Recap Chinese Drama "Out of Court" Episode 17

Aug 5, 2022

The Lawyers Association sent Zhang Zheng a letter of notification of Qiao Shaoting's complaint, which made Zhang Zheng very surprised and angry and took it to question Xiao Zhen. Hong Tu saw Qiao Shaoting being complained and satirized that he was not worried about his debts. He also thought it was against Xiao Zhen. protection, or Qiao Shaoting was really involved, Xiao Zhen's explanation was only one sentence, which was relatively fair.

The photo of Kuang Beiping drinking with his brother has been found by Qiao Shaoting's buddy Jin Yi, and it was quickly passed on to Qiao Shaoting. Kuang Beiping also lost his temper in the law firm at this time and scolded Huang Wei for his incompetence. Sun Zhiying and Qiao Shaoting did not meet yesterday. Everyone knows that he requires everyone to keep abreast of Qiao Shaoting's every move no matter what they do.

Lu Nan and Fang Yuan are also looking for clues about Zhu Hong. Even if Zhu Hong is dead, they must find Zhu Hong's body. Zhang Zheng sat in Xue Dong's car secretly. When Xue Dong saw Zhang Zheng being beaten, he rejoiced at Qiao Shaoting's ruthless attack. Before, he really couldn't imagine how Qiao Shaoting would fight back, but seeing Zhang Zheng's swollen face, he also let him Got new ideas. Zhang Zheng proposed that no matter what Qiao Shaoting does now, Xue Dong must help him, otherwise both of them will end up together.

Xiao Zhen knew that Zhang Zheng was also beaten by Qiao Shaoting, and Qiao Shaoting was also accused by him to protect her. She was moved, but she never said a moving word, because she knew that Qiao Shaoting did not want to hear any moving words, just hoped she could Do good things.

Xue Dong called Qiao Shaoting and reported his location. The implication was that he got what Qiao Shaoting needed. Then Qiao Shaoting went to Xue Dong. Xue Dong got the surveillance video of Zou Liang and Kuang Beiping talking to Qiao Shaoting. , but because the distance was too far, I couldn't hear what was said, Xue Dong reminded Qiao Shaoting that there was also a vehicle of Internet celebrity jelly in the video.

Qiao Shaoting wondered how to find the jelly. Xue Dong on the side complained that Qiao Shaoting didn't observe carefully, and he didn't find any problems after coming in for so long. Only then did Qiao Shaoting realize that the car and the people were in front of him, and he couldn't help but praise Xue Dong's greatness.

Lu Nan was temporarily transferred to Jingang to assist Wu Han in handling the case, and only Fang Yuan was left to follow Lei Xiaokun's case. Fang Yuan deliberately found Xiao Zhen, and the two people's information was combined to conduct an investigation, and found that Zhu Hong's father-in-law Yan Peixu had done it. Some loans are for investment. The two went to the police station to see Shen Rong being investigated and questioned. According to the police results, Shen Rong was listed on a number of charges, and Shen Rong was Wang Bo's wife.

With just a few glances, Fang Yuan found out that Shen Rong, who was being interrogated, was lying, and also learned some news about Wang Bo from Shen Rong. Wang Bo was very good at drinking, and he could easily drink a dozen bottles of famous wine. The wine he drank was of great value, and his salary was not enough to support him, so it was speculated that loan collection might be just a hobby of his rather than his main business.

Qiao Shaoting proposed to give a reward in Jelly's live broadcast room, and ask Jelly to have dinner after becoming the first or second list, so that they can have a chance to chat alone, and let Zou Liang and Jelly drive in the same car, which shows that the two have a great relationship. , but in Xue Dong's view, although Jelly is not a head anchor, the money for the reward is not something Qiao Shaoting can afford. At this time, Xiao Zhen called and told Xue Dong that Qiao Shaoting already knew that he colluded with Zhang Zheng to arrange Xiao Zhen around Qiao Shaoting. Xue Dong was afraid, for fear that Qiao Shaoting would also beat him up. After all, Zhang Zheng was a lesson from the past.

