Recap Chinese Drama "My Girlfriend is an Alien season 1" Episode 1

Sep 22, 2022

Episode 1: Alien girl fell into the earth, Chai Xiaoqi Bar met Fang Leng was taken over by Chai Jie.

Fang Leng drove the car, and the car broadcasted news reports. Recently, the University of Hawaii’s Pan-Star Telescope observed that an unidentified flying object was visiting the solar system while NASA was squandering NEO. It was the first to be observed and confirmed. From celestial bodies outside the solar system. No flying objects quickly flew to the earth, and Fang Leng received an assistant’s call saying that there is a possibility of heavy rain tonight, so that he must come back immediately. The report continued to broadcast the prediction results of scientific experts. Fang Leng felt like looking back. When he looked forward again, the car fell out of control and fell into the fence. The cold was full of blood and climbed out of the car. There was a burst of light, a young girl came over and took the blanket that fell to the ground and put it on her body. She walked cold toward the side and saw the injured side cold. The girl raised her hand and stroked the cold chest above. Unknown language hit his hand, and a girl’s finger was brightly placed on the cold temple. At this time, the car exploded and the girl used energy to block the impact of the explosion, but she was still affected by the explosion and spit out a blue blood. The blue jewel of the chest necklace popped down in the cold hand, and the girl was shot and dropped into the river.

The cold face was sweating and was awakened by the dream. The automatic curtains were opened. The doctor took the nurse and walked in to check the cold. The doctor suspected that since the cold was a week ago, almost all the inspections were done, but there has been no When I found out that there was a problem, Fang Leng asked the doctor that the chest had a shadow before it could be diagnosed, but the doctor still said that he had not checked any abnormalities for the time being. He suspected that it was blood. Do you still remember what happened? Fang Leng back said that he only remembered that he couldn’t remember anything when he was in a coma. He asked the doctor if it was raining. Hearing the doctor’s affirmation, he said that he knew it, and let the doctor go back first.

An old man was fishing by the river. Chai Xiaoqi was exposed from the water. The head turned 360 degrees. He found the old man. The brain automatically recognized the name of the old man named Wang Jianguo and started the Chinese program. Chai Xiaoqi went into the old man’s home. Saying the name tells him that he is on the road to the local fans. Now he is unable to go to heaven by the basic salary. Do you ask the old man here is the Northern Hemisphere? The old man was scared to sit in a wheelchair and sneak out of the station and shouted for help. He was complaining that the earth was too unhappy, sitting in a wheelchair leisurely, and a small turtle on his head fell. Chai Xiaoqi doubts what it is to grab and throw it away. At this time, the little turtle screamed and called Xiaoqi, let her not throw it, her private secretary, Kubri, who told Chai Xiaoqi because she saved the earth. The man, it hurts to fall into the river together, and now its brain disk is eaten by the turtle. Now it can only contact her by controlling the turtle. This is because it transmits sound with low-frequency sound waves. Only Chai Xiaoqi can hear it. Kubri told Chai Xiaoqi that he had been lying in the river for seven sun days. Now that the spacecraft has returned, the two of them have been completely left behind. Chai Xiaoqi feels that it is OK to use the annunciator to contact the spaceship and take out the necklace of the chest. Only after discovering that the annunciator was lost, reacted to the man who thought she should be saved, Kubri asked her if she still remembered the man? Chai Xiaoqi’s smiling face is not very clear, but remember his figure.

Fang Leng is now taking a shower and listening to the smart voice report that the weather is drinking coffee today. Fang Jinming’s assistant Han Jinming came over and reported that the company had an accident. The former girlfriends of Fang Leng were at the company’s door, and Fang Jin called Han Jinming to defend. Ke Zeng sent people and went to the company immediately. The girlfriends in front of the company were wearing wedding dresses one by one. The reporter was interviewing. The scene was in chaos. The party arrived at the scene to face the reporter’s question and responded indifferently, and let Han Jinming arrange the bride to interview each other. Han Jinming investigated the background of each bride. The conditions that they are satisfied with, the brides have a happy face and left the company, and denied the reporter said Fang Lenghua.

