Recap Chinese Drama "To be a Brave One" Episode 30

Aug 5, 2022

An Yu stood up at the last moment, his body and eyes were full of unyielding spirit, and he successfully beat the opponent down. Lai Lai and Ye Kai applauded excitedly below, and Shao Moli was also happy for her, and hurried up to the ring to hug her, An Yu told Shao Moli that her life should enter the next round, Lai Lai and Ye Kai were both moved Cried.

Early the next morning, Anyu knocked on the door and asked Shao Moli to go out to play. At home, Mi Lu accidentally saw Zhou Yuan's ID bag with him at all times, and there were always photos of him and An Yu. And Anyu and Shao Moli were having fun at the playground. She told Shao Moli that she was very happy today, not only because of the competition, Shao Moli said he knew, and he also knew that Anyu had done a very difficult It was decided that when she won the game, An Yu looked into his eyes, but he didn't expect that he even knew this. Shao Moli also knew that every time she was in a bad mood, she would go to boxing, and this time she even participated in the competition, which showed that she encountered very, very big difficulties and made her mind very heavy. Later, he also knew that Lin Zhanhong wanted to replace He Shuo's copyright with excellent equity, and guessed that he must have other goals, so he asked Lin Zhanhong, and Lin Zhanhong also admitted that he wanted Anyu to cooperate with him At that time, he also understood that Anyu was making a very, very important decision, whether to take revenge or not.

Only then did Anyu know that Shao Moli had always known about it and had been with her all the time. Shao Moli told Anyu that he had always admired her. Although he kept saying and persuading Anyu to let go, he couldn't imagine if this happened to him, would he be as brave and strong as Anyu? , until the end, and Anyu really did it. Shao Moli said, "You're exhausted. Let Anyu put down all precautions and burst into tears. The biggest feeling in Anyu these days is that it's really hard to live in hatred. Is the amusement park not fun, and the ice cream is not delicious?" Is it because the sun is not good, isn't Erha handsome, why waste your life on these people. Shao Moli smiled, Anyu should waste his life on him, and he has to go on a roller coaster, a pirate ship, so that Anyu has the opportunity to hold him and not let go. Then the two hugged tightly. Anyu told Shao Moli that he was lucky to have him along the way, and Shao Moli also firmly told Anyu that he would always be there, and Anyu also boldly said I love you three words to Shao Moli.

After a while, Anyu received a call from Mi Lu, she asked Anyu to meet, and then Anyu passed. Anyu told her that she had only recently learned that Mi Lu and Zhou Yuan grew up together as childhood sweethearts, and that perhaps in this complicated relationship, she was the one who should not be there. Mi Lu also thought that Zhou Yuan didn't really love Anyu, even if she had a child, until she found the photo. After seeing it, An Yu sneered, this was a matter of her previous life, and now it seemed like a lifetime away, and she told Mi Lu that she didn't have to worry about it at all. Mi Lu told Anyu that Zhou Yuan was crazy, so she asked Anyu not to sell his shares to him, Anyu reassured her that she would not sell it to him, she had already made a decision before coming, and let Mi Lu Lu returns the share transfer contract to him, then tells him it's over. Mi Lu thanked Anyu very much, and asked her to come to see Yiyi every week in the future. Anyu also said thank you and left.