Royal Rumours 2023 Episode 2

Mar 17, 2023

Hua Liuli regarded Ji Yuansu as the musician of Jin Lingyuan, took out the money, and wanted to ask him who the noble girl was just now. Ji Yuansu called his name Ji Huai, and told her that the noble daughter just now was Princess Jiamin, her father was Minister of the Household Department, and her mother was Princess Shun'an. The family was rich, so naturally they were more domineering than ordinary people. After talking about the three scribes of the Jin Kingdom, Hua Liuli also asked about His Royal Highness Ji Yuansu. The Lord was right in front of him, but Hua Liuli didn't know about it, and Ji Yuansu didn't say much. After asking, Hua Liuli actually took the silver back and only left him a small silver ingot. After Hua Liuli left with Iris, Ji Yuansu sent someone to call Tian Jiamin, and Tian Jiamin and Yao Wenyin guessed that the person who was dressed exaggeratedly just now was Hua Liuli.

Tian Jiamin deliberately cut off Hualiuli's food, so that Iris, who went out to buy ingredients, returned empty-handed. This was exactly what Ji Yuansu wanted. He wanted to see what Hualiuli was capable of. Hua Liuli brought gifts and waited at the gate of Tian Shangshu's mansion. Tian Shangshu wanted to close the door, but couldn't stand the people's accusations, so he had to welcome Hua Liuli into the mansion. Hua Liuli had already asked about Princess Shun'an's preferences. Knowing that she admired her mother, she talked about Hou Weimingyue from time to time. Princess Shun'an saw that Hua Liuli was so well-behaved and sensible, and her words were also flattering, so she liked her even more. Tian Shangshu is a strict wife, and he is unambiguous about Princess Shun'an's arrangements. In the end, Princess Shun'an gave Hua Liuli a lot of things.

Ji Yuansu had a clear grasp of Hua Liuli's movements, and when he learned that Hua Liuli's carriage was coming to the mansion, Ji Yuansu immediately went to the door to meet her in person. Ji Yuansu asked her for gifts on the grounds that she gave gifts to all the adults. The ignorant Iris took a small box of cakes and gave them to him. Ji Yuansu was not satisfied, so Hua Liuli had to give him a piece of silver. . Seeing how Ji Yuansu picked up the silver with two fingers, Hua Liuli recognized him as the musician who talked to her in Jinlingyuan yesterday. Then, Ji Yuansu took out the letters that Hua Liuli wrote to her back then, and asked Hua Liuli for evidence one by one. She had to make up lies to get away. Seeing that the poison could not be concealed, Hua Liuli pretended to be dizzy.

Ji Yuansu knew that Hua Liuli was lying, but he was not in a hurry to expose her today. The future will be long, and he doesn't believe that Hua Liuli can pretend to faint every time. After Hua Liuli's master and servant left, Ji Yuansu ordered someone to find Pei Jihuai. On the way back home, Hua Liuli and Yuanwei met Song Guang, a veteran of the Hua family. Song Guang didn't want to recognize them. Hua Liuli was very sad. Knowing that Song Guang was injured and could no longer go to the battlefield, she offered to go back to her hometown. But I didn't expect him to be so down and out in Yujing. Taking back many household items in the mansion, Yuanwei couldn't put them away by herself, so Hua Liuli asked her to recruit a few more people. Ji Yuansu guessed things like a god, and guessed that Hualiuli's Huafu would definitely recruit people.

At night, there were assassins ambushing near Huafu. Thanks to Song Guang who attracted the guards, the assassins were unable to attack. Song Guang also wrote a reminder on the cloth in the secret language of the Hua family to remind Hua Liuli. The next day, Hua Liuli invites Song Guang into the mansion. She sincerely expresses that she needs his help very much now. She is as smart as she is, and she also knows that Song Guang is the one who secretly helped her and reminded herself. Even though Song Guang had already left the Hua family's soldiers, he had engraved the orders of the Hua family into his bones.