Recap "The Blue Whisper: Part 1" Episode 11

Mar 29, 2022

Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe practiced the Locking Spirit Formation, and discussed the action when Zhang Xianshi visited three days later. All this is in Lin Canglan’s grasp. Lin Canglan is ready to fight. He is ready to die, so that Lin Haoqing can sit on the seat of the valley owner smoothly. Lin Canglan also returns the elixir to Qingshu and asks her to go back to reunite with her brother.

Changyi wanted to take part in the action, Ji Yunhe asked Lin Haoqing’s opinion, he agreed, and he came to Ji Yunhe to talk alone, Changyi was very jealous, and repeatedly reminded Ji Yunhe to finish the talk quickly, he was guarding outside the door. Lin Haoqing saw that Ji Yunhe had packed her luggage and was ready to leave Wanhua Valley at any time. He was reluctant and persuaded Ji Yunhe to stay, worried that Changyi would not be able to give her the life she wanted. He stays together forever. Lin Haoqing was very sad, he didn’t want to say more, he wanted to wait until the big event was completed before confessing to Ji Yunhe.

In a blink of an eye, three days passed, and Zhang Xianshi brought people to the Valley of Thousand Flowers. Lin Canglan took out the fairy beads made from the broken tail of Changyi and asked him to help transfer it to the Shunde immortal Ruling, promising to train Changyi as soon as possible. , Zhang Xianshi was very satisfied, and gave him the share of this time.

Qu Xiaoxing came to report in a hurry, Ji Yunhe asked Qingshu to discuss important matters, Lin Canglan knew that Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe were about to start, and calmly asked Qingshu to go to the appointment. Qing Shu came to the sea of ​​flowers, Chang Yi, Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe surrounded her, she was not afraid and spoke ill of Lin Haoqing. Suo Lingzhen bound Qing Shu to death, and gave her an elixir made from the scale powder on Luo Jinsang’s wings.

Ji Yunhe found out that Changyi was injured and asked Luo Jinsang to take him back to bandage him. Qing Shu saw that Ji Yunhe was caring for Changyi, and deliberately used his power to instigate the relationship between Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe, but Lin Haoqing didn’t buy it at all. Lin Canglan prepared a generous gift before sending Zhang Xianshi away. When Qu Xiaoxing saw Lin Canglan returning to the inner hall, he hurriedly came to report to Lin Haoqing and asked him to take the opportunity to get the antidote.

Lin Haoqing bravely came to see Lin Canglan, made it clear that Ming Qingshu had been arrested, forced Lin Canglan to hand over the antidote, and had to replace him as the owner of the Valley of Flowers. Lin Haoqing promised to find him a quiet place to take care of his youth, but Lin Canglan forced Lin Haoqing to kill him. Kill him, or his status will be lost sooner or later. Lin Canglan forced Lin Haoqing to attack him, claiming that only ruthless and ruthless can make a big deal.

Lin Haoqing was dumbfounded. He never thought that Lin Canglan would hide from everyone and pretend to be lame. Moreover, Lin Canglan knew their plan for a long time and was waiting for him to take the bait. Lin Canglan confessed to this, he just wanted to see what Lin Haoqing could do. Lin Canglan was very disappointed.

Ji Yunhe tried hard to persuade Qingshu not to be obsessed and leave Lin Canglan as soon as possible. Qingshu willingly followed Lin Canglan for many years, just to help him fulfill his wish. She also suppressed her feelings for Lin Canglan for this reason, and Ji Yunhe scoffed at her. Qing Shu suddenly broke free and controlled Ji Yunhe. Only then did Ji Yunhe know that he was in the game. Qing Shu did not kill Ji Yunhe, but frankly confessed that Ji Yunhe was very important to the owner of the valley, and everything she did was to help the owner of the valley complete the great cause.

Lin Haoqing wanted to go back to save Ji Yunhe, but was subdued by Lin Canglan on the spot. He knelt on the ground and begged Lin Canglan to let Ji Yunhe go. Lin Canglan forced Lin Haoqing to choose between him and Ji Yunhe. The two of them could only survive. Lin Haoqing pulled out his sword and stabbed Lin Canglan. But in the end, he couldn’t make a move. Lin Canglan was disappointed with him, and angrily scolded him for being kind and soft-hearted. But when life and death are on the line, Lin Haoqing can stick to the bottom line, which is something Lin Canglan can’t do in this life, which also makes him deeply gratified.

Lin Canglan suddenly had a frost attack, and his body began to freeze instantly. Lin Haoqing opened his collar and found that there was also a frost flower engraved on the back of Lin Canglan’s neck. Rescue him with spiritual power, but Lin Canglan was poisoned so deeply that even the antidote could not save his life. Lin Canglan repeatedly explained that the reason why he used Ji Yunhe to train Lin Haoqing was to make Lin Haoqing stronger so that he could deal with the real enemy. Then, Lin Canglan froze to death.

Qing Shu then rushed back. She picked up the stiff Lin Canglan and asked Lin Haoqing to open the secret room behind her. Then she understood everything, and she could understand Lin Canglan’s painstaking efforts. Qing Shu took out the token of the Valley Master from Lin Canglan’s arms, and then took out her own elixir to destroy it completely. She accompany Lin Canglan to death, and Lin Haoqing wanted to stop it before it was too late. When Ji Yunhe entered the door and saw this scene, she was immediately dumbfounded.

Qingyu Luanniao borrows wine to drown her sorrows every day, and lives a life of drunkenness and dreams. Suddenly, a different soul appears. He desperately tries to make Qingyuluanniao happy, begging her to let Xue Sanyue go. Xue Sanyue was trapped in a cave, she racked her brains to break through the barrier, and wanted to go out to challenge Qingyu Luanniao, but she was unsuccessful. Seeing her like this, Lishu felt very sad.

Lishu came to ask Qingyu Luanniao again and promised to stay by her side wholeheartedly, Qingyu Luanniao reluctantly agreed, and also promised to help Lishu restore her human form as soon as possible. Xue Sanyue woke up and saw a bowl of soup on the table. Lishu cooked this soup for her before her death. Xue Sanyue hurried out to find someone.

Qingyu Luanniao had been waiting for a long time, and Xue Sanyue knew that she was not an opponent. , Decided to give up the challenge, Qingyu Luanniao asked her to go to Daiyu to find immortal grass, maybe it could help Lishu restore his human form, Qingyuluanniao kicked Xue Sanyue down the mountain, Xue Sanyue saw Lishu in a trance, Lishu Persuading her to live well, Xue Sanyue’s tears flowed involuntarily.

Ji Yunhe was puzzled. He couldn’t figure out what Lin Canglan and Qing Shu did before they died, and he didn’t know what big things they were planning. Lin Haoqing used the token to open the secret room, and saw a box of antidote and Lin Canglan’s handwritten letter inside. Lin Canglan reminded him not to be soft-hearted, use Ji Yunhe to revive the Lin family, and explained that Frost came from the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers, not from him.