Recap Chinese Drama "Unexpected Falling 2022" Episode 27

Nov 23, 2022

Seeing Ruan Zhenzhen who was haggard on the hospital bed, Gao Jun pondered for a while, and asked her if the missing kidney had something to do with Su Wen. Ruan Zhenzhen didn't answer. Wen knew that Ruan Zhenzhen would be very sad because of the case. Ruan Zhenzhen knew Gao Jun's kindness, she looked at Gao Jun with a smile and asked why he was so kind to her.

Yiyi came to find Xiaoyu's mother, and asked Xiaoyu's mother to help her find Uncle Tan. Xiaoyu's mother was about to make trouble for Ruan Zhenzhen. Today is the day when the trial of Xu Youning's case will start. Thinking that Ruan Zhenzhen and Gao Jun will definitely be there, Xiaoyu's mother took Yiyi directly. The scene of the trial. Fortunately, the trial system does not allow minors to enter, so Yiyi called Gao Jun directly according to Xiaoyu's mother's wishes, but such a strange thing happened, Gao Jun immediately went to the door to find Yiyi, and saw Xiaoyu's mother and Ruan Zhenzhen's mother-in-law were both there.

Seeing that Yiyi was finally there alone, Gao Jun immediately pulled her to ask what was going on, and at the same time called Yiyi's aunt. In the courtroom, Ruan Zhenzhen faced the judge's question alone, but Gao Jun couldn't get away from him, and he was in a dilemma. Finally, when Zhu Xiaoling came to pick up Yiyi, when Gao Jun arrived at the court, the court had already adjourned, and only Ruan Zhenzhen was sitting there alone. Gao Jun was a little sorry, Ruan Zhenzhen smiled and said it was okay, fortunately they were well prepared before they came, otherwise the trial would not have been so smooth.

Gao Jun sent Yiyi back, and told Yiyi how he met her mother on the way. Yiyi always thought that Gao Jun was her mother's boyfriend. Gao Jun explained to her that Yiyi's mother and father broke up. At that time, Yiyi's mother was about to divorce, so she hired Gao Jun as her lawyer. In order to help Yiyi's mother fight for custody, Gao Jun had been thinking Method. Later, Yiyi's father lost the lawsuit. He thought it was Gao Jun's bad idea, so he took a fruit knife to kill Gao Jun. Yiyi's mother accidentally stabbed her father in the process of grabbing the knife, so Yiyi's mother was imprisoned, and there will be another month Yiyi's mother was released from prison. After hearing the truth, Yiyi felt very sad.

Gao Jun finally figured out that it was Xiaoyu's mother who brought Yiyi to the court, which meant that Ruan Zhenzhen knew about his impostor soon, but he didn't know how long it would be. Ruan Zhenzhen forgot the keys at home when she went out. She found out that the original lock had six keys when she went out. She clearly remembered that she only had five keys. After entering the house, she quickly searched around the shoe cabinet, but found nothing. A key fell down. Ruan Zhenzhen called Gao Jun and asked him if he knew about the key. Gao Jun just said that he was busy with work and would go over to have a look later.

You Gang was drinking with a client. In the corridor, I happened to see Ruan Zhenzhen who was eating steamed buns with low blood sugar. Seeing that she was still wearing an apron, I knew that Ruan Zhenzhen was here to wash dishes. Recalling that Ruan Zhenzhen was as tender as a greenhouse flower at the beginning, but now he ended up washing dishes, and neither of them spoke. After get off work, Ruan Zhenzhen saw the drunk You Gang lying asleep in front of the hotel, so she called Xiaoyu.