Recap Chinese Drama "From Love To Happiness" Episode 7

Jun 23, 2022

Ye Xia and Xu Jie returned to Yunjing, leaving only Shen Yu to stay in Beijing. Shen Yu poured out his loneliness and love to Hua Weilin, Hua Weilin immediately fell and took Shen Yu into his arms in front of Gu Xiaowei. Gu Xiaowei finally realized soberly that she still lost to Shen Yu, thinking about what she had done for Hua Weilin: falling out with her family, trying her best to make money, all were pale and powerless, Hua Weilin threw it down lightly. With a "sorry", Gu Xiaowei turned around and left.

Since it is no longer necessary to open the market in order to make up for the guilt of Hua Weilin. Gu Xiaowei had nowhere to go, so she had to ask Brother Suo to let him go back to work in the bar. Suo Ge satirized Gu Xiaowei's renegade attitude now, and Gu Xiaowei broke out completely, shaking out all her dissatisfaction and loss that she was abandoned by Hua Weilin.

Shen Yu was assigned to a dilapidated box building by the Normal University. It was rumored that it was a haunted place. Hua Weilin also moved in with him. At night, a white figure walked through the corridor and stayed in front of Shen Yu's dormitory. . Shen Yu and Hua Weilin shrank in the corner in fright. Just as the ghost figure was about to enter the room, Hua Weilin jumped out of bed and covered the wandering ghost with the quilt. It turned out that Warren didn't believe in the legend of ghosts at all, so he designed the plan in advance.

The person pretending to be a ghost is Shen Yu's colleague, Mr. Pei. The reason why he pretended to be a ghost was to scare away Shen Yuhua Weilin, so that he could occupy a dormitory and bring his girlfriend to live with him. A joke.

Gu Xiaowei's work in the bar is much easier, and she writes a diary in her spare time to record her mood. On this day, when Gu Xiaowei and Cao Cao were quarreling, Suo Ge asked Gu Xiaowei to serve wine for the guests. Gu Xiaowei just walked two steps when she saw a man and a woman kissing like no one else. Maybe it was the lingering hatred of a brokenhearted, Gu Xiaowei couldn't help but want to play a prank. She threw a spoof toy on the couple's table and left in a hurry. Because the ground was wet, Gu Xiaowei slipped her feet and crashed into Zhu Tiesi's arms at the next table, splashing Zhu Tiesi all over.

Gu Xiaowei realized that she had stolen the goods, and hurriedly pulled out a few tissues to help Zhu Tiesi wipe his clothes. Zhu Tiesi pushed Gu Xiaowei away, leaving 200 yuan to leave, but was stopped by Gu Xiaowei, who left Zhu Tiesi behind. The money was returned, and he took out 200 to give Gu Tiesi to use it for dry cleaning, showing that not everyone only cares about money.

When Zhu Tiesi came to the bar where Gu Xiaowei worked for the second time, he sat at the same table with a woman, but he would observe Gu Xiaowei from time to time. Must be in love with yourself. When serving wine to Zhu Tiesi, Zhu Tiesi violently poured a glass of wine on Gu Xiaowei's face, and the strange woman took advantage of the chaos to subdue a man at the next table.

It turned out that it was Zhu Tiesi who divorced his original spouse, and the other party was dissatisfied, so he sent someone to follow Zhu Tiesi. Zhu Tiesi felt that he was being followed, so he called the police, and it was a plainclothes who subdued the stalker.

After Zhu Tiesi explained it clearly, he was about to drive home. Gu Xiaowei threw a fist at the car because he lost the bet with Cao Cao and bruised his wrist. Zhu Tiesi sent Gu Xiaowei back to the dormitory. Made soup and left a note: If your arm is uncomfortable, feel free to contact yourself. After Gu Xiaowei woke up, seeing the hot soup and the note, a warm current came to her heart.

After Xu Jie and Ye Xia got married, Ye Xia soon became pregnant. In order to satisfy her craving and also visit Shen Yu, she came to Beijing to meet with Shen Yu. Shen Yu found out that she was also pregnant, so she went to the hospital for a physical examination. , I happened to meet Zhu Tiesi and took Gu Xiaowei to the hospital for an examination, so she took Zhu Tiesi away and asked Gu Xiaowei about the pregnancy. Gu Xiaowei saw Shen Yu's careful thinking and knew that Shen Yu was pregnant.

Seeing Shen Yu showing off in front of her, Gu Xiaowei didn't want to look down, so she asked Zhu Tiesi to send Shen Yu and herself, pretending to show affection with Zhu Tiesi along the way, for fear of losing face. After sending Shen Yu back to the dormitory, Gu Xiaowei went to Zhu Tiesi's house again.

Shen Yu told Hua Weilin the news of the confirmed pregnancy, but Hua Weilin faintly felt pressure from all sides.