Fang Leng solved the bride’s problem. Han Jinming handed a report to Fang Leng. The report said that his heterosexual amnesia attack time almost coincided with the thunderstorm weather, and he found the stone in his hand when he was in a car accident. Fang cold denied that the stone was his, and let Han Jinhua hand over the stone to the research department of the company.

Chai Xiaoqi painted a portrait for Kubri. Only the muscles were painted on the painting. The face was a cartoon, which caused Kubri to shout how to find it. Chai Xiaoqi took Kubri to the mall and used it. Energy changed into a beautiful dress, and finally fell into the wedding dress, regardless of Kubri blocked or put on a wedding dress, eventually chased by the security guard to catch the thief out of the mall, to the street, Chai Xiaoqi saw the car I remembered the explosion, and I was so scared that I was holding my head on the ground. At this time, the car was parked in front of her. The energy of Chai Xiaoqi stopped everything around, but the cooling was still moving. Chai Xiaoqi Cheerfully stood up and carried the skirt and ran across the front of the cold. Fang cold found that everything around could not move, and the girl in front of her eyes, blinking her eyes and thinking that it was her own illusion, and Chai Xiaoqi ran away and everything returned to normal.

Chai Xiaoqi was excited to enter a bar and touched the abdominal muscles of the various macho men who did not find the person they were looking for. Chai Xiaoqi excitedly drank the wine, and Cooper’s advice was useless. Kubri was almost hurt. After a while, Chai Xiaoqi saw a boy playing a guitar singing on the stage and was attracted to the past. Fang Lie Singing half of the phone rang, seeing the name of the call, Fang Lie hurriedly put down the guitar and took the phone to run indirectly to start the phone. Fang Lie is Fang Leng’s younger brother. Fang Lie lie to himself to find inspiration for painting, and Han Jinhua knocks on the door to reveal his lies.

Chai sister stopped to find Fang Lie’s Chai Xiaoqi, and handed out the bill to tell her how much she spent. Chai Xiaoqi was drunk and fell directly into Chai’s arms. The next day, Chai sister looked at the watch on Chai Xiaoqi’s hand and felt that she had met a white rich beauty. Chai Xiaoqi’s questioning by Chai’s sister honestly stated her alien name. Chai sister listed her last night. The male model still has 120,000 for the money, and Chai Xiaoqi didn’t understand the direct thank you. The Chai sister’s domineering told him to dress like the princess, and how can he bring this expensive watch with no money, Chai Xiaoqi I thought she liked to take off the watch directly to Chai Jie. Chai sister took the watch and looked at it. It was not enough. Chai Xiaoqi said that she did not know how to go. Chai sister fell down and sat on the ground and cried, Chai Xiaoqi Interpretation of the earth’s tears represents sorrow, comforting Chai sister as long as she can not do anything, Chai Jie immediately took tears to Chai Xiaoqi into the outspoken little girl’s equipment, and said that the two meet is fate, let Xiaoqi later Follow her surname Chai.

The first single takeaway of Chai Xiaoqi was Fang Lie’s point. Fang Lie took a takeaway and let Chai Xiaoqi escape from the hotel with his suit. Fang Leng entered the room and found that it was Chai Xiaoqi. She asked her where Fang Lie went. She vaguely felt that she was very familiar. Chai Xiaoqi felt that he was a bad person who wanted to use his super power to leave, but found that the super power could not play out and hit the square. Cold for her hand, Chai Xiaoqi broke a sculpture and led to avoid the door to escape, Fang Leng found the takeaway to let the secretary not chase, there is always a way to find her.

Fang Leng finds Chai Jie’s shop, dismissed everyone to let Chai Xiaoqi serve alone, and let Chai Xiaoqi cook. Chai Xiaoqi will not cook the rice and almost cause fire, and then take off the shirt to extinguish the fire. It was only after the cold muscles that he was looking for the man. The two men were entangled. Chai Xiaoqi was fascinated by the cold hormones and said Fang Lie’s whereabouts.