Recap "The Oath of Love" Ep 20

Mar 29, 2022

After Lin Zhixiao finished eating, she continued to practice the piano with Shao Jiang in the school music room. Since she had muted her phone in advance, Gu Wei called her, but no one answered. In the evening, Lin Zhixiao picked up the phone and found many missed calls, so he quickly called back and took the initiative to explain the fact that the phone was muted.

Originally, Gu Wei was inviting Lin Zhixiao to eat tomorrow night, but Lin Zhixiao is very busy at this stage, and he really can’t get away. Gu Wei concealed his loss and understood her situation. Gu’s mother called Gu Wei, claiming that her old friend’s daughter had gastritis and wanted to consult. Gu Wei thought that there was no arrangement for tomorrow, so she readily agreed.

Gu Wei, who was sitting alone in the living room at night, was full of pictures about Lin Zhixiao and Shao Jiang, as well as Shao Jiang’s provocative words, sarcasm that his age did not match Lin Zhixiao, and felt uneasy. Sure enough, he called Lin Zhixiao again, but he still couldn’t get through. Just as he was restless, constantly staring at the time and paying attention to the movement outside the door, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Lin Zhixiao rushed in impatiently, hugged Gu Wei while expressing his apology, brought back the chicken soup, and added coriander to the chicken soup. At this time, Shao Jiang sent a message to Lin Zhixiao to express how the band missed her. Lin Zhixiao teased Shao Jiang’s preferences, but Gu Wei became jealous after hearing it, and told Lin Zhixiao very seriously that he actually didn’t like it at all. coriander.

After realizing it, Lin Zhixiao decided that Gu Wei was jealous, but Gu Wei continued to speak hard, but in fact the jar of jealousy had already been overturned. That night, Gu Wei tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Instead, Lin Zhixiao had a good night’s sleep. In the morning, he woke up refreshed and sent a message to ask Gu Wei if he wanted to send himself to school. Unexpectedly, Gu Wei refused uncharacteristically and bluntly said that he had an appointment with someone else, which made Lin Zhixiao absent-minded and make frequent mistakes when practicing the piano.

Shao Jiang saw that Lin Zhixiao was in a bad mood, so he let her rest first, and took the opportunity to express his love, thinking that if he hadn’t gone abroad, maybe the two would have been together long ago. However, Lin Zhixiao did not accept this assumption, because she knew that the love for Shao Jiang in high school was just the love and worship of her brother, which was different from the love between men and women who treated Gu Wei.

Hearing Lin Zhixiao’s answer, Shao Jiang was inexplicably lost and sad, even though the timing was not right, at least he was able to speak out completely. Lin Zhixiao didn’t know how to comfort him, but suddenly received a call from Xiao Shan and learned that Gu Wei didn’t go to work at all, but went on a blind date in a coffee shop, which instantly exploded.

Lin Zhixiao hurried over and hid behind the fish tank with Xiao Shan to observe. In fact, Gu Wei has already explained the situation to the woman and bluntly said that he has a girlfriend he likes, although he has not disclosed it to his family. Xiao Shan left in a hurry. Before leaving, she told Lin Zhixiao not to be impulsive. Gu Wei noticed that Lin Zhixiao behind the fish tank deliberately said something to make her jealous.

Because of this, Lin Zhixiao was so angry that Gu Xiao walked to Lin Zhixiao’s side, once again disturbing Lin Zhixiao’s already messy mood. He thought that his cousin Gu Wei had a crush on a female doctor. Lin Zhixiao couldn’t bear to splash water on Gu Xiao, and went out without saying a word. Gu Wei chased after him and recounted the cause and effect of the incident.

Knowing that Gu Wei was teasing because of jealousy, Lin Zhixiao’s mood improved slightly, but he still pretended to be angry. In order to punish him, he deliberately bought a coriander-flavored ice cream. Gu Wei felt a little helpless, and took a bite. Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help laughing. He took out a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth for him, and the two reconciled.

When he returned home in the evening, Gu Wei took out his published thesis, specially marked Lin Zhixiao’s name at the end of the paper, and said that he did not participate in her past, but still has a present and a future. Lin Zhixiao was moved to tears, and the two embraced each other.

Afterwards, Gu Wei received a call from his parents and accompanied the old couple to eat at home. Parents have already learned about Lin Zhixiao through Gao Xi, and they were originally opposed to this matter, but Gu Wei repeatedly emphasized that they don’t have to accept Lin Zhixiao immediately, and they can leave some time to slowly run in. The Gu family’s parents saw that their son was determined, so they each took a step back and were willing to observe the Xialin School more.

After eating with Xiao Shan, Lin Zhixiao ordered three kinds of food to pack and sent to the hospital, and couldn’t help being crazy about Gu Weifan. While the couple were flirting in the office, Gu Wei suddenly received a call from nurse Xiao Wei and learned that there was an emergency operation. Seeing Gu Wei’s back hurriedly leaving, Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help feeling and distressed that he couldn’t rest well because of work.

When it was time to get off work, Lin Zhixiao heard the sound of the door opening outside, and knew that Gu Wei had come back. He picked up the Polaroid in great interest to find him, and took the initiative to mention that Yin Xi and her boyfriend posted photos of their love every day. At first, Gu Wei didn’t know how to use Polaroids, but under the guidance of Lin Zhixiao, he quickly became interested.

Because Lin Zhixiao felt that the photos taken by Gu Wei were too ugly, so he picked up the Polaroid and took a few face photos of him. After Gu Wei and Lin Zhixiao finished taking photos, it was already late, and he still had work to do. Lin Zhixiao kissed Gu Wei, and was about to leave but was reluctant to leave, so he returned to make him a supper.

Ke Lin’s school is the worst at cooking, so this important task still falls on Gu Wei. While the porridge was cooking in the kitchen, Gu Wei took out a photo album from the room to share with Lin Zhixiao, and introduced her to her parents. Lin Zhixiao felt that Gu’s father and Gu’s mother looked dignified, so Gu Wei himself inherited and gathered all the advantages of his parents, and was proud again.