Royal Rumours 2023 Episode 5

Mar 17, 2023

The concubine Xian sent someone to invite Hua Liuli to attend the plum blossom feast in a few days, Hua Liuli accepted, but Iris was puzzled, Hua Liuli said that if the planning is right, maybe two birds with one stone can be killed, not only can he annul the marriage of His Royal Highness, but also let Ji Yuansu no longer troubled them. Tian Jiamin is also going to attend the Plum Blossom Banquet, hoping to overwhelm Hua Liuli's limelight and avenge the previous incident. Yuanwei returned to Huafu with a bitter expression on her face. All the fabric business in Yujingzhong was monopolized by Tian Shangshu's family, and Tian Jiamin even made things difficult for her, so she couldn't buy any fabrics. When Hua Liuli saw some things she brought back last time, she immediately thought about it. Ji Yuansu learned from eight mouths that Hua Liuli drank all the medicine, and was preparing to attend the plum blossom feast of the concubine Xian recently.

On the day of the Plum Blossom Banquet, Hua Liuli wore a thick cloak, which looked very simple, but her headdress was very special. Tian Jiamin danced his sword at the Plum Blossom Banquet, and the limelight really overwhelmed Hua Liuli. Then it was Hua Liuli's turn to perform, she took off her cloak and revealed a red dress, which was truly glamorous. After dancing, the scenery is the same, and Ji Yuansu, who is not far away, also saw it, and his eyes were deeply attracted by her. Concubine Xian originally wanted to give Hua Liuli a bad start, but she didn't expect to give her a chance to show herself instead. Hua Liuli was so eloquent that Concubine Xian immediately felt that she should not be underestimated. Later, in front of everyone, the concubine Xian asked Ji Yuanhao to apologize to Hua Liuli for the shock and fainting of riding a horse last time.

The concubine Xian offered Hua Liuli a thorn, but Hua Liuli politely refused, making others think that the concubine Xian was forcing her. Seeing this, the concubine Xian beat her son with thorns on her behalf, and then deliberately greeted Ji Yuanhao, performing a bitter trick to make Hua Liuli feel guilty. Seeing the familiar faces of the two, Hua Liuli guessed that they were here to poison, so she planned to stop a glass of wine and replace it with a medicine that would blow away thousands of miles. As soon as Ji Yuansu arrived, Hua Liuli was about to leave, but he fell in love with the wine in her hand. Hua Liuli didn't want him to drink it, so she drank it all at once, and fainted in Ji Yuansu's arms within a moment. Concubine Xian was very worried, pacing back and forth, muttering that she was not the one who did it, the servants picked up the porcelain bottle and found it was the poison Sanxi powder.

In fact, Hua Liuli had already replaced the three-breathing powder with a thousand miles away. She woke up quickly, but she ran to the toilet countless times, and her body was extremely weak. Everyone thought that Hua Liuli's body was so delicate that she could turn Sanxi powder into diarrhea symptoms on her own. Ji Yuansuque noticed that the porcelain bottle of Sanxi powder was full, but her symptoms were very similar to those of a thousand miles of diarrhea. Ji Yuansu helped Hua Liuli to leave, hoping that she would not be so defensive about him, but Hua Liuli didn't take his words to heart. As soon as she got into the carriage, Hua Liuli vomited a mouthful of blood. The poisoning was real, but she didn't show it. Yuanwei hurriedly took her back to Huafu, and Hua Liuli told Song Guang to bring Hua Yingting's detoxification pills, and she must not tell anyone about her poisoning.

The emperor scolded the concubine Xian, and the matter of marriage was temporarily put on hold, and Ji Yuansu was sent to investigate the assassin. Fortunately, with Hua Yingting's antidote pills, Hua Liuli's health is no longer serious. At this moment, she misses her parents very much. Ji Yuansu asked Pei Jihuai for some information, and after learning that King Ying had recovered from his injuries, he went straight to Hua Liuli's place. Ji Yuansu suddenly felt a crisis and immediately ordered someone to prepare his horse.