Recap Chinese Drama "To be a Brave One" Episode 32

Aug 5, 2022

Anyu and Shao Moli brush their teeth together, cook and eat together, go downstairs to take out garbage together, eat snacks while watching dramas, snuggle each other on the sofa, and discuss work together during breakfast. Shao Moli also told her that there is a regular meeting today. Make her ready to receive praise, but Anyu feels that it doesn't matter whether she praises or not, as long as the two projects of unmanned fire extinguisher and polypeptide biology can pass smoothly. Shao Moli reassured her that there would be no problem with the roadshow being so successful. When she arrived at the company, Lai Lai also said that Mr. Lin would definitely praise her for a while. Yesterday's new financial report showed that the sales of Vale Hotel increased by 20% after the acquisition. Lao Su also added that Red Star Dentsu has successfully passed the test in Hong Kong. Fang Lidu praised her for doing a good job in the filing of the initial public offering. But after Lin Zhanhong came, he actually gave Fang Li and Jinlailai the title of Star of Excellence. Everyone was surprised. Even the project in Anyu failed to pass, but Su Dayong's community fresh food e-commerce project passed.

After the meeting, Shao Moli directly broke into the office to find Lin Zhanhong and asked him what he wanted to do, but he said that the Anyu project has a large investment, a long payback period and high uncertainty. But Zhuoyue's investment philosophy has never been about making quick money in the short-term. He has invested a lot in projects of three years, five years, or even ten years. Why has the style suddenly changed? Is it because Zhuoyue wants to transform, or does he have other plans? , but he answered the phone and let Shao Moli go out first.

Fang Li went to the hospital to see Fang Fang, but Su Dayong prepared a cake in the ward to wish her a happy birthday, and expressed his intentions, hoping to accompany her on her birthday every year, but Fang Li told him that it was inappropriate, but But Su Dayong said that he didn't ask for anything, he just wanted to accompany her and Fang Fang. He thought Fang Li was an amazing woman and respected her very much. He just wanted to be nice to her and Fang Fang, as long as he didn't drive him away, Although Fang Li burst into tears, she went out without answering his question. Su Dayong also chased out. At this time, Fang Fang on the hospital bed actually shed tears and moved her fingers.

Lailai went to the company and saw that everyone was moving things. Anyu told her that the first batch of smart desks ordered by her soulmate had arrived, and her colleagues planned to go to Nankou Village to see the children. Lai Lai hurriedly called Kai brother and asked him to come over quickly; but he was still waiting for the wedding photo, Lai Lai told him that he didn't need to change his clothes.

Everyone was happy on the road, and Shao Moli secretly took photos for Anyu. When we arrived at Nankou Village, we taught the children together and introduced the functions of the smart desk. There is a very magical function, that is, you can make a video call to your parents by pressing the button. If you don't answer, you can leave a message. The children like it very much. Everyone Also very happy.

When Mi Lu woke up in the morning, she was startled to find that Zhou Yuan was not by her side, but she felt relieved when she saw that he was cooking. Zhou Yuan started preparing breakfast early in the morning, playing with them one by one, and coaxing him to sleep at night. When colleagues were on their way back, Anyu proposed to set up a charity fund for these children, and everyone agreed. But Anyu received a message from Zhou Yuan, and only said sorry, goodbye, and didn't answer the call. Shao Moli didn't know that Zhou Yuan was going to jump off the building until he received a call from Xiaoding, and everyone quickly returned to Zhuozhuo.

Anyu stopped Zhou Yuan in the past, pretended not to understand what was delaying him, and said that he was a very warm and capable person, so cute, obedient and sensible, it was because of his words and deeds that the police were trying to persuade him. Holding him down, An Yu told Zhou Yuan loudly that the injuries he suffered could not be left to Yi Yi any more.

Seeing Anyu coming down, Shao Moli hurried over to hug her and comfort her that it's okay, don't be afraid. In the evening, Anyu took them home one by one, but they didn't want to see Shao Moli. In desperation, he went to the hotel and was left by Anyu, and then Shao Moli had to go to his own room.