Recap Chinese Drama "The Lord of Losers" Episode 10

Jun 23, 2022

Lisa reprimanded Hu Qiang severely. Since the Ministry of Disruption took over the company's official account, it has hit a record low. At the same time, Lisa also ordered Hu Qiang to send them all to the desert to count the sand if they could not complete the task. Complaining and admitting that writing this kind of article is not their forte, Lisa recommended a viper expert for training.

Viper advocates writing a two-hour article. First of all, you must spend an hour scrutinizing the title. If there is no attractive title, no matter how good the article is, the page is useless. Before it was completely understood, the poisonous snake had already left.

Ouyang Mo Fei finally understood through this class, why the snacks outside are getting more and more unpalatable, because they are not thinking about how to make snacks, but how to make signs. Hu Qiang had to remind everyone to do everything possible to make readers sticky at a glance, as long as they stick people in, there will be traffic.

The elites of the Disruption Department also started thinking about various titles in pairs. Ouyang Mofei and Sha Lele thought that exaggerated data should be used to attract attention, while Tang Haixing thought that exclamation points should be used more. Hu Qiang also found a creative title in the passionate lyrics of Ouyang Mo Fei and Pang Xiaobai. The climax of 500 million hairs and skin, and everyone screamed and applauded in unison. Hu Qiang also won Lisa's praise for this.

Viper also appeared again for everyone to carry out the next step of training. I hope everyone should find their own style. The point of view is the actual content. If everyone agrees with this point of view, there will be a fire. Viper was about to leave as soon as he started talking. Hu Qiang hurriedly made the transfer. After hearing the information of the account, Hu Qiang continued to talk about some content. I hope everyone can catch the readers' hearts and make readers feel wisdom and warmth. , Shalele bluntly said that it was like brainwashing, but here in Viper, he thought this was the truth. Hu Qiang finally ran out of money after many transfers, but Viper still said a few more words like a gift. In fact, dozens of people wrote his articles, but the style of writing was like a person. This is also a powerful point. I also hope that everyone will work together to write good articles, so that next time he comes, he can train more on the following content.

Hu Qiang also gave everyone a fight, hoping to write an article in line with the poisonous snake as soon as possible, so as to have a breakthrough, otherwise the job may not be able to keep, after everyone's hard work, the broken affairs department finally got the poisonous snake At the top of the article, everyone cheered, and there was a sense of joy in being on the cover of a magazine.

People from the Ministry of Disruption wrote an article about the star Jasmine together, but Jasmine committed suicide. The news also reported that because Jasmine suffered from internet violence for a long time and suffered from depression, she may have committed suicide because of this reason, and Viper was also taken off the shelves. I wrote this article, but Viper praised the broken affairs department for their good writing, and hoped that they would make persistent efforts. People who made bad films should be criticized. Although Jasmine is a bit regretful, it is also a good thing. It purifies the air. Viper thought that when Jasmine was alive, many people scolded her, but when she died, many people praised her again, so she hoped that the Ministry of Disruption would quickly write an article.

But Sha Lele yelled wildly to stop everyone from writing articles, and thought that too many people are double standards now, and no one really cares why Jasmine is depressed. The sharp weapon of others, who spent a lot of money to learn to write articles, has actually become a tool used by Viper. Viper thinks that if you don't want to write, it's fine, but she also sincerely thinks that the people in the Disruption Department have potential, but Sha Lele still objected and begged Hu Qiang not to continue writing, and she didn't want her children in the future to see her write it. The articles of her are all articles without actual basis for poisonous snakes. If Hu Qiang insisted on writing her, she would resign. Hu Qiang stopped Shalele and resolutely rejected the poisonous snakes. Jin Ruoyu hugged Shalele in distress.

In the end, the good news came that Jasmine had attempted suicide and was rescued in the hospital. Hu Qiang and Jin Ruoyu also compiled the course of the poisonous snake and posted it on the Internet, hoping that more people could recognize this wrong routine. Ouyang Mo Fei was helpless. Sigh, now too many people are devils in the world, and everything is for traffic.