she didn't go to the appointment. Tanxi was absent-minded during the rehearsal, Li Sasa advised her not to force the training if she felt uncomfortable, and Tanxi left silently. Li Sasa went to Tanxi's room to talk to her, hoping to help her solve her difficulties, but Tanxi didn't say anything. Lu Jingnian was also worried that he couldn't find the friend Tanxi mentioned. Li Sasa went to him to talk about Tanxi. Lu Jingnian also avoided him. Li Sasa was very dissatisfied with his attitude. Li Sasa knew that Lu Jingnian and Tanxi could not have an affair, but there must be some other secret. Lu Jingnian was also sulking. He was afraid that Li Sasa would know about Tanxi, but the most important thing now is to find the missing musician.

Yu Shijie asked Yu Xun’an to help Yuanxiang find a reliable teaching workshop, but Yu Xun’an thought that it would not be suitable for civilians to easily enter the government-run teaching workshop. Mediocre, Yu Xun'an does not want Yu Shijie to participate in official affairs. Su Zongchen came to Yu Xun'an to discuss the venue, Yu Shijie chased him away, and asked him to help find a music shop to make a living. Lu Jingnian and Tanxi searched for Yuanxiang everywhere, but there was still no news. Yuanxiang was about to leave when she found out that the thugs left, when Su Zongchen came and said she wanted to help her find a living. Yuanxiang was startled, and Tanxi's letter accidentally fell out of the bag.

Li Sasa didn't come to have dinner with Lu Jingnian, so Lu Jingnian could only sulking silently. Xin'er saw that Miss Song was not pleasing to the eye and was unwilling to go to training. It turned out that Miss Song had taken a fancy to Tanxi's position and made a scene. Lu Jinglai looked for Li Sasa, if Miss Song continued to make trouble like this, she would have to deal with it. Lu Jingnian handed the matter over to Li Sasa, then went to inquire about Yuanxiang, and accidentally learned that Xiner and Yu Shijie had rescued her.