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Han Ji Hyun And Bae In Hyuk Begin Their Heart-Fluttering Secret Relationship In “Cheer Up”

Nov 29, 2022

Stills released for the upcoming episode show the new couple happily spending time together on secret dates. In the first images, the two enjoy a casual date by the Han River and share a sweet kiss.

Han Ji Hyun And Bae In Hyuk Go Head-To-Head At Their Cheer Squad’s Intense Retreat In “Cheer Up”

Nov 28, 2022

In the upcoming episode, the 51st class members of Theia take off on a team retreat. While the name suggests otherwise, the retreat actually turns out to be a training session from hell. With the sess

Watch: Bae In Hyuk and Han Ji Hyun Navigate The Perfect Angle For Their Kiss Scene In “Cheer Up”

Nov 20, 2022

The new making-of video begins with Bae In Hyuk and Han Ji Hyun in a world of their own as they sweetly banter before getting ready for their date scene at the observatory. Han Ji Hyun climbs the ladd

Watch: Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, And Kim Hyun Jin Get Their Hands Dirty Behind The Scenes Of “Cheer Up”

Nov 17, 2022

Episode 10 was filled with all types of fun, chaos, and of course, drama. But the behind-the-scenes video gives us a bit of a respite from the show’s plot and just lets us enjoy the cast’s

Han Ji Hyun Is Caught Between Bae In Hyuk And Kim Hyun Jin In “Cheer Up”

Nov 15, 2022

The previous episode of “Cheer Up” ended on a major cliffhanger. Park Jung Woo finally confessed his feelings to Do Hae Yi—but to viewers’ and Do Hae Yi’s own shock, she

4 Memorable Moments Between Bae In Hyuk And Han Ji Hyun In “Cheer Up”

Nov 15, 2022

“Cheer Up” is a campus mystery rom-com about a college cheer squad whose glory days are long gone and is now on the verge of falling apart. Han Ji Hyun stars as Do Hae Yi, a rookie member

Bae In Hyuk And His Fellow Cheer Team Members Look At Home In The Countryside In “Cheer Up”

Nov 14, 2022

The newly released stills capture Park Jung Woo’s unexpected new look as he poses confidently with his hair partially tied up, wearing red sunglasses, a flower scarf, and matching flower pants.

Watch: Han Ji Hyun, Bae In Hyuk, Kim Hyun Jin, And Their Co-Stars Are Full Of Energy For Their Big Performance In “Cheer Up”

Nov 11, 2022

The new video offers viewers a look at the team members donning their flashy and colorful costumes in order to perform at the festival. The production team was sure to pull out all the stops, with a l

Kim Hyun Jin Can’t Hide His Heart-Eyes For Han Ji Hyun In “Cheer Up”

Nov 8, 2022

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Jin Seon Ho and Do Hae Yi share another meaningful moment together while standing in the crowd at their school festival. Amidst the bright

Bae In Hyuk Sweetly Admires Han Ji Hyun At A Distance In “Cheer Up”

Nov 7, 2022

“Cheer Up” has unveiled a new preview of Episode 9 that teases the sweet relationship between Do Hae Yi and Park Jung Woo. In the stills, Park Jung Woo sits comfortably while Do Hae Yi tak