Recap Chinese Drama "The Heart of Genius" Episode 31

Aug 5, 2022

Lin Zhaoxi took Pei Zhi back to the computer room. Zhang Liang was waiting in the hall for a long time. When he saw Ji Jiang sneaking out, he guessed that Pei Zhi came to replace Ji Jiang. He got up and went back to his computer room. Pei Zhi thought it was Zhang Liang's use. His way to cheer them on.

Lin Zhaosheng fell asleep on the sofa. Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi sorted out the data overnight. Lin Zhaosheng woke up in the morning and saw Pei Zhi. He felt that he was different from usual, and he couldn't tell what was wrong. The staff came to send them a notice and found that something was wrong with Pei Zhi. Lin Zhaoxi hurriedly cleared the siege. He asked Pei Zhi to stand up to confirm. Lin Zhaosheng hurriedly pretended to be sick and fainted to attract the attention of the staff.

After the unremitting efforts of Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi, the question was finally completed, and Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi gave high fives to congratulate. The answering session is over, and the defense will be held at 5 pm. During this time, you can move freely. Teacher Wang regrets letting Lin Chaoxi go and adds a competitor to himself. He takes the initiative to shake hands with Lin Chaoxi and make peace with him. Basketball, Pei Zhi refused to play basketball on the excuse of not playing basketball for a long time.

The defense officially started. Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi came to the stage to explain. Lin Zhaosheng watched the live broadcast at home. Teacher Zhang questioned Lin Chaoxi's ability and asked her to explain the modeling algorithm. Lin Zhaoxi explained it in detail. Applaud for Lin Chaoxi together, and Lin Zhaosheng sent a message to be proud of Lin Chaoxi. Teacher Zhang announced that their team was the first. She admired Lin Chaoxi very much and wanted her to show her personal abilities. Pei Zhi explained that Lin Chaoxi was the main force of the team, but Teacher Zhang was still dubious.

Zhang Liang came forward to report Pei Zhi for violating the rules of the competition. He asked Ji Jiang to impersonate him on the first day. He did not return to the competition until last night. , Teacher Wang immediately took the stage and strongly demanded that Lin Chaoxi's team be canceled. Their team was the first. Teacher Wang once again proved that Lin Chaoxi is the main force of the team.

Lin Chaoxi publicly admitted that she violated the rules of the competition. Even without Pei Zhi's help, she could complete the thesis and topic of the modeling competition independently. I hope Teacher Zhang will not judge her with prejudice against Lin Zhaosheng. Lin Chaoxi believes that Lin Zhaosheng is the person who loves mathematics the most. , but was expelled because it was similar to a well-known professor's paper, and he was also accused of academic misconduct for more than 20 years. Lin Zhaoxi felt that this was not only unfair to Lin Zhaosheng, but also a great loss to the academic world. People should be more rigorous and respectful to avoid a tragedy like Lin Zhaosheng from repeating itself. Lin Zhaoxi apologized publicly and was willing to accept any punishment.

Lin Zhaoxi's speech received thunderous applause from the teachers and classmates in the audience. Lin Zhaosheng was moved to tears when he heard these words. At the end of the competition, Lin Chaoxi's team not only missed the first place, but also had no prize money. Director Zheng of the TV station invited Lin Chaoxi to participate in his show. Lin Chaoxi learned that there was a bonus of 100,000 yuan, and agreed without saying a word.

Lin Zhaosheng asked Pei Zhi to take Lin Zhaoxi to celebrate. He wanted to have a good rest at home, so Pei Zhi went to the bar on Lin Zhaoxi's behalf. He also sang a German song for Lin Chaoxi. Lin Zhaoxi was full of praise for him. Talking about the origin of German music, suddenly a trance appeared in front of him, he felt dizzy, Lin Chaoxi greeted him, Pei Zhi forced himself to calm down, and Lin Chaoxi accompanies him home. Lin Zhaosheng sat in front of the computer and continued to check the world problem. When Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi went home, he hurriedly hid the straw paper under the pillow and replaced the computer with a game.

That night, Pei Zhi took out the mobile phone hidden under the bed board, and recorded the whole process of Lin Zhaosheng's research on mathematics. Lin Zhaosheng was not willing to give up. He spent twenty years of hard work, and Lin Chaoxi ordered him not to work hard to avoid the recurrence of his old illness, so Lin Zhaosheng had to agree.

Pei Zhi delivered breakfast to Lin Zhaosheng. Seeing Lin Zhaosheng sitting in a daze by the window, he went to call Lin Chaoxi for dinner. Lin Chaoxi received a notice from Sanwei University to transfer her to another major. Lin Chaoxi was disappointed. That night, when Pei Zhi saw that Lin Zhaosheng was asleep, he turned on the computer and continued to complete the world problem. Pei Zhi remembered that in 2018, he and Lin Zhaosheng attended an academic seminar in Chicago. Lin Zhaosheng won the prize for this mathematical problem.

Pei Zhi stayed up all night and finally completed the question. She gave it to Lin Chaoxi immediately. Lin Zhaoxi couldn't wait to show it to Lin Zhaosheng. It was done by Lin Zhaosheng independently, and Lin Chaoxi did not want Lin Zhaosheng to bear the infamy of plagiarism again.