Recap Chinese Drama "Thank You, Doctor" Episode 37

Nov 23, 2022

He Lan, the queen of advertising planning, came from other places to discuss the plan with the client, Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang was still dissatisfied and insisted on following his own ideas. He Lan tried desperately to grab, and the two of them tore apart, and He Lan couldn't stand upright and fell to the ground.

He Lan was sent to the emergency department of Tongshan Hospital. Xiao Yan consulted an obstetrician and gynecologist and found out that she was a rare ectopic pregnancy. He suggested conservative treatment. He Lan and her husband had just divorced, and her parents were not in the area. Bai Zhu suggested After contacting the child's father, He Lan didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore, so Bai Zhu had to transfer her to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Li Fuping's thrombolysis didn't work well, and he couldn't move half of his body, but he couldn't do thrombolysis again in a short time, so Xiao Yan had to wait and see. Chen Zhi fell into self-blame and couldn't extricate himself. Tang Hua gave him a hard lesson and advised him not to push all the blame on himself, otherwise he would harm others and himself. Only then did Chen Zhi feel relieved. Xiaoxiang borrowed 50,000 yuan from Li Fuping to invest. Li Fuping felt that it was unreliable and advised him to find a serious job. Xiaoxiang saw that she still had tens of thousands of yuan in her account, so she was soft on her, but Li Fuping refused to let go. Mother came in time to drive Xiaoxiang away.

The mother felt sorry for Li Fuping. She was used to Xiaoxiang from a young age. Li Fuping worked hard for the family. She had high blood pressure and did not tell them for three years. Her mother pleaded for Xiaoxiang. The money was used by Li Fuping for medical treatment, to ensure that Xiaoxiang's investment will not fail this time.

Li Fuping wanted to recover as soon as possible to make money. She strongly demanded a second thrombolysis from the doctor. The second thrombolysis would cause massive bleeding. Xiao Yan firmly disagreed and advised Li Fuping not to risk her life. Li Fuping was in sales, and the whole family counted on her. She wanted to get well as soon as possible, Xiao Yan explained her interests and advised her to rest in peace, Li Fuping had no choice but to give up. Tang Hua sympathized with Li Fuping very much, and couldn't help complaining, Xiao Yan forbade her to talk about the patient's family affairs. The doctor performed dilatation and curettage on He Lan, and found that her uterus was cancerous, and asked her to remove the uterus. He Lan was very sad, which was tantamount to depriving her of her qualifications to be a mother.

Xiaoguang came to the hospital for reexamination, revealed to Xiao Yan that Bai Shu had searched for locomotive information at home, and persuaded Xiao Yan to accept Bai Shu's feelings, Xiao Yan had to admit that he couldn't let anyone go. Xiaoguang told Bai Shu the news immediately, and also told about Xiao Yan's visit to take care of him at home that night. Bai Shu didn't know about it, and always thought that Zheng Yajie was by his side.

Xiao Yan went to check the ward and found that Li Fuping was not in the ward. She hurried out to find someone, and saw Li Fuping and He Lan chatting from a distance. When He Lan came out to relax, she recognized Li Fuping, a college classmate, at a glance. The two cherished each other and cheered for each other. Seeing this scene, Xiao Yan felt mixed emotions in her heart. When she turned to leave, she saw Bai Shu watching her silently.

He Lan had a hysterectomy last night. When her ex-husband came to see her after hearing the news, he apologized to her. He Lan burst into tears. Xiaoxiang and her mother took good care of Li Fuping, and Li Fuping's body gradually recovered. She saw that the public service advertisement planned by He Lan was well received, and congratulated her. Mr. Wang called to ask He Lan to do a planning project, but He Lan flatly refused. She decided to return to her old career as a reporter, and Li Fuping was happy for her.

Bai Zhu treated a patient with appendicitis, and he asked Chen Zhi to perform the operation. Chen Zhi was on the operating table for the first time, and he was extremely nervous. Xu Yiran and Bai Zhu cheered him on. The operation was successful, and Chen Zhi's confidence doubled. He expressed to Tang Hua that he would work harder and become a better version of himself. Tang Hua felt very relieved.

Lu Pingan had surgery until dawn, and started rounds early in the morning. After he finished his work, he was already exhausted. Jiang Shan specially boiled chicken soup and sent it to Lu Pingan, advising him not to overdraw his money like this again. Physically, Lu Pingan talked about his original intention of being a doctor. He tried his best to be a good doctor, but he was often unable to do what he wanted. Jiang Shan persuaded him well. Lu Pingan's ex-wife Li Minghui suddenly pushed the door in with her daughter Xiaoyu, and Jiang Shan hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

Li Minghui claimed that she was sick, and Lu Pingan hurriedly took her for relevant examinations, and found out that she had advanced liver cancer. Li Minghui wanted to remarry Lu Pingan and give Xiao Yu a complete home.