Recap Chinese Drama "Unexpected Falling 2022" Episode 26

Nov 23, 2022

According to the assistant, there were two gold bars in the phone box. Su Wen laughed at the beginning and said that the box of the phone was heavy, but now she suddenly realized that she had fallen into a trap that had already been set. She had already given the mobile phone to Ruan Zhenzhen, and immediately called Ruan Zhenzhen to verify it. When Ruan Zhenzhen saw the gold bars in the mobile phone box, all the witnesses and physical evidence had been collected, and the evidence of her bribery was confirmed without accident.

When Ruan Zhenzhen finally received a call from Su Wen, Su Wen told her not to refuse Gao Jun's kindness. Gao Jun received Ruan Zhenzhen's call and hurried over. They went to Su Wen's leader to find out the situation, and knew that someone had indeed reported her, and the gold bar was worth exactly 30,000 yuan. Gao Jun told Ruan Zhenzhen that the 30,000 yuan was just enough for the actual sentence, and once the amount reached 30,000 yuan, it would be tantamount to ruining Su Wen's career completely.

You Gang's mother took Gao Jun's photo to verify with Yiyi, and Yiyi told her that Gao Jun was Uncle Tan, and that Gao Jun was her aunt's boyfriend. After knowing these things, You Gang's mother immediately reported the information to Ruan Zhenzhen's mother-in-law, and said to tell Ruan Zhenzhen earlier, let her know that Gao Jun is not a good thing, and stop thinking about it as soon as possible.

When You Gang came home, he overheard Xiaoyu's mother on the phone saying that her daughter was pitiful, and she fell in love with him, the unlucky guy. Now that she has a big belly, it's hard to divorce her. You Gang wanted to pretend that he didn't hear and went to his room, but found that the door was locked, and there was no place to sleep. You Gang felt uncomfortable, and went out silently.

Su Wen was detained in Guangzhou. Ruan Zhenzhen was worried about her best friend, so she drove to Guangzhou with Gao Jun. The two of them stayed almost all night. When they arrived at the detention center, Gao Jun asked many people but did not get the specific location of Su Wen's detention. It was already late at night, and the two of them were seriously overstretched. Gao Jun asked Ruan Zhenzhen to find a hotel to rest first. The departure was too hasty, and Gao Jun didn't bring his ID card, so he had to ask Ruan Zhenzhen to open the room with her ID card.

When Su Wen arrived at the hotel, she saw through the window sill glass that Gao Jun was shivering with cold. During the day, Ruan Zhenzhen had a cold. Gao Jun personally bought her cold medicine, and sent a WeChat message telling Ruan Zhenzhen to take the medicine with hot water.

In the middle of the night, seeing the condensation on the window, it must be very cold outside, and there was no message sound from the phone, Ruan Zhenzhen was worried, so she sent a message to Gao Jun to let him come up to rest. Gao Jun was exhausted in the car, when he saw WeChat, he ran into the hotel at the speed of a 100-meter sprint.

In the middle of the night, Ruan Zhenzhen suddenly called Gao Jun to turn off the air conditioner. The air conditioner was not turned on in the room. At first Gao Jun thought it was a warm invitation from a beautiful woman. He rushed to the hospital with her in his arms.

The doctor thought that Gao Jun and Ruan Zhenzhen were a couple, so he directly asked Ruan Zhenzhen when the kidney was removed. Gao Jun was stunned, and he looked at the diagnosis sheet. It clearly stated that there was a unilateral loss on it. Su Wen had undergone kidney transplantation, and Gao Jun had already guessed Whose kidney is donated to Su Wen.