Recap Chinese Drama "To be a Brave One" Episode 31

Aug 5, 2022

After Lai Lai put on her wedding dress and came out, Ye Kai was stunned, but Lai Lai was still a money-saving expert as always, and even the master of ceremonies made arrangements for Shao Moli. The four of them had dinner at home in the evening. Shao Moli proposed to move in and live with her. Anyu agreed and asked Lai Lai to renew the lease of her house to Shao Moli, but Lai Lai still wanted to be with An Yu before marriage. She was very reluctant to live with Sister Anyu. Anyu said she was stupid. Even if she moved in and lived with Ye Kai, the four of them would be together. They would eat and drink together in the future. Ye Kai suggested that An Zhai will be there in the future, and Jin Zhai will be here. Looking forward to the future, these two will be the first in the household registration book. It is up to them to decide how they want to combine in the future. Everyone is very happy.

In the evening, Lailai brought some of her dolls over first, and Shao Moli also went to pack things for Anyu. Ye Kai was very happy when he heard that, and immediately suggested that it was getting late, so go to bed quickly, Lailai said that he wanted to Demei, of course he was sleeping on the sofa. Ye Kai hugged Lai Lai and wanted to sleep on her bed, but Lai Lai of course disagreed. Anyu introduced the structure of their home to Shao Moli, and from now on, they will create a beautiful and harmonious Anzhai with courtesy and friendship.

Zhou Yuan went to Mr. Ke to talk about the shares, but he made it clear that he would not sell it, let alone sell it to him, so he left first. However, Lin Zhanhong texted him at this time and asked him to meet in the name of his uncle and nephew. The two went to the place where they ate noodles last time. Lin Zhanhong already knew his identity. He also said that he was as young and impulsive as his father, but he was full of energy. . However, Zhou Yuan has been recharging his energy for so many years, just to wait for him to come back and let him taste the taste of being abandoned. Lin Zhanhong had already guessed that he wanted other shareholders of Excellence to sell their shares to him, but he sneered and told Zhou Yuan that it was impossible for him to win. Zhou Yuan looked at him with grief and anger at this time, but Lin Zhanhong also asked him to beg himself, so he considered buying back his outstanding shares and asked him to think about his wife and children, but he was still obsessed and told Lin Zhanhong that he would never ask him Bowing his head, it is even more impossible to sell his shares. Lin Zhanhong told Zhou Yuan that these things, including He Shuo’s lion’s opening and the loan shark he borrowed, were all set up by him. Every step Zhou Yuan took was in his plan, and it was too easy for a person full of hatred to enter the game. , because hatred can make people lose their minds, and told him that he lost from the beginning, and left with a smile.

After that, no matter how Mi Lu called Zhou Yuan, he didn't answer it, and even when he went to the places he often went to find him, he didn't see him, but on the way, he saw him drunk on the side of the road. What Mi Lu said, he was still living in his hatred.

After Ye Kai hurriedly moved things for Shao Moli, he couldn't wait to pull Lailai back. Zhou Yuan's father once left him a letter. It turned out that An Wenbin had been helping him all the time, and Zhou Yuan had always misunderstood. Shao Moli suggested that the letter should be shown to Zhou Yuan. When Anyu called him, his mobile phone was also turned off. When Shao Moli got off work, he saw someone kidnapped Lin Zhanhong, so he chased after him, but he soon found out that it was Zhou Yuan who kidnapped him. Anyu found Mi Lu and showed her the letter that was about the truth, but she felt that the letter could not be seen by him