Recap Chinese Drama "My Girlfriend is an Alien season 1" Episode 5

Sep 22, 2022

Fang Leng then this memory loss only remembers Chai Xiaoqi Mr. Felner was successfully left

A reporter knocked down Chai Xiaoqi, and Fang Chou held Chai Xiaoqi in his arms in time to make sure she was not injured. This is like clarifying food allergies. Fang Leng, carrying Chai Xiaoqi, came to the beach and questioned why she always did stupid things. Xiaoqi couldn’t tell, and Fang Leng always looked cold and hot, and sometimes took care of himself and sometimes disappointed himself. Fang Leng looked at the incomprehensible Xiaoqi. He was excited and he held Xiaoqi in his arms. The feelings of the two gradually changed subtly. Suddenly there was a heavy rain in the sky. The little seven came to Earth for so long, and it was the first time I saw heavy rain, which made her very shocked. However, the situation of the cold is getting worse and worse. Xiaoqi sees that the cold body is very poor and does not know what happened. Fang Leng doubts why he can still remember Xiaoqi, and doubts that his physical function has a great connection with Xiaoqi.

When Fang returned to his home, Han Jinming mistakenly thought that his condition had not yet occurred. After understanding, he knew that Fang Leng had not only attacked, but also had no memory loss, which made everyone feel very strange. Fang Leng asked Dr. Zhang to come and see, but Dr. Zhang went out of the house and will return tomorrow at the latest.

The next day, Xiaoyiyi woke up and found that Chai Jie had returned from vacation. Not only that, but also the store had a good reorganization, thinking about using the emotional story between Xiaoqi and Fangliang to gain attention and make the obscurity small. The store instantly became a net red shop. At this time, Fang suddenly came to visit and asked Xiaoqi whether he had some abnormalities yesterday. Xiaoqi indicated that there was no abnormality, and Fang was cold and satisfied.

Fang Leng was called to his home by his father, and Jiang Xue was accompanying them at the party. There is no Jiang Xue in Fang’s memory, and she does not understand why she was born. Jiang Xue helped the party to lie cold, and this managed to escape from the eyes of the Fang family. Fang Leng sent Jiang Xue to leave, Jiang Xue tried to find out if Fang Leng was amnesia overnight, worried that when things were revealed, he came to Dr. Zhang and transferred all the memories of Jiang Xue. Fang Leng really can’t think of Jiang Xue. Dr. Zhang knows that Fang Chun’s memory is only that the memory of the Xiaoqiyi people has not been destroyed. It is proposed that Fang Leng and Xiaoqi fall in love and find the source of the disease.

Chai sister gave Xiaoqi a holiday and gave her a lot of money. Xiaoqi came to the mall to shop, and occasionally saw a doll, feeling very similar to Fang Leng, decided to give him to Fang Leng. Xiaoqi called the party cold and tried to find out if he had time. Fang was cold and refused, but I heard that Xiaoqi in the phone seemed to have an accident, and it rushed over. Xiaoqi was shocked by the cold appearance, but he still gave the gift to Fang Leng. Han Jinming called Fang cold and said that Mr. Fernner was intercepted by Zhou Ayi, which led to the exhibition being unable to proceed as usual. Jiang Xue learned about this and worked with Fang Leng to find a solution, but it didn’t help, and did not solve the problem. Fang Leng was grateful to Jiang Xue for helping himself again and proposing to thank her in the future, and then turned and left.

When the party was cold, the other side felt a headache. When Firner questioned Fang Li’s purpose of doing the exhibition, he couldn’t answer it and felt a headache. Fang Leng decided to come to Fang Lie to talk about it. This time, Fang Leng wanted to let Fang Leng make his own decision. At the beginning, Fang Leng thought that Fang Liehui would propose to cancel the exhibition, but did not think that Fang Lie did not intend to do so, and even proposed to continue the exhibition. Fang Liang gave Fang Lie three days, as long as he painted a satisfactory picture, he took Fang Lie to find Fernner.

Chai Xiaoqi mistakenly linked himself to this matter and decided to help Fang to solve Firner together. Fang Lie came to him with Xiaoqi, but the restaurant pays great attention to the privacy of customers, and it is difficult for ordinary people to enter. Xiaoqi let Fang cold not have to think about it, and he has a way to deal with Fernner. Xiaoqi used the super power to successfully enter the Firna box, and Fernner was a little angry. Fang Liang’s watch showed that he only sent away his friends today, and did not talk about the official business. Firner invited the two to sit down. Fang Leng let Xiao Qi drunk Fernner with wine, but I don’t know if both of them have the same amount of wine. After the wine bureau, Xiaoqi and Fang Leng sent Firner to the car, and Xiaoqi sent the party back to his home.

The next day, Han Jinming told Fang Leng that Firner changed his itinerary and Fang Lie’s art exhibition was likely to win. Xiaoqi’s opponent was very confident and helped him prepare a lunch box to motivate him. Fang Lie was grateful for the appearance of Xiaoqi and took her to the beach. Fang Lie told Xiaoqi that he was only Jiang Lang, but he had not waited until Jiang Lang had already entered, and even ridiculed himself as a waste. Xiaoqi is a waste of everyone, but Fang Lie is the most handsome waste in the world. Fang Lie Ling’s movement, inspiration for this deputy painting, also promised Xiaoqi, and the first one to share with her when she meets below.

Felner was successfully retained, Jiang Xue proposed to let the party cold thank you. Fang Lengzheng had this intention, and she was about to eat together at night. The two men accidentally bumped into the Chai Xiaoqi Restaurant. Xiaoqi was fascinated by Jiang Xue’s Yan value, and the two men were very good. The small seven gang and two people prepared a couple’s seat and also sent a couple’s package, but they were beaten by Chai sister and said that she was not interested. Jiang Xue was very satisfied with this arrangement and prepared gifts for Fang Leng. That is Jiang Xue’s favorite milk tea, I want to take this opportunity to let Fang cold think of something. Xiaoqi breaks the ambiguous atmosphere and lets the two people publish a collaboration in the circle of friends and @the restaurant to get a pair of dolls. Fang Leng thought that Xiaoqi would take the doll to influence Fang Lie’s paintings, and he would buy all the dolls of the whole store, and also had a confrontation with Xiaoqi.