Recap Chinese Drama "A Romance of the Little Forest" Episode 9

Sep 22, 2022

The beauty woke up early in the morning, and she also put on lipstick to improve her complexion. She looked in the mirror and wondered if it would be too red. She would like to wipe off some of it to feel more natural, and she did not forget to spray herself with oral spray. As a result, he accidentally sprayed Zhuang Yu on his face, woke him up from a deep sleep, and even teased that the beauty's morning service was very special. The beauty just saw that the cave was too dry, so she just replenished water for Zhuang Yu, and she was stopped by Zhuang Yu after saying that she had to spray. After he got up, he made coffee and was ready to go back in a while.

On the way back, the beauty still wondered why Zhuang Yu was so kind to her all of a sudden, he borrowed a sleeping bag and made coffee, which was not like him; just as he was thinking about it, the pace slowed down a bit, and Zhuang Yu thought she was uncomfortable Well, I paid special attention to it, but the beauty turned out to be fine. On the way, Zhuang Yu also noticed the big tit, commonly known as the brain-eating madman, and the beauty is very familiar with these. The beauty saw that the bird was injured and decided to take care of her, but Zhuang Yu doubted her professionalism. When Yu Meiren explained it, she almost missed her mouth. Fortunately, she changed her mind in time to call the wildlife protection agency.

Mother Yu saw that Wang Xiumei's circle of friends was complaining with Dad Yu again. Dad Yu asked her to block and not block her. She also said that if she blocked, she would take her too seriously. After speaking, she thought of why she couldn't take pictures. As soon as the thighs are slapped, they will be patted, Xiaomei, Damei, and Professor Zhuang and the two of them will take a family photo together. Yes, but he was more disheartened than those two, and Zhuang Yu laughed when he saw it. Seeing that he was scratched by sisal, the beauty took out a small medicine box and gave him medicine. Seeing that the beauty gave him medicine, Zhuang Yu was jealous, and quickly looked at the Band-Aid on his wound, but the beauty didn't care about him, so he could only go back to the room to rest first.

Yu's mother also made hot noodle soup intimately later, and brought the cold spirit to Zhuang Yu. When she saw his wound, she immediately became anxious and worried about inflammation. Zhuang Yu told her aunt not to worry. He can deal with it by himself, and thank his aunt tenderly.

The beauty has already taken care of the big tits in the small box, and also called the wildlife protection agency and will pick it up in a few days. I accidentally saw Zhuang Yu's clothes on the table and thought of a lot of things that happened when the two went up the mountain in the past two days. They all doubted whether Zhuang Yu had been conquered by her personality charm and boasted that she was too good.

Originally, the beauty wanted Lu Jian to take herself to the infirmary, and asked Zhuang Yu to help cook eggs and feed the tits with yolks, but he wanted to go with Lu Jian, but he did not want the beauty and Lu Jian to be alone. On the way to drive, Lu Jian asked Zhuang Yu if he was in conflict with the beauty, but Zhuang Yu told Lu Jian with a serious face that he should be more concerned about the road under his feet instead of caring about other people's affairs.

The beauty called Tiantian to share the recent events with her, as well as Zhuang Yu, a strange person, who was so enthusiastic on the mountain, but turned into a cold look when he went down the mountain; It was only by squeezing him against him that Tiantian persuaded her to overweight, and gave her a nauseous idea. Tiantian and Damei went to deliver grapes to Jin Xi. As soon as Jinxi saw her, she was attracted by her sweet smile. She was like a fairy.

The beauty was working, and Yu's mother sent grapes thoughtfully. By the way, she proposed to go to the photo studio to take a family photo, and call Zhuang Yu; the beauty thought that this was a great opportunity to get closer, and immediately agreed. The beauty waited for Zhuang Yu to come back, and she acted coquettishly with him while talking about it, but Zhuang Yu disagreed; later, the beauty asked her mother to get him together. Zhuang Yu saw such a warm mother-daughter relationship and such a warm family atmosphere. agreed.

When he arrived at the photo studio, the beauty also specially selected a tie for him. After everyone changed his clothes, they started shooting. The beauty took the opportunity to pose a lot of intimate actions, and Zhuang Yu actually cooperated with the photo shoot.