Recap Chinese Drama "Heroes (2022)" Episode 36

Jun 23, 2022

Lei Mei told Bai Choufei that Lei Chun had disappeared. Bai Choufei was confused, as if everything was wrong, as if everything was false. Here, the brothers in Drizzle Building vowed to go back and take revenge for Su Mengzhen, but Zhu Xiaoyao told them that Su Mengzhen deliberately separated everyone long before that, because he wanted everyone to live as long as Drizzle was alive. The building is still there.

This area is called Elephant Trunk Pagoda. There are ordinary people and traders and pawns living around. It is noisy and quiet, and it is most suitable for concealment. Yang Wuxie asked everyone to hide first to save their lives. As for the matter of revenge, we should wait for Xiaoshi to come back and then discuss it. Because Su Mengzhen once said that there will be a turning point when Xiao Shi comes back. Yang Wuxie firmly believed in Su Mengzhen's words. Every day after that, Zhu Xiaoyao would always wait at the gate of the city alone, for fear of missing Xiao Shi. Day after day, she just sat on a high place like this, staring blankly in the direction of the city gate, everyone saw her and said she was a fool.

After all the hardships, Xiao Shi, Liu Shian and others finally returned to the capital. At the city gate, Xiao Shi said goodbye to Liu Shian and others. On this day, the wind swept up the dead leaves on the ground, and there were fewer and fewer people on the street. At this moment, Xiao Shi Sashuang's figure finally appeared in front of him. Zhu Xiaoyao was in disbelief and rushed forward to greet him. Before he said a few words, Xiao Shi learned of Su Mengzhen's death. After returning, Yang Wuxie hurriedly told Xiao Shi everything and let him decide the future path.

Seeing Xiao Shi come in, Bai Choufei was very happy to hand him wine. But Xiao Shi did not take the wine glass, but asked Bai Choufei face to face if he had betrayed Su Mengzhen. Although he already knew the answer, when Bai Choufei said the word "yes" himself, Xiao Shi couldn't help but feel sad in his heart. Later, Xiao Shi asked again if he killed Su Mengzhen. Bai Choufei answered "yes" very readily, which made Xiaoshi furious and wanted to draw his sword to avenge Su Mengzhen. But he still couldn't let go of the friendship in his heart, and he still didn't draw his sword.

Bai Choufei took out the customs clearance ultimatum and asked Xiao Shi to take the ultimatum and leave the city quickly, leaving the capital alone. Xiaoshi didn't understand why everyone became like this. Bai Choufei turned around and roared, saying that it was all because of Xiao Shi. Bai Choufei was tortured in prison. He thought that Xiao Shi would come back, so he still had hope in his heart, but they all said that Xiao Shi died, and he had no faith and no hope. Xiao Shi told Bai Choufei that Su Mengzhen would not die in vain, because he would definitely avenge him.

On the way back, Xiao Shi passed the yard of Granny Camellia. The wind and the rain are desolate, the leaves are flying, and everything here has changed. Xiao Shi climbed up to the heights and spoke to Su Mengzhen through the bright moonlight. After leaving the capital, Xiao Shi went to the north, where he saw the vast snow field. As Su Mengzhen said, he was really small as a human being. Now that the relatives and friends around him are leaving one by one, Xiao Shi sometimes thinks about what kind of rivers and lakes are the best. From Xiliu Town to the capital, after fleeing from the north, and finally returning here, I have been to all the places I should go, and I have seen all the things in the world that I should see. Now Xiao Shi can finally answer that question in his heart. But he still wanted to know if the rivers and lakes in his heart were the same as those in Su Mengzhen's heart. It's just a pity that he never had the chance to know the answer again.

Wang Xiaoshi came to find Lord Liu Shi'an and Zhuge Zheng and I to meet, indicating that he has obtained the warrant for Cai Jianian to transfer troops, and now it is time to hand over the warrant to the official family. This warrant was handed over to the official family, but Zhuge Shenhou was a person who had been dismissed from office and had not been restored to the official position. Wang Xiaoshi thought that it would be good to see the official family Banzhuxiang. At this time, the gods suddenly had an idea, that is, on the first day of the next month, the official family will go to the Great Buddha Temple. Maybe Wang Xiaoshi will have the opportunity to meet the official family. .

The people in the town are ordinary people, so Xiao Shi also enjoys a few days of freedom. On this day, he set up a stall on the street to write letters for others, but he always felt that someone was watching him. Those few people signed up and said they were here to follow Xiao Shi. After Bai Choufei learned about this, he also wanted to learn Xiao Shi to buy people's hearts. But the people around them avoided him when they saw him, and they didn't have a good look on him. Bai Choufei spoke kind words to them face to face, but as soon as he left, he ordered Ren Lao to kill those people.

There were more and more people following Xiao Shi. On this day, everyone gathered for the sake of Xiao Shi's order. Xiao Shi told everyone that he has been spending the past few days outside with the neighbors, prescribing medicines for them, seeing doctors, writing letters to the illiterate, and reading and lecturing to children, so he has learned a lot. Some people just want to be less beaten in the face of gangs, and some people just hope that their pleadings will be treated fairly when they are handed over to the officials. Children learn to read and write so that one day in the future they can go out for a walk and have a look. In Xiao Shi's view, this is actually a river and lake. Everyone responded and supported Xiao Shi to establish a new gang. Xiao Shi turned his head to look at the Elephant Trunk Tower, and named the new gang "Elephant Trunk Tower". Some people wonder why it is not called "Elephant Trunk Tower". Xiaoshi explained that only the Golden Wind Drizzle Building is the building.