Recap Chinese Drama "The Heart of Genius" Episode 32

Aug 5, 2022

Pei Zhi felt that Lin Zhaosheng had spent 20 years of hard work, and he was only one percent away. Pei Zhi wanted the sick Lin Zhaosheng to be happy and let him think that he could solve this mathematical problem independently, and Lin Zhaoxi no longer opposed it.

Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi got up early and started cleaning, deliberately messing up Lin Zhaosheng's calculation paper, and taking the opportunity to throw the last part of the problem under the bed. Lin Zhaosheng hurriedly got up and sorted out the information from under the bed. He couldn't believe his eyes and asked Pei Zhi to confirm whether he had really completed the math problem. Pei Zhi congratulated him on his success. Lin Zhaosheng was incoherent with excitement.

Pei Zhi came to Zeng Qingran with Lin Zhaosheng's research results. Zeng Qingran double-checked and confirmed that it was correct. He was very excited. Pei Zhi asked Zeng Qingran to rehabilitate Lin Zhaosheng. Zeng Qingran agreed. It can only be guaranteed that no other factors will be mixed in the evaluation of Lin Chaoxi's examination.

Zeng Qingran disclosed Lin Zhaosheng's research results, which aroused strong repercussions in the academic circles, and the media rushed to report it. Zeng Qingran and Lin Zhaosheng were interviewed on TV. Zhang Shuping also saw the TV news, and he personally went to the door to find Lin Zhaosheng. Lin Chaoxi received a notice from Sanwei University and would no longer give her any professional adjustment. Lin Chaoxi guessed that Pei Zhi helped her and decided to give up this opportunity. She wanted to be admitted to Sanwei University next year, and Pei Zhi agreed to go to Zeng Qingran to explain the situation.

Lin Chaoxi was invited to participate in the "Super Q&A" of the TV station. Pei Zhi cheered her on the stage. The host chose a German question. Lin Chaoxi couldn't understand German, so she asked Pei Zhi for help. Stopping here, she felt very puzzled. Pei Zhi, who had been studying in Germany for four years, answered such a simple question incorrectly. Pei Zhi excused that the two of them had been too high-profile recently. He's not right.

Zhang Shuping and Lin Zhaosheng played chess. Zhang Shuping admitted that he had leaked Lin Zhaosheng's thesis and apologized to him solemnly. Lin Zhaosheng did not accept it. When he was raised, his tears dried up. Zhang Shuping blamed himself and left in a hurry after playing the game of chess with Lin Zhaosheng.

Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi met Zhang Shuping at the door of their house, and Zhang Shuping waved and left. Zeng Qingran called Lin Zhaosheng to give a speech at the school and welcomed him back to teach at Sanwei University. Lin Zhaosheng only agreed to give a speech. He is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and is no longer suitable to be a teacher.

That night, Lin Zhaosheng recited the speech, and Pei Zhi reminded him, but he still stumbled, and Lin Chaoxi asked him to read according to the manuscript. When Pei Zhi poured a glass of water for Lin Zhaosheng, it suddenly became dark in front of him. He knocked the water glass over, and Pei Zhi was unconscious. Lin Zhaoxi shouted to wake him up.

Pei Zhi lied that he was going to help Zeng Qingran sort out the information these days. He went to sign up to learn German, but he fell ill again. Pei Zhi wanted to call Lin Zhaoxi for help, but he couldn't do it. The teacher hurriedly picked him up and Pei Zhi was sober. come over. Lin Zhaosheng was invited to give a speech at Sanwei University, Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi were there to accompany him, and Zhang Shuping was watching from the audience. Lin Zhaosheng gave a speech, but suddenly fell ill in the middle of it. Lin Zhaoxi publicly admitted that Lin Zhaosheng suffered from Alzheimer's disease. She continued to read the speech, and the audience applauded their father and daughter together.

Lin Chaoxi took Lin Zhaosheng to the hospital for a re-examination. Doctor Ma found out that Lin Zhaosheng's condition was developing rapidly, and suggested that he go to a professional medical institution for treatment. Lin Chaoxi wanted to take care of Lin Zhaosheng, but Doctor Ma was no longer reluctant. Lin Zhaosheng's memory was getting worse and worse, and Lin Chaoxi was always watching over him. Lin Chaoxi found the receipt of the German training course in Pei Zhi's pocket, and called the training institution to confirm that Pei Zhi was taking classes there. Lin Chaoxi remembered what was wrong with Pei Zhi recently, and decided that he was Pei Zhi from the cheese world. Lin Chaoxi came Ask Ji Jiang to explain the situation, and the two of them go to Pei Zhi together.