The Science of Falling in Love 2023 Episode 2

Mar 16, 2023

Su Chengcheng mentioned many names of her childhood friends, but none were named Panpan. This is the boy Xiao Yuhe in front of him. He still remembers the first time he came to class. The teacher introduced the new transfer student Panpan to his classmates. Shy and not talkative, Su Chengcheng went up to the lecture table and invited him to be his deskmate. It was a happy thing to be invited by a child to be his deskmate. After many years, Xiao Yuhe still remembered that the sun was particularly good that day.

The young Xiao Yuhe was the first in the class every time he took the exam, and the head teacher was very proud of it, but he also told the parents about Xiao Yuhe's problems. He was very timid. When he came home, Xiao Yuhe's mother placed a lot of balloons on the ground , asked his son to crush these balloons, the explosion of the balloons made Xiao Yuhe very scared, but when Su Chengcheng came to the house, these were all problems, Xiao Yuhe liked to laugh and could talk a lot, even his mother was surprised.

The teacher found out that Xiao Yuhe was doing a love lie test on Su Chengcheng, and immediately came out to affirm the research topic, and said that since it was a human brain test, he encouraged them to accumulate more experimental data, which could be used as a scientific basis in the future, and never thought of love confession The answer, besides negation and affirmation, is also for experimentation, Su Chengcheng's eyes widened.

Su Chengcheng cleaned the laboratory and accidentally disposed of the experimental materials of his classmates as garbage. Fearing that he would be blamed by the legendary "Master Extinction", Su Chengcheng hurried to the vegetable market to buy one for him. Was knocked down by a heroine. Su Chengcheng got the phone and immediately expressed his gratitude, but the other party just gave her a bad look and called her "brainless".

In the afternoon, there was a sound of blame from the room, Su Chengcheng hurried to apologize, and found that this "Master Miejue" was actually the heroine who took down the mobile phone thief in the afternoon! Encounter Road is narrow, I didn't expect to meet in this way.

Ever since I promised Xiao Yuhe to do an experiment together, every time I confessed or chatted, I was brought with various strange equipment, and even my own heartbeat, blood pressure surge index and brain power fluctuations were all recorded in detail. Once, Xiao Yuhe Taking the initiative to approach her, Su Chengcheng was elated, and closed his eyes involuntarily. It was a very wonderful feeling, but when Su Chengcheng was full of longing, he was stopped directly, the background curtain was pulled down, and there were many personnel observing computer data behind him. Su Chengcheng felt offended, she couldn't say it, she was annoyed, it was time to go to bed at night, but she still ate like crazy, she had to supplement all the protein to make up for her injured heart.

The feeling of being used as a test product every day is too bad, Su Chengcheng deliberately told Xiao Yuhe the next day that he didn't like it anymore, so the previous data can't prove it. Xiao Yuhe calmly said that since he doesn't like it, he can increase the number and frequency of contact to enhance their relationship with each other, and even made an appointment to go to the playground in a few days. This proposal is good, under the guise of work, you can also go to the playground, Su Chengcheng is happy again, looking forward to what wonderful things will happen in the playground.