Recap Chinese Drama "My Way (2022)" Episode 5

Aug 5, 2022

Jin Lu woke up and saw Fang Yuan beside her. The doctor said that she suffered from hypoglycemia during pregnancy, which shocked a group of people at the scene. Jin Lu also began to wonder if the doctor made a mistake, but obviously there was no such possibility. Lao Xu tried to stop Jin Lu from going to France, but Jin Lu resolutely stated that the normal operation of the gallery will not affect the work. Jin Lu collapsed in Fang Yuan's arms. Even if she was pregnant, she was still an elderly mother!

Fang Yuan asked Jin Lu to figure out how to solve this matter, at least tell Lin Yuxiang, but Jin Lu didn't want to get married, so it was useless to tell him. The more Jin Lu thought about it, the more angry she became, she didn't even answer Lin Yuxiang's phone. Li Cheng said that his younger brother was here and asked Fang Yuan to take the child out for dinner. Liu Feng quarreled with the management over the script early in the morning, and You Xiaozhu hurriedly reminded him about the house to persuade him to calm down. Liu Feng felt that the other party disliked his own script, and You Xiaozhu persuaded him bitterly. After all, the contract must be signed and the house must be bought. Liu Feng thought about his current situation and decided to allow the management to revise the script.

Li Cheng's younger brother came to Beijing for dinner and gave Li Keyu and Li Ke a big red envelope as soon as they met. The younger brother wanted to open a milk tea shop, but he was still close to starting the capital. Li Cheng agreed to help him find a way, but Fang Yuan couldn't stop him. After returning home, Fang Yuan was even more angry when he saw the receipt that Li Cheng had paid for. He didn't know what was going on at home. Li Cheng was a little impatient, after all ten years of marriage, Fang Yuan had never worried about money. Fang Yuan is very sad. She has never worried about money, but she has no time to take care of her children. How can these be measured in money. Having been a stay-at-home mother for eight years, Fang Yuan was asked to tell her strengths. Fang Yuan's voice gradually became choked up. She has done such a difficult job as a stay-at-home mother, so what else is incompetent.

Ding Mumu received a strange phone call on the road, but there was no sound after the other party answered, Ding Mumu was startled, but fortunately later found out that it was a company phone. But Ding Mumu was always a little nervous, and subconsciously became nervous when she sent Qi Xiaoxiao to school, and then Ding Mumu's ex-husband ran to harass her. Seeing this scene, Jin Lu and Fang Yuan immediately drew their knives to help her get in the car, and they didn't ask any more questions on the way, but sent Ding Mumu home. Jin Lu felt that Ding Mumu was indeed a person with secrets. As for her own affairs, she had already made an appointment to kill the child.

You Xiaozhu had to apologize to the manager and hoped to get more cases. Although she needed to travel on business, she agreed without hesitation, but despite this, the director did not immediately agree. Fang Yuan has been interviewed everywhere but bumped into walls everywhere, and her contempt for her stay-at-home mother's career is ubiquitous. Fang Yuan wanted to go home later and asked Li Cheng to pick up the child first, but she was working as a salesperson in the supermarket. After returning home, Li Cheng was teaching the children exercises, Fang Yuan was tired and sleepy on the sofa, and Li Cheng was still looking for investors to change their current situation.

You Xiaozhu was shocked when she heard that Jin Lu was pregnant, and said she wanted to meet. Liu Feng had already agreed to change the script, and he would be able to sign the contract soon. At this moment, You Xiaozhu only thought about three bedrooms and one living room. Jin Lu talked endlessly with Fang Yuan and You Xiaozhu about the hardships she had endured when she had a child. It was the darkest moment in her life, and she never wanted to experience such a thing again. Fang Yuan and You Xiaozhu have also experienced such darkest moments, which mother hasn't cried so many noses after giving birth. Fang Yuan and You Xiaozhu advised Jin Lu to think about it again, the pain is real, but the pride is also real. Jin Lu was drinking with Liu Feng and Lin Yuxiang. Liu Feng was too drunk and accidentally told Jin Lu's pregnancy. Lin Yuxiang was stunned.

Ding Mumu accidentally found a discharge summary when helping Zhang Wenhao to find something, but he didn't have time to think about it. Today is the last time Ding Mumu has taught Zhang Wenhao. Zhang Wenhao was very unhappy, but Ding Mumu was leaving here. After class, Ding Mumu picked up Qi Xiaoxiao from the cake shop. The brothers and sisters in the cake shop liked her very much. Qi Xiaoxiao found out that Ding Mumu had packed up, which meant that they had to move again, and they were reluctant to lose their temper. But I didn't expect that at this time, Ding Mumu's ex-husband brought his mother to the door.