Recap Chinese Drama "My Girlfriend is an Alien season 1" Episode 3

Sep 22, 2022

Chai Xiaoqi was coldly held by the party and felt that his body was very warm, so he kissed the cold cold. Fang Leng did not understand Xiao Qi’s move. Xiao Qi’s arrogant talk did not want to go to the hospital, and he knew so many people that he was the warmest on his body, and then drilled into his body. Fang Leng looked at the creepy little seven and held her in her arms. Chai Sister quietly walked into the warehouse and saw Xiaoqi and Fang Leng co-existing for a night, taking out the camera and taking pictures to leave evidence. Chai sister just walked away, Xiaoqi and Fang Leng waking up one after another, seeing this scene will open the other side, then Xiaoqi lied to cool himself to catch the cold is to stay in the ice library for too long, the party is not much cold Q, I just hope that Xiaoqi is not allowed to enter with Fang Lie, but also to intimidate the two people who are not in the same world. Xiaoqi is not convinced to make up a sentence, the two are not not the same world, not the same planet. Fang Leng did not think much, leaving Xiaoqi to leave alone.

Chai sister greeted the party with enthusiasm. In order to reward Xiaoqi and Fang for a total stay, he also proposed to give him a good supplement. Chai sister took out the intimate photo taken, and only uploaded the picture to the Internet, Xiaotai’s rich woman’s life was a step away. Xiaoqi was very puzzled when she saw the picture. Why could she get close to her body? Before she even thought about it, Xiaoqi deleted the photo and was swearing by Chai.

Fang Lie came to find Fang Leng, Fang Leng did not intend to care about his assault on security guards yesterday, but public and private, clearly, I hope he can give himself a statement. Fang Lie looked disdainful and caused dissatisfaction. Fang Leng decided to withdraw the exhibition. Fang Lie hurriedly explained that he could draw a great picture, and he had to be clearly priced. This would only cause dissatisfaction from the designer. Fang Leng did not put it in his heart, just listening to Fang Lie’s remarks. Fang Lie took out his famous fame “Hua Yin” so that others can appreciate it. Fang Leng is the number one fan of Fang Lie. In this painting, everyone can only appreciate the beauty brought by the picture, but neglect the female chrysanthemum, and this is the top priority of this picture. Fang Leng let Fang Lie either give up the past and start over. Either find out the woman, run away together, and seldom entangle the female. Fang Lie saw a lot of girls around the party, and he was playing with him.

Chai Xiaoqi came to the company to find a cold, and was rejected by the front desk. At this time, the party was cold and Fang Fang came out. Xiaoqi wanted to test again whether Fang Leng was from the same planet as himself, and he did not pay attention to holding him. Fang cold hates the intimacy of the public, and the small seven wall is on the wall, so that she can calm down. Xiaoqi asked if Fang Leng had the same feeling as himself. Fang Leng angered and replied that he saw that he was only a neuropathy. Since Xiaoqi did not belong to the place, she was asked to roll back to her own planet.

Chai Xiaoqi came to the hotel to find Fang Lie, hoping to come and try his luck. Xiaoqi pretended to be a takeaway girl, but heard no sound inside and turned around to leave. At this time, Fang Lie opened the door and told Xiaoqi that the most dangerous place was the safest place. Fang Lie helped the statue of Xiaoqiu, and then added a small sum to the lips of Xiaoqi, and the atmosphere between the two gradually became intimate. Fang Lie returned home and asked her mother to give her a card. Fang Fang’s other party was very fond of love, and finally he was given a gift to him. Fang Lie turned away and Fang Fang discovered the card package that Fang Lie had left. The photo inside turned out to be Jiang Xue.

Fang Leng gave Chai Jie’s restaurant a take-out, indicating that Xiaoqi should be delivered, lest she still have time to find Fang Lie. Xiaoqi’s first day of work was an accident, not only to sell the cold takeaway to the stinking ditch, but also to be a mistake. Fang Leng looked at the take-out order and did not leave in one position. I was worried about what happened and I came to see it before driving. Fang Leng looked at Xiaoqi and fell into the stinking ditch, politely pulling her up, Xiaoqi homeopathic in the cold arms. Xiaoqi insisted on giving the party a meal, but Fang Leng felt that Xiaoqi was stinky and took her to the mall to dress up. The clerk pointed to the taste of Xiaoqi, and Fang had to pick a few clothes, and took Xiaoqi to the staff dormitory to change. Only once there is free, Xiaoqi is ready to leave on the grounds of delivering food. Fang Leng insisted that she take a shower and went to the mall to wait for her.

When Fang Lenggang came to the mall, he saw that a person who was very similar to Xiaoqi had gone over and he could not help himself. At this time, Xiaoqi is suffering from transportation problems. In order to deliver food within the specified time, he has to use super power to control the time. Fang Leng saw that the people in the mall couldn’t move, and couldn’t believe everything in front of him, but in order to find Xiaoqi, he still left the matter behind him. Fang Leng looked at Xiaoqi’s swaying in the distance, and then secretly followed her, and then tested whether the matter was related to her. Xiaoqi was stupid, turned and left to open the super power, and the crowd began to flow again. Fang Leng returned to the washroom of Xiaoqi and learned that she was taking a bath now, still refused to believe everything that had just happened. Fang Leng repeatedly tried to find out whether Xiaoqi had stayed here, Xiaoqi was sure, and he also prepared to check with the girl to take a bath with him. Fang always said that Xiaoqi, had to agree to the lunch plan, and also sent her a luxury car, designated to let her use the car to deliver food.

Ms. Chai sat in a cold car and sent a small meal, and Chai Sister, a deputy female fan, called Xiaoqi to drink. Chai Jie and Xiao Qi first gave the takeaway to Fang Leng, but Xiao Qi said that he was strong enough. Ms. Chai let her leave a dim sum. The staff here are staring at her evilly. From the day the party sent her to the car, Xiaoqi became the enemy of the whole company. Xiaoqi mistakenly thought that Fang Leng was pursuing himself and decided to talk to him. Xiaoqi went straight into the cold office, and at this time he was videotaping with foreign friends. Xiaoqi’s big words are not to mention a bunch of cold pursuits of his own words, let him face the face. Fang Leng let her go out early, she did not have an appetite, and canceled Xiaoqi to deliver food. Xiao Qi said that although this is likely to be his last post, he must do it with due diligence. Then he picked up the food and ate it in a cold mouth, and the air was filled with pink bubbles.

Fang Leng came to the psychiatrist and told him about all the accidents he had. In order to find out the source of the illness, the psychiatrist gave him two solutions. There are always two women in Fang Lie’s mind, but they have never appeared in their own memories. This is what Fang Cold feels. Han Jinming sent Fang Leng a picture drawn by Fang Lie when he was studying abroad. These pictures were never seen before. After the cross-examination, they learned that the pictures of these exhibitions were sent by Jiang Xue. Fang Leng felt that Jiang Xue was not simple.