Recap Chinese Drama "My Girlfriend is an Alien season 1" Episode 2

Sep 22, 2022

After getting Fang Lie’s whereabouts, the party drove off the bar and Chai Xiaoqi chased the door to make the super ability reach the restaurant where Fang Lie was in advance. He urged Fang Lie to leave quickly. Fang Lie felt that it could not be found. Fang Lie thanked Chai Xiao. Qi’s help asked her to eat. Chai Xiaoqi told him that he was from Cape Town’s planet. Fang Lie cooperated with her to say that she was also from an alien. When the two were about to connect signals, Fang Leng took people in and took them away. Fang Lie, Chai Xiaoqi, when he saw Fang Leng, did not consciously look for the signal of the signal device in front of him. Fang was angry and wanted to turn Fang Lie to his home. Chai Xiaoqi felt that it was possible to have an annunciator in his house. He hugged the cold feet and went to Fang Lie. Fang Lie saw the people who caught him. When he came to Fang Leng, he was very reversing and hugged his cold thighs. The two cried for a while. In the end, there was no way to promise to go back with her.

Chai Xiaoqi was arranged in the guest room, and he was struggling to find an annunciator. He could only find it by hand when he could not sense the annunciator. He did not find it in the whole house but found the cold in the bath and looked at the fascination. Stepping on the scale to make a sound, Chai Xiaoqi ran away before Fang Leng found it, and did not forget to use the super power to restore the messy things back to the original, and found a book that was about to return to the position. Fang Lie, who was asleep, did not go to check the room of Chai Xiaoqi. Chai Xiaoqi returned to the room to think about where the annunciator would be, and felt that it might be in a cold room.

Fang cold back to the room to go to sleep, Chai Xiaoqi used super power to enter the square cold room to find some or not found, and finally went to the sleeping square bed, is about to find the signal device on the square cold, square cold Suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed Chai Xiaoqi’s hand and put her back in the bed, asking her what she had stolen. Chai Xiaoqi didn’t look at his facial features when he saved him. He was watching his facial features carefully. Coldly shouted back to reality, Fang Leng let her honestly answer or immediately call the police, Chai Xiaoqi honestly said that he was looking for an annunciator, and said that he wanted to search for the body, let the party cold off and let her search, and then cold up and get up and marry her. I am not ashamed, I don’t know if shame is not conserved, I don’t know how Fang Lie likes this kind of woman. Chai Xiaoqi is not willing to respond to Fang Lie, how can such a good person have such a bad brother, Chai Xiaoqi wants to run a cold face How to cover the brain super powers can not play out, Fang cold call to call the security to catch Chai Xiaoqi to leave, Chai Xiaoqi angry can not get rid of, called the party to open the security attention to use the super power to disappear.

Early the next morning, Fang Lie came to find Chai Xiaoqi. Fang Leng told him that Chai Xiaoqi had already gone back. Fang Lie did not find Chai Xiaoqi in the room. He asked if the cold was driving the people away at night. Indifference said that he was not allowed to be with a woman who was not three, although Fang Lie was very angry that he was not qualified to say him, but Fang Leng reminded him to prepare the exhibition if he wanted to be free. Fang Lie’s mother asked her brother to discuss how to arrange Fang Lie into the company. The dissatisfied company is the party’s father and son’s calculation. Uncle Fang Lie submitted a report of Fang Liang’s memory loss to Fang Lie’s mother. Finding evidence of Fang Leng amnesia prevented him from inheriting the company.

Early in the morning, Chai Sister appeared to tell Chai Xiaoqi yesterday that she had earned money. She has already investigated that the big customer yesterday was Fang Leng, the president of F Group, let Chai Xiaoqi go to the cold thigh and come up with a lunch agreement to let the firewood Xiaoqi went to find Fang cold signature. Chai Xiaoqi honestly said that he had already taken his thigh and went to his house. He had to go to the signal device. Chai sister had heard that Chai Xiaoqi’s cold family had been there. Surprise did not encourage Chai Xiaoqi to go again, and instructed her how to find something in the man, Chai Xiaoqi heard the sudden realization of the lunch agreement to the Fang Leng company, and use super power to avoid the front desk inquiries. Fang Leng arrived at the elevator door of the company. He asked the staff to go up the elevator first. At this time, the static picture of the time happened again. The cold headache was very painful. After Chai Xiaoqi slowly entered the unclosed elevator, everything returned to normal, and the party quickly asked him. Did the assistant see people walking in, thinking that he had an illusion again.

Chai Xiaoqi was very happy to look for in the cold office. He was looking for the cold side to come in. He quickly used everything to restore everything to the original. When he entered the office, he found the same thing. A book was reversed. When I think of what happened at home, I got up and let myself come out or grab her out. Chai Xiaoqi pulled out his belt and tied him from the back, let him hand over his own signal, and said that he didn’t know what the signal was. If Chai Xiaoqi didn’t save him on the day of his car accident, he wouldn’t lose the annunciator. Fang Leng said that if Chai Xiaoqi could save himself that day, it would be Superman. Chai Xiaoqi said that he is a superwoman, who knows Fang cooling said that the people in the scientific research department should arrest her to do the experiment. If they can’t do it, they can take a Nobel Prize. They must be arrested to do the experiment. Chai Xiaoqi repeatedly sighs that the earth is too dangerous. In the future, it is necessary to hide the identity and hurry. The other party said that he was joking, he is an earth person. Between the two theories, the manager came in, and the cold was to suppress Chai Xiaoqi at the desk. The manager was to take the chairman of the board of directors, Qian Jinjiang Xuelai, to be intimate with each other. Fang Leng did not want to see and refused to say that he would change his mind. In person, I went to visit the house to apologize. Jiang Xue listened to Fang Leng and did not want to see her. He went directly to the garage and gave the cold car. He was asked by the laboratory to ask for the results of the sapphire. Han Jinhua’s phone came to the garage. The snow is very proud of the cold cold bedding car telling Fang Leng that he is coming to blind date today, but Fang Leng is too busy to find a way to meet and give the party a cold repair fee, indicating that he is also completing today. The task, take out the phone and go to the cold and take a picture and leave.

Fang Lie was in a good mood to complete a painting. He asked the security guard to get the mobile phone and saw Jiang Xuefa’s telling him to return the information. Fang Lie remembered that he was angry with Jiang Xue’s past and painted and injured the security guard. When Fang was cold to his father’s house, Zhou Ayi was very frank with Fang Fang’s words to let Fang Liejin enter the company. Fang Lian was not surprised to tell Zhou Ayi Fang Lie that it would not be a threat to him if he entered the company. Chai Xiaoqi’s face was frustrated and knocked on the sleepy little turtle, and Chai sister let her think about the happy things. Chai Xiaoqi thought of Fang Lie very happy, but told Chai sister that he liked a phantom, could not touch I can’t have it. Chai sister laughed if she liked a ghost. When they talked, Fang Lie walked in. Chai Xiaoqi was so dizzy that he saw that the phantom was almost unstable. They both ate together. Fang Lie Drunk, Chai Xiaoqi became Jiang Xue and said that he wanted to stay with her all the time. He pulled the hand to touch Chai Xiaoqi’s hand and pulled the defense system of Chai Xiaoqi’s hand. Chai Xiaoqi.

Fang Leng called the phone to locate the location of the restaurant, and found the drunk Fang Lie, also found in the warehouse shivering Chai Xiaoqi, called the assistant to contact Fang Lie, found that Chai Xiaoqi’s body temperature abnormality wants to send She went to the hospital, and the confused Chai Xiaoqi was coldly held. He felt very warm on his body and unconsciously kissed the cold.