Royal Rumours 2023 Episode 4

Mar 17, 2023

The palace man continued to read, only to find that things had taken a shocking turn. It turned out that someone had poisoned the meal, and Hua Liuli noticed something was wrong, so she let the iris meal be thrown to the chicken, and the chicken died of poisoning after eating it. Lin Huizhi's memorial first suppressed and then raised, which no one expected. Hua Liuli's predicament was resolved, and Ji Yuanhao proposed to disband the army, so that he would no longer waste money and people. Hearing this, Ji Yuansu quietly watched how Hua Liuli broke the situation this time. Hua Liuli wanted to take out the gift she brought from Qinghan Prefecture, which was a big sand table. She showed the battle in Qingya Town, the confrontation between the Hua family's army and the Jin Po army, the emperor took three steps in parallel and went out to watch. Ji Yuanhao could only talk on paper, not even the simplest semaphore, but he was defeated by Hua Liuli.

Then Hua Liuli provoked the conflict between civil officials and military officials with a few simple words, and directly magnified her own plight, so that many civil officials and military officials could no longer stay out of the matter, Ji Yuansu secretly applauded. Hua Liuli also asked people to take out the bloody armor of the soldiers who died in the battle of Qingya Town. Qingya Town was a battle where Jin Kingdom won more with less, and it has always been praised by people, but many people don't know the battle situation at that time. How tragic. Seeing this, many civil and military officials bowed their heads in shame. At the end of the early dynasty, the emperor proposed to choose a man who matched her for Hua Liuli, and sent palace men to call the concubine Xian. All the officials speculated that the emperor wanted to match the King of England and Hua Liuli, after all, Concubine Xian was the Queen's mother and concubine. The King of England is complacent and thinks he is the best.

Concubine Xian was dissatisfied, and found a reason to refuse. Ji Yuansu said a few words for Concubine Xian, and the emperor decided to think about it again. Hua Liuli is not willing to marry the King of Ying, firstly, the King of Ying is not outstanding in appearance, and secondly, Hua Liuli has no intention of starting a family now. She purposely fainted when King Ying was riding his horse in the downtown area, making everyone around her feel that she was stunned by Ji Yuanhao's horse. When this matter spread to the palace, Ji Yuansu took the initiative to take the imperial doctor to treat Hua Liuli, and the emperor agreed. Ji Yuanhao didn't think it was his horse that frightened Hua Liuli, he even thought that she was too weak and frightened his horse. Hua Liuli was so angry that she immediately asked Iris to tell anyone who could speak well on the street.

Yuanwei passed the matter on to the two of them, and when they finished grabbing the medicine, the matter was already spreading, and it was even more exaggerated. Ji Yuansu brought the imperial doctor to see Hua Liuli. Hua Liuli chewed a piece of sticky candy, and even her voice changed a lot. Hua Liuli pressed her arm to control her qi and blood, and she fooled the imperial doctor, but she couldn't fool Ji Yuansu. But even so, Hua Liuli still acted, saying obedience, but every word was thorny. Ji Yuansu specially ordered Xiao Ba to go back and ask the imperial doctor to prescribe the most bitter medicine. At that time, Xiao Ba would drink all the medicine while staring at Hua Liuli. Hua Liuli couldn't figure out Ji Yuansu in this round, so she was forced to drink bitter medicine. According to Ji Yuansu's arrangement, Pei Jihuai went to investigate the assassins, and found that these little thieves couldn't even tell a lie.

It was rumored that King of England Ji Yuanhao's talk, and after hearing it, Ji Yuansu asked Pei Jihuai to reward the storyteller so that he could continue writing. Ji Yuanhao himself didn't care, and even felt that Hua Liuli fainted in the street that day to attract his attention. Concubine Xian was helpless with her son's love brain and foolish appearance. If she wanted her son to sit on the crown prince, she would have to take action.