Recap Chinese Drama "From Love To Happiness" Episode 10

Jun 23, 2022

Hua Jianping went to Beijing alone, found Hua Weilin, and questioned Gu Xiaowei's child whether it was Hua Weilin. Hua Weilin could not explain it clearly for a while, but first denied it. Hua Jianping blamed Hua Weilin for causing Shen Yu to have an abortion. Hua Weilin was unable to answer. Shen Yu happened to return home and was very happy when he saw Hua Jianping coming to Beijing. The father and son fought together to drink, and finally got themselves very drunk.

Gu Xiaowei wanted to help Zhu Tiesi get rid of his ex-wife, so he asked Zhu Tiesi how to choose if only love and career were left. Zhu Tiesi did not have a clear reply for a while, Gu Xiaowei was not satisfied, and thought that Zhu Tiesi still did not love himself enough. Gu Xiaowei felt unwilling to think that she once lost to Shen Yu, and now she encounters a new relationship and will face defeat to reality again.

Ms. Jiang, Zhu Tiesi’s ex-wife, came to the company as a guest, and the former employees all worked hard. Gu Xiaowei suddenly broke into the company’s lobby and attacked Ms. Jiang with vicious language, giving herself a boost and finding confidence, repeatedly emphasizing that Zhu Tiesi loves herself, and Zhu Tiesi loves herself. Tie Si hurried forward and pulled Gu Xiaowei away.

Zhu Tiesi blamed Gu Xiaowei for being unreasonable and adding leverage to the unfavorable situation. Gu Xiaowei didn't understand Zhu Tiesi's business scale at all, nor could he appreciate how much effort Zhu Tiesi had put into the company. When Zhu Tiesi said that losing the factory would mean nothing. , Gu Xiaowei felt that her position in Zhu Tiesi's heart was not as important as she imagined, so she turned around and left sadly.

Back at the apartment, Ms. Jiang was already waiting in front of the door. She offered to exchange 3 million cheques for Gu Xiaowei to leave Zhu Tiiesi. Gu Xiaowei decisively refused and returned to the apartment in disdain. Father Gu Jinsong's voice could not utter a word.

Gu Xiaowei had nowhere to go, so she found Shen Yu to vent. After complaining about herself, she began to blame Shen Yu for not caring enough about Hua Weilin. She couldn't even see that her boyfriend was unemployed, but Shen Yu calmly said that he knew Hua Wei for a long time. Lin was unemployed, but he just didn't want to destroy Hua Weilin's few remaining dignity, so he pretended to be kept in the dark, and only waited for Hua Weilin to find the next job, and they together solved the lie.

Hua Weilin took Hua Jianping to an outside restaurant for dinner, and revealed his determination to leave Shen Yu, because he has never been able to find a job, which will drag Shen Yu down, and long-term poverty will force Shen Yu into a resentful woman, Teacher Qiu I recommended myself to work in a gypsum factory between Beijing and Yunjing. This job is not a good match for Shen Yu's work. Before getting married, he gave Shen Yu a chance to choose his other half, but asked Hua Jianping to keep it a secret for himself.

When Hua Weilin packed up and was about to take Hua Jianping away, he found that there was an extra 1,000 yuan in his wallet. Shen Yu only gave out 1,000 yuan to Hua Jianping the day before yesterday. Hua Weilin realized that Shen Yu knew that he was unemployed for a long time. Just don't want to expose it in person. This made Hua Weilin unbearable to leave, so Hua Weilin went to Huahai Advertising Company again, but Zhong Limei still refused.

This time, Hua Weilin put down his poor self-esteem and took the initiative to run to the underground garage to help Zhong Limei wash the car. Zhong Limei realized that if he didn't let go, Hua Weilin would continue to be entangled, so he took Hua Weilin to the office and explained his company. The scale is very small, and I am afraid that I cannot give corresponding treatment to art students like Hua Weilin. Hua Weilin explained that because of his criminal record, it is difficult to find a satisfactory job. When he heard that Hua Weilin earns money to support his wife , Zhong Limei softened. The divorced woman was most afraid of hearing these words. She promised Hua Weilin that she could work in her own company.

Gu Xiaowei hesitated in front of the three million promised by Ms. Jiang. Since Zhu Tiesi didn't take himself too seriously, he might as well just take the money and leave. Gu Xiaowei found Ms. Jiang, and the other party readily wrote a check of 3 million, asking Gu Xiaowei to write a letter of commitment. Gu Xiaowei regretted it just after writing a few words. Even if the relationship with Zhu Tiesi was short-lived, at least he had it. She didn't want to be defined by money, so she tore up the letter of commitment. Ms. Jiang thought the temptation was not big enough, and increased the chips to five million.