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Seo Ye Ji Brazenly Shows Up To The Funeral Of Park Byung Eun And Yoo Sun’s Family Member In “Eve”

Jun 30, 2022

On the previous episode, Lee Ra El attempted to destroy Han So Ra (Yoo Sun) after finding out that she was the one who killed her mother Kim Jin Sook (Kim Jung Young). Han So Ra was enraged that Lee R

4 Key Points To Look Forward To In The 2nd Half Of “Eve”

Jun 29, 2022

“Eve” is about a chaebol‘s 2 trillion won (approximately $1.7 billion) divorce lawsuit that shocks the entire nation. Unbeknownst to the public, the lawsuit is the result of a carefu

Yoo Sun Doesn’t Hold Back And Lashes Out At Her Husband’s Other Woman Seo Ye Ji In “Eve”

Jun 28, 2022

The newly released stills depict Han So Ra and Lee Ra El at the kindergarten parents’ meeting. Lee Ra El smiles softly, but Han So Ra stares at her with spiteful eyes. Unable to contain her boil

Seo Ye Ji Doesn’t Hesitate To Express Her Antagonism Towards Lee Il Hwa In “Eve”

Jun 28, 2022

The new stills capture an extremely tense moment between Lee Ra El and Jang Moon Hee. Lee Ra El grabs her fake mother by the wrist and stares fiercely at her with eyes full of hostility and anger. Jan

Park Byung Eun And Lee Sang Yeob Have A Secret Meeting With Rising Tension In “Eve”

Jun 26, 2022

The newly released stills capture the secret meeting between Kang Yoon Kyum and Seo Eun Pyung. The serious atmosphere between them creates tension, hinting that they haven’t simply met up for dr

Watch: Lee Sang Yeob And Park Byung Eun Grow Adorably Flustered Behind The Scenes Of “Eve”

Jun 25, 2022

In the new making-of video, Lee Sang Yeob is spotted comfortably chatting with his co-star Yoo Sun. Although Yoo Sun plays an antagonist in the drama, she’s all smiles as she talks happily with

Yoo Sun Shoots Seo Ye Ji A Death Glare After Finding Out The Truth About Park Byung Eun’s Affair In “Eve”

Jun 23, 2022

The newly released stills capture a tense moment between Lee Ra El and Han So Ra. Lee Ra El draws attention with her completely changed attitude, and she especially steals the spotlight with her fancy

Lee Sang Yeob Hides His Secret Plans Behind A Cheery Smile In “Eve”

Jun 22, 2022

The newly released stills show Seo Eun Pyung and Han Pan Ro having a private meeting. Seo Eun Pying is wearing a gentle smile on his face, and he gains Han Pan Ro’s trust with his courtesy and m

Lee Ha Yul Is Beyond Hurt To Find Seo Ye Ji In Park Byung Eun’s Embrace In “Eve”

Jun 21, 2022

In the newly released stills, Jang Jin Wook witnesses Lee Ra El and Kang Yoon Kyum locked in a tight hug. In Kang Yoon Kyum’s embrace, Lee Ra El makes eye contact with Jang Jin Wook, who is watc

Yoo Sun Can’t Control Her Rage In Front Of Seo Ye Ji In “Eve”

Jun 20, 2022

In newly released stills from the next episode, Han So Ra shots Lee Ra El a sharp glare. Her firm expression is filled with intense anger, and it looks like she’s on the edge. She eventually sho