Recap Chinese Drama "Thank You, Doctor" Episode 40

Nov 23, 2022

That night, both Xiao Yan and Bai Shu couldn't sleep at night. Xiao Yan took off the necklace around her neck, and on it was the ring that Lin Zhiyuan gave her. When she saw things and thought about others, she felt an unspeakable pain in her heart. She put the necklace in the drawer inside. Bai Shu stood on the balcony looking at the night sky, wanted to call Xiao Yan but hung up.

Bai Zhu handed over the patients with difficult and miscellaneous diseases to Xiao Yan, and lied that there were too many patients at hand to be too busy. Xiao Yan quickly made a diagnosis and sorted out the treatment plan. Xiao Yan lives in Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan has booked a flight back to Switzerland tomorrow, and there is nothing Bai Shu can do.
Jiang Zhongjing fainted in the office. When his colleagues found him, his heart stopped beating. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue him, he was finally revived, but he was still in a severe coma. When Baishu learned about this, he came to the ward immediately. He stayed in front of Jiang Zhongjing's hospital bed every step of the way, and finally fell asleep sitting on a chair. Seeing this scene, Xiao Yan felt mixed emotions in his heart.

The doctors consulted and agreed to perform heart bypass surgery on Jiang Zhongjing. Finally, with the consent of the family members, the operation was successful. Bai Zhu stayed by Jiang Zhongjing's side all the time. Xu Yiran persuaded him to eat something, but Bai Zhu couldn't eat any more. Bai Shu ate with her, and Bai Shu reluctantly agreed. He is Jiang Zhongjing's student, and he treated him like his father. Xiao Yan persuaded him nicely.

After the meal, Bai Shu replaced Xu Yiran, and he mustered up the courage to ask Xiao Yan who the person in the photo on the phone was. Xiao Yan admitted that Lin Zhiyuan was her fiancé, and briefly told the emotional story between them. The purpose of returning to China is to remember Lin Zhiyuan. Since she met Bai Zhu, she has gradually recovered from the pain of losing Lin Zhiyuan, but she is not ready to start another relationship.

Bai Zhu woke up in a daze, and saw Xiao Yan left a note on the table, she was taking the flight back to Switzerland today, Bai Zhu was very sad. Jiang Zhongjing finally woke up. He found out about his illness a long time ago, and took medicine secretly without telling everyone. He thought that he would get better after retirement, but he didn't expect to get sick suddenly. Jiang Zhongjing guessed that Bai Shu stayed in the emergency department because of Xiao Yan, advised Bai Shu to give Xiao Yan some time, and encouraged Bai Shu not to give up lightly.

Xiao Yan cleaned up the small yard in Yanxiang, she packed her luggage, and accidentally saw the cartoon drawn by Gao Ming, and couldn't help but think of every bit of her and Bai Shu's acquaintance. At the same time, Bai Shu came to the breakfast shop where she and Xiao Yan met, ordered a western food, sat there and fell into deep thought, and finally left without eating the rice.

As soon as Bai Shu walked out of the breakfast shop, he heard a violent explosion inside. Without saying a word, Bai Shu rushed in to rescue the injured. The injured were sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xiao Yan took a taxi and rushed to the airport. When she heard the explosion in the breakfast shop from the news, she rushed back to the hospital immediately. Seeing the wounded coming in continuously, she put down her luggage and participated in the intense rescue.

After all the medical staff in the hospital tried their best to rescue them, all the injured were treated in time. Xiao Yan never saw Bai Zhu, and Xu Yiran couldn't get through to his phone either. An ambulance brought a wounded man, and Jiang Shan recognized Bai Zhu at a glance. He was choked out by the thick smoke in order to rescue the wounded. Xiao Yan was so anxious that he gently took Bai Shu's hand, and secretly vowed to wait for him to come back. When Bai Shu woke up, he came to Xiao Yan immediately, Xiao Yan welcomed him back with a smile.