Recap Chinese Drama "The Lord of Losers" Episode 8

Jun 23, 2022

Since the Broken Affairs Department has done a lot of things recently, in order to improve morale, Hu Qiang went to Ranifu to discuss going out for a team building, but Ranifu gave the Broken Affairs Department a new task because the boss's son bought it. A bankrupt company needs to clean up its supplies.

In desperation, Hu Qiang had no choice but to ask everyone to open the blind box in the name of the team building, and demanded that the contents of the box be taken out and registered. As a result, a duplicitous hat was removed from the inside. For the sake of fairness, everyone must wear it. One goes to work. Hu Qiang brought breakfast tea to everyone early in the morning. Shalele obviously didn't like it, but he still said he liked it.

Tang Haixing seems to be bragging, but it seems that the data on the hat has not changed at all, as long as the data on the hat of the liar will rise. Ouyang Moffiy specially came to Hu Qiang to ask about her evaluation. There is no doubt about her work ability. Hu Qiang said sincerely, the data did not change, but when he asked about discipline issues, if he went against his heart, the data would skyrocket. In fact, Ouyang Mo Fei's discipline is too poor, but Hu Qiang has to lie again because of the feelings and face between colleagues.

Lannifu called both Su Kejie and Pang Xiaobai to the office to ask about the project idea. In fact, neither of them agreed with Lannifu’s idea, but they didn’t dare to say it directly. Too fast, as long as Lanny Fu raises a question, Su Kejie throws the problem to Pang Xiaobai, and Pang Xiaobai's data surpasses Su Kejie's. Lanny Fu knows that Pang Xiaobai is lying when he sees the data rising. , and also threw the topic to Su Kejie every way, and finally got through the first project problem. I didn't expect Lanny Fu to prepare a lot of projects.

Jin Ruoyu just went out for a walk, and when she came back, the data on her hat had reached 60. Sha Lele curiously asked why, but she actually praised others against her will. Hu Qiang simply blocked his mouth. If he didn't speak, there might be no problem, but he didn't expect that nodding and shaking his head would also lead to an increase in the data.

Up to now, everyone's data has been rising, Jin Ruoyu ranked first, while Tang Haixing's data is still zero, and even someone asked if Tang Haixing is really the boss's son, the data has not changed, and asked what his father's shortcomings are, Tang Haixing Starfish thinks that there is too little writing and not enough reading, and even so the data remains unchanged.

Hu Qiang found that Ouyang Mo Fei couldn't have anyone talking beside her when she was working. As long as there was someone, it would affect her mood and start to perfunctory, and perfunctory would also be a lie, so Hu Qiang deliberately made troubles. Sure enough, the perfunctory data of Ouyang Mo Fei It started to rise, but was soon discovered by Ouyang Mo Fei. Ouyang Mo Fei hurriedly pulled Hu Qiang to chat. In just a few words, Hu Qiang's data reached 99, and Jin Ruoyu also reached the peak like him.

As soon as the words fell, Pang Xiaobai and Su Kejie both came back. Both of them reached the explosive data. Ouyang Mofei adjusted everyone's watch and found that the data could not display the previous numbers. In fact, many people reached three digits. , Jin Ruoyu has reached more than 200, and Hu Qiang has reached more than 300, only Tang Haixing stares at the number of zero and runs all over the street.

During the meeting, Tang Haixing suggested that hats should be promoted throughout the company. Hu Qiang felt that if that was the case, it would be a mess. In the final selection, Hu Qiang successfully became a liar, and Sha Lele was happy to take a photo with him. Tang Haixing declared that everyone should start a day of honesty and trustworthiness.