Recap Chinese Drama "The Heart of Genius" Episode 30

Aug 5, 2022

The modeling competition needed to be completed in two days. Simple beds and food were prepared in the computer room. The team members entered the computer room one after another. Lin Zhaosheng waited for Lin Zhaoxi and Pei Zhi to come, so he had to wait in the computer room first. The staff came in to call, and Lin Zhaosheng deliberately delayed the time. The staff was very impatient and asked him to notify Pei Zhi and Lin Zhaoxi to arrive immediately, otherwise they would be disqualified from the competition.

Lin Chaoxi hurried there with Ji Jiang, Ji Jiang deliberately lowered the brim of his hat, and the staff had no doubts and let them both enter the computer room to prepare. Zhang Liang used the excuse to go to the bathroom and saw Pei Zhi coming from the window, so he asked Aguang and Teacher Wang to choose the most difficult question B, and the three of them worked together.

Lin Zhaoxi also chose question B. She and Pei Zhi used to do a small program to catch thieves, and they were very handy. She told her thoughts one by one, but Lin Zhaosheng and Ji Jiang couldn't help, so they sat next to them. play chess. Bao Xiaomeng called to send seafood to Lin Chaoxi. Lin Chaoxi could finish the competition in two days, and asked Bao Xiaomeng to put the seafood in her refrigerator.

At the same time, Pei Zhi came to the ancient pagoda, smashed the wall where the formula was written, and took out an iron box with a letter in it. Pei Zhi and cement filled the gap. Bao Xiaomeng passed by and saw Pei Zhi repairing the wall. Pei Zhi asked Bao Xiaomeng to hide what he did.

Ji Jiang lost several games in a row, he had no confidence, Lin Zhaosheng pulled him to play another game, Ji Jiang hurried to the bathroom, Lin Zhaosheng asked him to wear a mask to avoid being seen. Ji Jiang sneaked to the bathroom, Zhang Liang followed, Ji Jiang hurriedly hid in, Zhang Liang curiously found out that they chose question B.

Ji Jiang saw that no one was around, so he wanted to quietly go back to the computer room, but was caught by Zhang Liang. Zhang Liang was going to report Ji Jiang. Ji Jiang repeatedly explained that Pei Zhi had something to do today, and he would come to the game tomorrow, so that Zhang Liang could get along with him. Pei Zhi competed fairly, and Zhang Liang thought about it again and again before letting Ji Jiang go back. Lu Zhihao called to inform Ji Jiang to attend the new film conference tomorrow, and Ji Jiang asked Lu Zhihao to pick him up at the gate of Sanwei University early tomorrow morning.

Pei Zhi came to the boxing gym, locked himself in the room, and connected three locks. He would use self-hypnosis to exchange his life with himself in the cheese world, and let that Pei Zhi go back to live with Pei Donglai. He wants to stay and guard Lin Chaoxi. Pei Zhi from Strawberry World disagreed and wanted to tell Lin Zhaoxi everything. He tried his best to smash the door, but he came back without success.

Pei Zhi took out the letter. There were originally three bloodstains on the letter. Two of them were erased in the first two crossings. Now there is only one bloodstain left. As long as Pei Zhi of Strawberry World erases that one, he will be able to return to Cheese. In the world, Pei Zhi firmly refused. He opened the door locks one by one with an iron wire. He knew very well that he had a mental illness, but he still wanted to continue his current life.

Pei Zhi came to the game overnight, Lin Chaoxi opened the window to let him in, he couldn't help hugging Lin Zhaoxi tightly, Ji Jiang said goodbye to them, jumped out of the window and waited for Lu Zhihao to pick him up.