Recap Chinese Drama "Thank You, Doctor" Episode 38

Nov 23, 2022

Lu Pingan told Jiang Shan of Li Minghui's condition truthfully. Li Minghui was going to cook a meal at his residence. Jiang Shan asked him to accompany Li Minghui and Xiao Yu. Before leaving, Li Minghui proudly demonstrated to Jiang Shan.

Uncle Zhao was undergoing heart bypass surgery at the county hospital. When he went to the hospital for a routine examination, he suddenly had dyspnea and tachycardia. His family sent him to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xu Yiran performed relevant examinations on Uncle Zhao and called Baizhu for help. , Baizhu suspected that the sutures fell off and caused valvular insufficiency, so Xu Yiran asked him to do a further examination. It was found that the sutures in Uncle Zhao's last operation were torn off, which caused moderate to severe aortic regurgitation, and he had to be operated on immediately.

Xu Yiran consulted with Lu Pingan and wanted to send him to the county hospital for a second operation. Lu Pingan was worried that Uncle Zhao was in danger, so he suggested conservative treatment first, and asked Xu Yiran to ask the county hospital for Uncle Zhao's examination results and surgical materials. Bai Zhu looked through the operation video from the county hospital overnight, and found nothing wrong. Bai Zhu suggested another operation, and Xiao Yan agreed with Bai Zhu's decision.

Uncle Zhao's condition deteriorated suddenly and he suffered from respiratory failure. Bai Shu and Lu Pingan rushed to hear the news. The medical staff tried their best to rescue Uncle Zhao and finally saved Uncle Zhao. Bai Zhu told them the truth about the danger of the second operation, but his wife disagreed with the operation, and Mr. Zhao did not want conservative treatment. Bai Shu performed the operation on Uncle Zhao himself, Xiao Yan cooperated with him fully, and the operation was a success.

Li Minghui brought Xiaoyu to look for Lu Pingan again. Lu Pingan was very impatient. Li Minghui asked Lu Pingan to buy Xiaoyu a plush toy as a gift under the name of Xiaoyu's first place in the exam. Li Minghui claimed that she didn't have much time and wanted to be with them. Lu Pingan exposed her lie face to face. She didn't have liver cancer at all, it was just fatty liver. Li Minghui wanted to remarry Lu Pingan and give Xiaoyu a complete family, but Lu Pingan flatly refused, so Li Minghui had to take Xiaoyu away angrily.

Lu Pingan explained to Jiang Shan how he and Li Minghui divorced. Li Minghui complained that he had no ability to make money, quarreled with him every day, divorced him in anger, and left with his daughter Xiaoyu. Lu Pingan worked hard to relieve the depression in his heart , colleagues misunderstood that he was chasing fame and fortune, Jiang Shan understood Lu Pingan's pain, knew that he was a good doctor, and advised him not to care about other people's misunderstandings. Lu Pingan opened up to Jiang Shan for the first time, feeling relieved, and Jiang Shan agreed to listen to his complaints.

After the car accident, Zeng Xuming was paralyzed in his lower limbs. After the medical staff tried their best to treat him, he gradually recovered from his injuries. His wife went through the discharge procedures for him and wanted to take him back to his hometown of Qingdao, but Zeng Xuming left without saying goodbye. Hugging him and agreeing to share weal and woe with him, Xiao Yan and Bai Shu felt very uncomfortable seeing this scene from a distance.

Sun Fangmin coughed up blood again, and her husband Li Hongwei was so frightened that he couldn't help but Lu Pingan approached Baizhu. Xiao Yan and Xu Yiran discussed that they wanted to give Sun Fangmin an early delivery as soon as possible, otherwise her life would be in danger. Ping An had no choice but to give up. Sun Fangmin's cardiopulmonary function was getting worse and worse, so Lu Pingan hurried to consult with the obstetrics and gynecology department, and explained the risks of the operation to Sun Fangmin's parents in detail.

The more Sun Fangmin thought about it, the more frightened she became. She hugged her husband and cried, and the husband felt very uncomfortable. He was so angry that he didn't want the child. Sun Fangmin suddenly had unbearable abdominal pain, Li Hongwei hurried to call the doctor, and Xiao Yan invited an obstetrician and gynecologist to perform a caesarean section for Sun Fangmin. After the fetus was born, Sun Fangmin suffered from heavy bleeding, and the doctor rushed to give her a blood transfusion. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue her, Sun Fangmin finally turned the corner.

After the operation was successfully completed, Li Hongwei and his parents breathed a sigh of relief. Sun Fangmin finally woke up. Li Hongwei showed her a picture of the child under observation in the pediatric department. Sun Fangmin could not speak, and tears could not stop flowing down. Xiao Yan, Xu Yiran and Bai Shu didn't dare to take it lightly. Sun Fangmin hadn't passed the critical period yet, and they paid close attention to the changes in her condition.
Xiao Yan came to work early in the morning, and Xiao Xu was waiting for her at the gate with flowers in his hands. He goes to check. Bai Shu picked up the card on the ground, on which was written "Xu who loves you, he is upset, Xu Yiran tried his best to comfort him, but it was useless.

After Xiao Xu finished all the inspections, he invited Xiao Yan to have dinner together. Xiao Yan asked him to eat in the cafeteria. Bai Shu deliberately approached Xiao Xu and encouraged him to pursue Xiao Yan bravely. Xiao Xu made it clear that Xiao Yan was his sister, and Bai Shu immediately smiled. Invite Xiao Xu to drink coffee.