Recap Chinese Drama "Unexpected Falling 2022" Episode 25

Nov 23, 2022

Ruan Zhenzhen didn't tell Gao Jun what happened to Xu Youning. Gao Jun had already guessed it. He used the mobile phone picture to find a handwriting appraiser for consultation. Exclude master forgery.

When Ruan Zhenzhen was working, he couldn't stop thinking about the back view he saw during the day. At that time, he only felt that he was very similar to Xu Youning, but when he thought about it carefully, he was full of loopholes. Gao Jun began to pay close attention to the situation around Ruan Zhenzhen's home through all connections. At the same time, Fang Jianshe also sent countless eyeliners to race against time to verify whether Xu Youning was really alive.

In the evening, Gao Jun called Ruan Zhenzhen to inquire about her health. Ruan Zhenzhen hesitated for a long time, and she told Gao Jun not to be busy with her case anymore. Gao Jun sensed Ruan Zhenzhen's intentions, and just asked her, if Xu Youning came back, would she continue to live with Xu Youning? Ruan Zhenzhen's answer is yes, and she doesn't want to disturb Gao Jun's life anymore.

In the morning, Gao Jun took Ruan Zhenzhen to the hospital to see Lu Yang as usual. Lu Yang was awake and wanted to get some definite clues from him. Ruan Zhenzhen saw the tail behind the car, she was not sure who was following her, Gao Jun remained calm. Ruan Zhenzhen carried the fruit to the ward. Although Lu Yang was awake, he didn't say a word. At that time Qiu Zhijian was also there, Ruan Zhenzhen and Qiu Zhijian greeted each other, both were on guard. Gao Jun was near the ward, and besides Qiu Zhijian, he saw another group of dark forces silently following the progress of the incident.

Ruan Zhenzhen came out of the ward and saw the man in black wearing a peaked cap, she rushed over immediately, Qiu Zhijian followed closely after seeing this, Gao Jun was afraid that Ruan Zhenzhen was in danger, so he ran over the nearest road. When the man in black fled, Ruan Zhenzhen's ID card fell out of his pocket, but Ruan Zhenzhen didn't catch up. Gao Jun saw the ID card in her hand and asked her if she really suspected that Xu Youning was still alive.

Ruan Zhenzhen looked into Gao Jun's eyes and told him that in fact, she always knew that Xu Youning's death was not suspended animation, but someone deliberately made her think she was alive. The reason why they followed her was to find out the reason, and she refused Gao Jun because she didn't want Gao Jun to go into the muddy water again. Now that someone in her community is watching her 24 hours a day, there is no guarantee that Gao Jun's life will be in danger because of her case in the future. It turned out that Ruan Zhenzhen was really worried about his own safety. After Gao Jun knew about it, he felt relieved a lot. He comforted Ruan Zhenzhen not to worry about him, he had a hundred ways to protect his safety.

Su Wen soon encountered a lawsuit. Qiu Zhijian reported her for asking for bribes. As an audit department, professionalism is very important. Su Wen was investigated and confessed that Qiu Zhijian offered her a bribe at the beginning, but she directly refused. The inspection department asked her if she had received a mobile phone recently. Su Wen was puzzled. When she heard what the assistant said, she was completely stunned.

At the beginning, it was the assistant who took the initiative to help her buy the mobile phone, and she also offered to help Su Wen go to the front desk to get it when receiving the express delivery. She also said that in order to get a lower price, she can use it first and pay later. The two usually have a good relationship. Su Wen I always thought that the assistant was my own person, but I didn't expect to be surrounded by a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now the assistant bites back and refuses to admit to ordering a mobile phone for her at all, and there is no transfer record between the two of them, it is really hard to argue.