Recap Chinese Drama "My Way (2022)" Episode 6

Aug 5, 2022

The ex-husband and mother brought Qi Xiaoxiao a lot of delicious food. Qi Xiaoxiao was very happy, but Ding Mumu, who was beside him, looked strangely unhappy. Mother Ding flew back from abroad on purpose, and her ex-husband apparently didn't tell Mother Ding about their affairs, pretending they were still together. The ex-husband took Ding Mumu into the room and said to let her try on clothes with him. Ding Mumu was extremely stiff all over. The ex-husband asked Ding Mumu to go back with him. He hadn't seen the child for three months. He even threatened to call the police and coaxed her to go back with him.

After Lin Yuxiang learned that Jin Lu was pregnant, she immediately found her and proposed marriage, but Jin Lu was very afraid of marriage, and she never wanted to hear the word marriage again in her life. Lin Yuxiang sincerely confessed to Jin Lu that they clearly liked each other, but they still couldn't be together. Jin Lu made an appointment to have an abortion. Sitting in the waiting area, Jin Lu dazedly had a dream, and everything around her was gone. A little girl played with her on Bunny, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. After meeting this child, Jin Lu was about to enter the operating room. The moment she was lying on the operating table, Jin Lu remembered the words Fang Yuan and You Xiaozhu persuaded her, and finally left the hospital. Lin Yuxiang had already come to the hospital to pick her up, saying that she had just finished the operation and was going to send her home. Lin Yuxiang was very moved when he learned that Jin Lu did not have the operation but planned to give birth to the child.

Li Cheng accidentally found Fang Yuan doing promotions in the supermarket and was stunned in place. His mood was very complicated, and he walked into President Shen's office with a heavy heart. Li Cheng became even more depressed after the cooperation that had been promised became yellow again. Fang Yuan has been busy for so long and paid the children's interest class fees with cash from her part-time job. She suddenly received a call on the bus and asked her to apply for the job next week. Li Cheng went to drink in a depressed mood, but Fang Yuan, a face-saving person like Fang Yuan, turned around in the mall and was called to drink. Li Cheng was very broken, so he figured out that he wanted to be a producer at a friend's place. Until now Li Cheng discovered that at this age, the most important thing for a man is to make money to support his family.

When he got home, Fang Yuan still hadn't slept, and had been waiting for him to come home. Fang Yuan happily told Li Cheng that she had found a job, and working in a cultural media company was also her old job. Jin Lu decided to keep the child, but didn't know how to tell Chaoran. And today is the time when Fang Yuan joined the new company. She joined a very good young man named Xun Xiaobai, who is the god of Zhihu. The young people quickly started chatting, and Fang Yuan was a little overwhelmed by the side.

Jin Lu's reaction during this pregnancy was not small. One second before, she still swore to Lao Xu that she was fine, and the next second she rushed into the bathroom and vomited. Jin Lu was a little annoyed by this. Lin Yuxiang helped Jin Lu sign up for the class, but Jin Lu was very unhappy. They agreed that they were just joint custody, and he had no right to interfere with his own situation. Fang Yuan can only do some chores in the company, printing documents and pouring coffee, the situation is not good. Fang Yuan has to think about the children's affairs in addition to the meeting, and the leader is obviously dissatisfied with her behavior of going out on the phone halfway through the meeting. Li Cheng became a music producer. President Cai asked him to be the producer of the new album, but the other party was a singer who was not very good at singing. Li Cheng was very dissatisfied.

Fang Yuan's age was incompatible with these children in the office. She couldn't understand the memes when everyone was talking, and was laughed at by Xun Xiaobai. You Xiaozhu and Liu's mother had different opinions on buying a house. When the client came to see the house, Liu's mother led them to show off their children, which made You Xiaozhu, Liu Feng and others very embarrassed. After returning home, Li Cheng felt that Fang Yuan's mood was a bit wrong and was very distressed, and he was determined to win the new album production of the traffic singer. When Fang Yuan met President Xu, she never expected that President Xu was an old acquaintance of hers.