Recap "The Oath of Love" Ep 22

Mar 29, 2022

Gu Wei took the opportunity to put Lin Zhixiao’s luggage in the trunk and drove her to the out-of-town B&B. Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help fantasizing about the surprise that Gu Wei gave him, and his mind was full of his affectionate and generous money. Very domineering president in the novel.

After calming down, Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help but ask about the destination, and Gu Wei generously said that the hospital was discussing the meteor shower recently, so he wanted to take her to a beautiful place to see the stars. Although it was not a famous scenic spot, there were many A date spot for couples to go to.

The two came to the front desk of the homestay. They originally wanted two rooms, but the boss claimed that there was only one luxury couple king room left. Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao were a little embarrassed, so they had to agree to move in. Unexpectedly, before they could go far, they heard the boss speak the same way to everyone.

Before entering the room, Gu Wei noticed that there must be something inappropriate in it, so he asked Lin Zhixiao to wait outside the door. As a result, the supplies became more and more chaotic, and Lin Zhixiao was only allowed to come in after finishing it.

Lin Zhixiao was about to sit on the sofa, but Gu Wei suddenly stopped her, and then took out a bottle of disinfectant to disinfect the sofa, which made Lin Zhixiao feel that Gu Wei’s cleanliness was even more serious. Lin Zhixiao remembered the Lover’s Bridge in the brochure, and was about to go with Gu Wei, but as he was talking, he accidentally touched the condoms scattered around the corner of the sofa, mistaking it for Gu Wei to buy them for the two of them.

Thinking of this, Lin Zhixiao hurriedly covered the box of condoms with a pillow, and on the pretext of changing clothes, while Gu Wei had just left, he picked up the phone and called Xiao Shan to ask for her opinion. Xiao Shan felt that when the love between lovers became strong, it was inevitable, so she encouraged her to face it bravely. Ke Yinxi believes that if Lin Zhixiao is not ready, he can completely refuse, because Dr. Gu is a mature and stable man, and he must be able to understand her thoughts.

After finishing the call, Lin Zhixiao tried his best to keep himself calm, and first went to the bridge of lovers with Gu Wei. With his company, he gradually overcame his fear of heights and reached the end together. Afterwards, the two returned to the B&B and had nothing to do after the meal. The atmosphere was extremely awkward. Unexpectedly, Gu Wei suggested reading books and took out many books on medicine.

Seeing that Lin Zhixiao’s face was wrong, Gu Wei also felt that this proposal was inappropriate, so he turned on the TV, and the animal world was playing on the TV. In order to avoid embarrassment, Lin Zhixiao simply went to take a bath first, but Gu Wei heard Lin Zhixiao’s screams coming from the bathroom and subconsciously rushed in, unexpectedly making her scream even louder. Gu Wei apologized and closed the door, thinking about whether to go to the front desk and open another room.

Although the boss said that he wanted to create opportunities for the young couples and was kind-hearted to help, Gu Wei felt that the relationship needed to be cultivated slowly, and he was not in a hurry at this time, and insisted on opening another room. At this time, Xiao Shan and Yin Xi were looking forward to Lin Zhixiao’s immediate success. They wanted to call to inquire about the results of the battle, but they were afraid that it would affect the two of them.

In the end, Xiao Shan couldn’t help being curious and took the initiative to call Lin Zhixiao, but when she heard Lin Zhixiao’s lost voice, she couldn’t help being disappointed. It seemed that Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei had not developed to that point. Lin Zhixiao did not hide Xiao Shan, and bluntly stated that she and Gu Wei lived separately. Xiao Shan encouraged Lin Zhixiao to put on makeup to find Gu Wei and sleep in the same bed with him.

But Lin Zhixiao felt that it was too embarrassing, and she still couldn’t figure it out, since Gu Wei saw how she was taking a bath, why didn’t he have the slightest impulse, but calmly opened the room, so he guessed that he had lost interest in him. That night, there was lightning and thunder, and Yin Xi and Xiao Shan sent another text message to Lin Zhixiao, asking her to pretend to be afraid of thunder and go to Gu Wei, but Lin Zhixiao refused.

At the same time, Gu Wei began to worry about Lin Zhixiao. Just when he was about to go out, the power supply suddenly went out of the homestay, which frightened many couples and rushed to the corridor. Gu Wei quickly went out to look for Lin Zhixiao, and saw her in the corridor, he stepped forward and took her into his arms, comforting her gently and softly.

Taking Lin Zhixiao back to the room, Gu Wei wiped her hair with a towel again. Lin Zhixiao couldn’t bear the doubts in his heart and wondered why he was not interested in him. In fact, Gu Wei doesn’t object that sex and love are equally important, but he doesn’t like the instant pleasures of young men and women nowadays, and they have sex after dating for a long time.

Therefore, Gu Wei felt that he and Lin Zhixiao should treat each other seriously and cherish each other’s feelings instead of secretly tasting the forbidden fruit. Lin Zhixiao also agreed with Gu Wei’s idea, not only did he not think he was very conservative, he even thought he was a reliable and responsible man.

As the night got darker, Lin Zhixiao, accompanied by Gu Wei, gradually fell asleep. Until the next morning, Gu Wei took a photo of Zhang Linzhi’s sleeping position next to him, and softly coaxed her to get up to watch the sunrise, but Lin Zhixiao refused to get up from the lazy bed, and insisted on letting Gu Wei wake him up with a kiss. This scene was very sweet.

The two came to the rooftop of the homestay and sat side by side watching the sunrise rise. Gu Wei said that the reason why he took this place as the first stop of his trip was also because of his first medical service in the countryside. Every time he was unhappy, he would go to a high place to watch the stars or the sunrise and feel a moment. Tranquility, determined to be an excellent doctor.

Lin Zhixiao followed Gu Wei’s gaze and saw that there was a service station under the hillside, and the elementary school next to it was very familiar. After thinking about it carefully, he realized that he had also come here to volunteer. Back then, Lin Zhixiao was still a freshman. He sent children to see a doctor when he was teaching at the school, but when he met a doctor with a low emotional intelligence, Gu Wei’s face changed a bit when he heard her words.