Recap Chinese Drama "Out of Court" Episode 16

Aug 5, 2022

Qiao's father gave incense to his wife, and he couldn't help but nag a few words in front of Qiao Shaoting. Qiao Shaoting reminded Qiao that his parents had passed away for many years. Qiao's father could see that he was still very sad. Qiao Shaoting also understood his father's thoughts, because he also missed his mother. , I believe my father misses my mother more.

At this time, Lu Nan and Fang Yuan came to find Qiao Shaoting together. Because Qiao Shaoting was no longer a lawyer at this time and had nothing to do with the case, it seemed that there was nothing to avoid when the two sides met. Fang Yuan and Lu Nan had also asked Xin Zhe. I came here on purpose after I got the information compiled by Qiao Shaoting.

Qiao Shaoting believes that according to Lei Xiaokun's strength, the iron cage cannot be kicked into the sea. The vague link is now where Zhu Hong's body went, but these speculations have no evidence to back them up. It's all life. Lu Nan also reminded Qiao Shaoting to study the clauses related to evidence, and laughed at Qiao Shaoting's unreliable name. Qiao Shaoting couldn't help laughing. In fact, he himself felt unreliable.

Assistant Xue Dong came suddenly after Lu Nan drove away, and gave Qiao Shaoting a note with the problems Xiao Zhen encountered. Qiao Shaoting suspected that Zhang Zheng had betrayed Xiao Zhen, and ran out to pull Zhang Zheng aside. After being beaten hard, Zhang Zheng didn't know why he was beaten and naturally counterattacked, and both of them were out of breath. Qiao Shaoting accused Zhang Zheng of betraying Xiao Zhen, but Zhang Zheng seemed to have just known about it, but instead thought that as long as Xiao Zhen did that, Kuang Beiping would be able to find the reason no matter what.

Zhang Zheng claimed that in order to keep Qiao Shaoting and to make him appear in court, this was why Xue Dong found Xiao Zhen. In his opinion, Qiao Shaoting could not be abandoned. He had no sympathy and no humaneness, but Qiao Shaoting did not stand. Thinking about his position, he wanted to keep Qiao Shaoting, but he couldn't let those who eat in the law firm lose their jobs. Qiao Shaoting angrily scolded Zhang Zheng for his rhetoric. He once said that he would not become a person like Kuang Beiping, but now he makes Xiao Zhen a discarded pawn at any time. Zhang Zheng accused Qiao Shaoting of always trying to control others, hoping that others can become what he wants.

Qiao Shaoting met with Sun Zhiying and gave Sun Zhiying the recording evidence of his advice to Xiao Zhen at that time, hoping that she could hand it over to Min Yuege, but Sun Zhiying was a little worried. After all, Qiao Shaoting is now in the period of complaint investigation. If he complains about this matter again, then It could ruin his career.

In the face of the upcoming court session tomorrow, Xiao Zhen entertained herself and danced to music, thinking that she would not be suspended so easily, but Hong Tu came to tell Xiao Zhen that she would be suspended after the trial tomorrow, but Qiao Shaoting In the future, I will find another Xiao Zhen to help. Hong Tu believes that only Qiao Shaoting and her can help Xiao Zhen in this matter. However, Qiao Shaoting is unable to protect herself now, and she will also find a way to appeal for Xiao Zhen.

When Hong Tu came out, Qiao Shaoting was already waiting outside, but Hong Tu was surprised that Qiao Shaoting had done this for Xiao Zhen. Qiao Shaoting changed a set of clean clothes before going to Xiao Zhen and took her to dinner. relax for a moment.

Lu Nan also found the person in charge of Jingang Bank and talked about Zou Liang's situation, thinking that Zou Liang was not a crime, and Lu Nan found that Kuang Beiping was their legal counsel here. Lu Nan asked the person in charge of the bank for a video recording of the conversation with Zou Liang. Although the bank lawyer has always reminded the leader that it is a secret and not to take it out lightly, the person in charge believes that it should cooperate with the work of the High Court. But in the end, the top management called and asked Lu Nan to issue relevant procedures before he could continue to cooperate, and Lu Nan's work came to an abrupt end.

Kuang Beiping has a very good buddy. Back then, he resisted an important matter for him, and Kuang Beiping always kept it in his heart. When he was asked out again by the old brother, he promised to cover the old brother in the future. People drank until late at night before they dispersed. When the elder brother just came home, he saw his daughter standing in the stairwell. The daughter guessed that his father went to see Kuang Beiping, and hoped that he could persuade Kuang Beiping not to continue to embarrass Qiao Shaoting, because Qiao Shaoting is a good person. The old man was dissatisfied with this, because his daughter's implication was that he and Kuang Beiping were not good people.

It is rare for Qiao Shaoting to tell Xiao Zhen about his theory of relative fairness. He believes that in civil litigation cases, some personal emotions will be mixed. He also hopes to get a relatively fair result every time, because there is no absolute right and wrong in life. Wrong, it was because Kuang Beiping disrupted this relative fairness that he and Xue Dong resisted.

Qiao Shaoting asked Xiao Zhen if she did this in every case, then being a lawyer was a hard job, and whether she would still feel it was worth it. Xiao Zhen was sure that everything was worth it. Qiao Shaoting also handed over the case of Lei Xiaokun to Xiao Zhen and let her Signed. Qiao Shaoting hopes Xiao Zhen believes that tomorrow's court session is definitely not the last, and the two of them are friends who advance and retreat together no matter what time it is.

Qiao Shaoting looked up at the sky, and repeated what he said at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the moonlight is so beautiful today, but Xiao Zhen laughed at Qiao Shaoting's lack of culture. Live laughing.