Recap Chinese Drama "Heroes (2022)" Episode 35

Jun 23, 2022

Liu Shian planned to wait for the funeral of the Tianyi layman to be dealt with, and then hurriedly set off to send the evidence back to the capital. Here, gentleness can't restrain the grief in her heart. But when Xiao Shi came in, she wiped away her tears and pretended that nothing happened. Xiao Shi is burning the fire again and taking care of the tender noodles, as if nothing happened. He looked at him tenderly, his eyes full of distress. Layman Tianyi once told Xiao Shi that if you want to live well, you must eat well. Saying that, Xiao Shi gulps down the noodles. But this side couldn't stop his pain, his tears. Wen Wen had to eat noodles with him, but tears streamed down disobediently.

Gentle and clear, Xiao Shi wouldn't blame herself for the death of Lay Tianyi, but she couldn't help but blame herself. She was very saddened by the departure of layman Tianyi, but she was even more sad when she saw Xiao Shiqiang smiling happily. Maybe this matter will become a knot between them, so Gentle intends to let time slowly unravel this knot. When Xiao Shi saw the parting letter, Wen Wen had disappeared.

Because of his status as a wanted criminal, Xiao Shi originally planned to go outside the customs. On the way to the north, Xiao Shi met Di Feijing. He was still sitting proudly, his body stained with snow, but he was no longer breathing. Xiao Shi built a grave for him and continued on his way. The earth is boundless, the mountains are high and the sea is wide, once you leave, no one can bind Xiaoshi. But how can people truly be free if they have regrets in their hearts? Xiao Shi knew that his rivers and lakes were not over, but it was not in front, but behind. What should come will come, and there is no hiding. Thinking of this, Xiao Shi tightened the horse rope, returned the same way, and escorted Liu Anshi back to Beijing together.

Yang Wuxie and Su Mengzhen knew in their hearts that even if Xiao Shi was able to return to the capital, even if things turned around, Su Mengzhen's body would not be able to support it by then. Su Mengzhen knew that Bai Chou Fei Lang Zi's ambition could not be held back, and he would definitely fight with him. But the only person who could kill Su Mengzhen was Yang Wuxie. Su Mengzhen told Yang Wuxie to kill herself if she heard "the three sides of the independent three sides are quiet, kill yourself with a sword".

Su Mengzhen asked Zhu Xiaoyao to go to the Buddha statue to pray for Xiao Shi's safe return, and asked Shi Wuzhen to go outside the city to welcome the medicinal herbs sent by the Wen family, which seemed to want to put away everyone around him. But only he himself knew what he wanted to do. On this day, Bai Choufei brought a group of people to the Jinfeng Drizzle Building. At this time, Su Mengzhen was already haggard, and his face was completely bloodless. Su Mengzhen was in a state of embarrassment, looking for her friend, and even begged Bai Choufei in a low voice for mercy. Bai Choufei only thought it was incredible, but he still wanted to get rid of it quickly. After this trial, Su Mengzhen determined that the matter was irreversible. But he didn't understand what he had done to make him feel sorry for Bai Choufei. Bai Choufei roared, Su Mengzhen treated Xiao Shi better than him from beginning to end, and he didn't take him as a brother at all. Su Mengzhen put on a stern look and drew out his sword to fight.

Although Su Mengzhen's martial arts are better than Bai Choufei's, but now he has run out of fuel, no matter how hard he struggles, he is not Bai Choufei's opponent. Bai Choufei's dagger plunged into Su Mengzhen's chest, making him unable to even lift the sword. Bai Choufei wanted to go forward and kill Su Mengzhen with a knife, but he jumped into the tunnel and disappeared in front of him. Bai Choufei was furious and ordered people to search the entire Jinfeng Drizzle Building.

Shi Wuying had already prepared to leave the city, but suddenly found that he forgot to take the token. When he returned to the Drizzle Building, he saw Bai Choufei's men, so he sneaked into the building to check the situation, but was finally caught by Bai Choufei. At the same time, Yang Wuxie and Zhu Xiaoyao were distraught when they heard the news of Su Mengzhen's death, but they were helpless.

As soon as Su Mengzhen disappeared, Bai Choufei was impatient to take the seat of the owner of the Golden Wind Drizzle Building. The pigeon team came to report at this time, but unexpectedly, they called Bai Choufei the deputy landlord by mistake. Bai Choufei's face changed greatly, and he killed the person who reported the letter. Bai Choufei took the note and found out that it was the news that Xiao Shi was still alive.