Therefore, Xue Dong took the initiative to help Qiao Shaoting to find clues and talk to Jelly. At this time, Qiao Shaoting received a call from Lu Nan, asking about the place where the smuggled goods might be hidden at the wharf. Asked what Lu Nan needed him to do and left, leaving Xue Dong to continue chatting with Jelly.

Xiao Zhen and Hong Tu reported on Qiao Shaoting's words and deeds, but they concealed a part of it. Hong Tu also pointed out that Xiao Zhen and Qiao Shaoting should already be wearing a pair of pants, but also reminded Xiao Zhen not to think that it would be safe to escape the first day of the new year. There are fifteen more. Xiao Zhen praised Hong Tu and Qiao Shaoting as good lawyers, and knew that Qiao Shaoting chose her as his partner to make Hong Tu unhappy. He hoped that Hong Tu would not fight with Qiao Shaoting because of this matter.

Xiao Zhen couldn't wait for Qiao Shaoting to meet, so he couldn't help calling him and asked him what he was doing. At this time, Qiao Shaoting had rushed back from Jingang, and watched Xue Dong and Jelly in the restaurant standing downstairs before they finished talking. , Xiao Zhen thought that Qiao Shaoting was chatting with Jelly, and was worried that he would not return all night. Qiao Shaoting explained that he was watching Xue Dong chatting with Jelly, which reassured Xiao Zhen. It happened that Xiao Zhen was on the phone and was seen by Tang Chu in the bar. Tang Chu took the initiative to talk to Xiao Zhen, and the two chatted about Qiao Shaoting. Tang Chu thought that Qiao Shaoting's selection of the top ten lawyers in the country was equivalent to stealing Kuang Beiping's limelight. , and Qiao Shaoting is only a graduate of a junior college, which is not worth mentioning in the eyes of those academies, but Qiao Shaoting's unique method makes him unique, and because of this, he is jealous, and people pour dirty water on him.

Qiao Shaoting picked up the drunk Xue Dong and went back. Xue Dong was already in a mess at this time, lying on the sofa unable to move. Qiao Shaoting simply grabbed a handful of ice and stuffed it on Xue Dong. Xue Dong told Qiao Shaoting that Zou Liang and Kuang Beiping The content of the conversation was that Kuang Beiping asked Zou Liang to forge a bank receipt. The data that Qiao Shaoting asked Zou Liang to investigate was actually Kuang Beiping. But the recording pen jelly was not given to Xue Dong.

Qiao Shaoting and Xiao Zhen met at the beach where Zhu Hong fell into the water. Although he knew that Zhu Hong's body sitting here would not necessarily surface, he still wanted to come here to have a look. Qiao Shaoting told Xiao Zhen that he might catch Kuang Beiping this time. Qiao Shaoting and Xiao Zhen talked about the origin of the lawyer's certificate. Although there are many lawyers, the cost of litigation for ordinary people is still very high. In Qiao Shaoting's eyes, those who seek help are like those who fall into the water. They struggle desperately, and what they want to seize is the law. Life-saving, but definitely not straw, and they can't just provide straw for those who fall into the water.

Xiao Zhen also said that although she didn't say it and Qiao Shaoting didn't say it, she knew what Qiao Shaoting had done, and she would keep it in her heart.

Three years ago, Xiao Zhen was not a lawyer, and the family just wanted her to find a partner to marry. Brother Xinzhe found an introducer to introduce Xiao Zhen, but that person behaved badly and was angry with Xiao Zhen. It was Xiao Zhen who injured the opponent and came to the police station. Xinzhe reprimanded Xiao Zhen from head to toe, thinking that it was wrong for her to hit someone, and the two quarreled because of this, but in the end Xinzhe also realized his mistake and apologized to Xiao Zhen.

When Xiao Zhen was about to leave, he saw Qiao Shaoting helping a disabled person to fight a lawsuit.