Recap Chinese Drama "The Heart of Genius" Episode 29

Aug 5, 2022

Zeng Qingran revealed an important piece of information to Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi. Professor Feng Ming's daughter was Qiu Yue, and Lin Chaoxi was stunned. He didn't expect Feng Ming to be her grandmother.

Lin Zhaoxi went home and wanted Lin Zhaosheng to ask about it. Lin Zhaosheng admitted that Feng Ming hated him and refused to accept Lin Chaoxi. Lin Zhaosheng told the story of that year. Qiu Yue, Zhang Shuping and Lin Zhaosheng all study at Yongchuan University. They are not only classmates, but also best friends. They both have a crush on Qiu Yue, and Qiu Yue has a soft spot for Lin Zhaosheng. Lin Zhaosheng didn't want to make Zhang Shuping sad, so he chose to study at Sanwei University after graduation, and Qiu Yueyi followed him without hesitation. Zhang Shuping stayed to be Feng Ming's graduate student.

Two years later, Qiu Yue became pregnant. Qiu Yue named her child Lin Zhaoxi. Lin Zhaosheng promised to marry her after writing the thesis. Unexpectedly, Lin Zhaosheng’s thesis was highly similar to Feng Ming’s. Zeng Qingran suspected that Lin Zhaosheng was plagiarizing, and the college decided to expel Lin Zhaosheng. When Qiu Yue came to look for Lin Zhaosheng in a long-distance car, the amniotic fluid ruptured in the car. As a result, after giving birth to Lin Chaoxi, she died of heavy bleeding due to dystocia.

Lin Chaoxi insisted on finding out the truth. Lin Zhaosheng suspected that Zhang Shuping had leaked the content of his thesis, but because there was no conclusive evidence, Lin Chaoxi wanted to find Zhang Shuping’s theory, but Lin Zhaosheng tried desperately to stop him, and he did not want to pursue the matter. Lin Zhaosheng also went to Zhang Shuping back then, but Zhang Shuping was already stunned because of the pressure, and Lin Zhaosheng couldn't bear to ask him for theories again.

Lin Zhaoxi told Pei Zhi about the grievances between Lin Zhaosheng and Zhang Shuping, and Pei Zhi took her to Zhang Shuping to confirm the matter. Zhang Shuping was teaching the children and their parents, Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi were sitting in the back and listening. Pei Zhi encouraged Lin Chaoxi to ask Zhang Shuping about it in public. Lin Zhaoxi remembered the past scenes of Zhang Shuping encouraging her and helping her in the cheese world, and she immediately softened. . After class, Lin Chaoxi watched the parents and children leave one after another. She decided not to pursue the matter, and went home with Pei Zhi.

Yu Minghai recommended Pei Zhi to participate in the boxing match on the morning of the 15th. In the afternoon, there was a modeling competition. Pei Zhi couldn't make up his mind, so he discussed with Lin Chaoxi. Lin Chaoxi agreed that he should participate in the boxing competition first, and then go to the modeling competition. Teacher Wang, Zhang Liang and Aguang worked overtime to prepare materials for the competition. Aguang had no idea. He wanted to know the progress of Lin Zhaoxi and Pei Zhi, so he asked Zhang Liang to call and ask Lu Zhihao. Lu Zhihao was making dumplings for Xiaomeng's father. After dinner in the restaurant, I just made excuses to deal with it.

Lu Zhihao saw that the dumpling restaurant was in a mess and persuaded Bao Xiaomeng to change careers. Bao Xiaomeng wanted to open a nail salon, but he had no money to invest. Lu Zhihao agreed to pay her to open a shop. Bao Xiaomeng agreed to think about it, and Lu Zhihao took the opportunity to propose to take her back. Seeing her parents at home, Bao Xiaomeng agreed.

The modeling competition is about to start. Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi are fully prepared. It is enough to let Lin Zhaosheng sit in the audience. Lin Chaoxi wants to cheer for Pei Zhi, and Pei Zhi let her prepare for the competition with peace of mind. On the day of the competition, Pei Zhi went to the boxing gym to participate in the competition, and asked Yu Minghai to help hold his mobile phone. Lin Chaoxi and Lin Zhaosheng came to the modeling competition. Zhang Liang found that Pei Zhi was not here, and asked Lin Zhaoxi to remind him to come on time. Participate, otherwise you won't even be able to enter the scene. Lin Zhaoxi called Pei Zhi. Pei Zhi was punching on the stage. Yu Minghai was engrossed in the game and didn't answer the phone.

Pei Zhi fought with his opponent for a few rounds. He gradually became exhausted and finally fainted. Yu Minghai sent him to the hospital. The doctor checked Pei Zhi for a slight concussion and put him in the hospital for observation for two days. Pei Zhi will come to his own. On the phone, he found that Lin Chaoxi didn't answer the phone. He was about to call Lin Chaoxi when he suddenly felt dizzy, so Yu Minghai hurriedly called the doctor.

The organizing committee invited Ji Jiang to cheer for the game. The audience applauded and cheered for Ji Jiang, but Lin Zhaoxi was not happy. If Pei Zhi didn't come, he would not be able to enter the game. Pei Zhi suddenly called Lin Chaoxi. , Luo Jing suddenly fell ill, he wanted to go home to visit, temporarily unable to come to participate in the game, Lin Zhaosheng decided to play, but he was still alone.

Just as Ji Jiang was about to leave after the performance, Lin Chaoxi hurriedly came to him for help, and asked him to discuss with the leader of the organizer, and let Pei Zhi come to the competition tomorrow. Ji Jiang immediately decided to let the makeup artist Ou Xiaopu do his makeup. He pretended to be Pei Zhi to participate in the competition. Lin Chaoxi couldn't think of a better way for a while, so he had to listen to his arrangement.