Recap Chinese Drama "Out of Court" Episode 15

Aug 5, 2022

Kuang Beiping came to invite Han Bin to work in the law firm, but he was rejected by Han Bin. Kuang Beiping directly asked Qiao Shaoting whether he came here often, but Han Bin told Kuang Beiping that even if he solved Qiao Shaoting, he would not be able to solve all the problems. Don't admit that he wants to solve Qiao Shaoting's mind. Han Bin pointed out Zou Liang's death. According to Qiao Shaoting's temperament, it was impossible for this matter to be left unresolved. Kuang Beiping hoped that Han Bin would not intervene to help Qiao Shaoting, and Han Bin did not say much about the matter.

Qiao Shaoting came to the police Xinzhe and handed in the information that he thought was suspicious in the case of Lei Xiaokun. Xinzhe seemed a little careless, saying that what he should do would never evade what he should not do, and he would also transfer the information to the responsible person. My colleague, although Qiao Shaoting saw Xinzhe's attitude was not rigorous, he could only choose to believe it.

When Xue Dong came to the office to look for Kuang Beiping, he happened to hear that someone and Kuang Beiping reported the Minyue Pavilion case. Xiao Zhen might have colluded with Sun Zhiying, the lawyer of the other party. Kuang Beiping saw Xue Dong come in and deliberately talked about the people in the High Court seeing him going to the court. Xue Dong knew that Kuang Beiping's people had seen him and Qiao Shaoting together, so he could only tell Xiao Zhen's story again, and deliberately said that he followed Qiao Shaoting for a walk, and Qiao Shaoting leaked his tongue. , Kuang Beiping didn't say much, but Xue Dong went to Sun Zhiying's director to complain about the incident.

Sun Zhiying suddenly called Xiao Zhen to ask for a meeting. Xiao Zhen wanted to refuse, but Sun Zhiying said that the Lawyers Association had received a complaint against Xiao Zhen, and she would also be present as a witness. When Sun Zhiying arrived, Xiao Zhen's wrist was injured in an unknown location. With Sun Zhiying's reminder, Xiao Zhen dealt with the wound and listened to Sun Zhiying talking about the lawsuit. Although she did not see Xiao Zhen directly, But he knew that behind the case, behind Ge Ping, Xiao Zhen must have asked the girl to meet her, and Xiao Zhen admitted it generously.

Sun Zhiying also discussed with Ge Ping's family and will continue to appeal to the Minyue Court. She admires Xiao Zhen's courage, and does not want to get down on such a lawyer. Xiao Zhen thinks that this is what she deserves, and that she has broken the rules of the industry, but she didn't expect it. Retribution came so quickly.

Lu Nan came to Han Bin's shop to eat noodles. Han Bin saw Lu Nan's identity through a work mobile phone. Lu Nan also admitted that he was here for Han Bin. Han Bin pointed out that Lu Nan must be for Qiao Shaoting. come. In Han Bin's mouth, Qiao Shaoting is a very obsessive person, because it was the first time that he followed Qiao Shaoting to the prison to find a client. The feeling of looking at the place made Han Bin feel heavy, but Qiao Shaoting thought it was right. After all, the client will spend the rest of his life. Their fate depends on them, and it must be heavier.

Although Lu Nan did not see any connection between the cases of Lei Xiaokun and Zou Liang and Qiao Shaoting and Kuang Beiping, he was keenly aware that it was because of this incident that Qiao Shaoting had gone all the way to the present. Those who have been suppressed to such a degree must be powerful people. Only Kuang Beiping in the industry may have this kind of ability.

Han Bin told Lunan that only by knocking down one of the parties between Qiao Shaoting and Kuang Beiping can find out the truth, and the seemingly strong Kuang Beiping will inevitably be in despair.

Xiao Zhen redeemed the mortgaged car for lawyer Qiao. Qiao Shaoting guessed that Xiao Zhen called to meet him. Qiao Shaoting drove to pick up Azu. Father Qiao happened to be riding a motorcycle to pick up his grandson. Tang Chu was also there. There, but they couldn't grab Father Qiao, especially the children also liked Grandpa very much, so Father Qiao could only take the children away.

Qiao Shaoting took Xiao Zhen together to try to destroy Father Qiao's car, but he was caught by his father. Qiao Shaoting divorced Tang Chu because of Xiao Zhencai, so they were so frightened that they hurriedly explained their innocence. Qiao Shaoting also explained that the two met because of Zou Liang's relationship.

When Xiao Zhen accompanied Qiao's auntie to buy vegetables, he met Kuang Beiping in the supermarket. Kuang Beiping warned Xiao Zhen that even if Sun Zhiying did not cooperate, it did not mean that she would be all right. Zhen responded with ease, claiming that he at least had a choice, while Kuang Beiping only had to work hard at his age.