Recap Chinese Drama "A Romance of the Little Forest" Episode 16

Sep 22, 2022

With a serious face, the beauty asked if the little boy knew him well, and why did he say that he was superficial. As a result, Zhuang Yu's younger brother actually said that he was superficial. The beauty glanced at Zhuang Yu and asked if his brother said it, Zhuang Yu Quickly shook his head. As a result, my brother said that it was in a TV series, and the lipstick was so red, it was a bad brain. The beauty replied to him, it turned out that his knowledge was learned from TV series, so the TV series did not teach you not to judge people by their appearance. If you look good, you must have no brains. It is also possible to be beautiful and smart, but he said with a smile. Yes, not angry. But he actually said that the beauty is not good-looking, and the beauty is not happy now. She chased him and almost fell and was supported by Zhuang Yu. The two looked at each other, and they were a little embarrassed. Zhuang Yu felt that beauties and elementary school students still had a common language. In the end, the younger brother wanted him to take care of the beauty and said that he was a girlfriend. Both of them were shocked. Then the younger brother quickly changed his words and said that he was a female friend. Zhuang Yu dragged his younger brother home with embarrassment.

In the morning, a beam of sunlight shone on the beauty's face, and the doorbell rang. She thought it was a courier, and reluctantly got up, only to find that it was Zhuang Yu's two students when she arrived at the door, and hurried back to pack herself before opening the door. As soon as the two saw the beauty, they called their mistress directly, and said that Zhuang Yu officially announced that this was big news for the school. I didn't expect to see her showing off their love. Mistress, it should be almost the same as Mistress. The senior brother wondered why Zhuang Yu couldn't tan, and asked her what the beauty had put on. Zhuang Yu suddenly thought of the sunscreen that the beauty had given him when he was in Qingshui Village, and the corners of his mouth rose unconsciously.

The beauty invited two students and her younger brother in. They did not communicate well with their younger brother, and Zhuang Yu also explained that she could go to her for anything. The beauty was quite happy to hear this, but the younger brother looked disdainful. The two battle wits at home.

Jin Xi looked absent-minded today, and felt that his mistakes were getting more and more outrageous. If he told a lie, he had to use more panic to make up for it. Linda felt that his style of painting was becoming more and more different recently, and It is suggested that trust is the most important thing in a relationship. While chatting, Tiantian came in to deliver coffee and saw that the two had misunderstood. After going out, he felt a little lost. I also went to find out how long Linda and Mr. Jin have known each other, and I was even more disappointed when I heard colleagues say that the relationship between the two is very trusting.

Zhuang Yu didn't eat in the lab at noon, and hurried home to worry that the child would be irritable if he couldn't eat at mealtime. Sure enough, the beauty and the younger brother were incompatible, but after Zhuang Yu went back, he did not expect that his younger brother was doing his homework, and thought that the beauty had bought a shaker to coax her. In fact, the beauty has her own coup, a set of aggressive methods, plus the beauty easily solved his additional questions, and the younger brother honestly wrote his homework for a long time.

Tiantian still asked if Jin always liked anyone, because she thought that Jin always liked Linda, but Jin thought that Tiantian saw that he liked her, but Tiantian blurted out that he liked Linda, and Jin was stunned. . Zhuang Yu took the beauty and his younger brother out for dinner, and the two were fighting. Zhuang Yu asked what to eat, but he said in unison that he should eat meat, so he went to eat barbecue. When eating, Zhuang Yu also served the beauty with meat. She knows what kind of drink she likes.

Mr. Jin told Tiantian that Linda was already married, and Tiantian was happy. Zhuang Yu's younger brother has been educated to call beauty a sister. The three of them went to the exhibition together. Beauty and his younger brother acted as cartoon characters. Zhuang Yu naturally became his botany professor. After entering, the beauty and Zhuang Yu The emotional atmosphere instantly rose. Zhuang Yu watched the beauty and his younger brother play games together. The more he watched, the more funny he became. He was also worried about the beauty's safety. The latter two even won the first prize. The younger brother was very happy, the beauty was tired and happy, and Zhuang Yu even handed her a tissue, and she hurriedly peeked to see if she had taken off her makeup.

The beauty saw that Zhuang Yu's house was well decorated, and she had to reimburse him for it. She couldn't take advantage of the people's teachers. Zhuang Yu claimed that the invoice had not arrived.